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Klauser letter re: Neumann candidacy

An Open Letter

April 20, 2009

The 2010 gubernatorial sweepstakes have begun. Wisconsin is at a crossroad.

We saw unprecedented growth and opportunity under Governor Tommy Thompson. It is time we rekindle that spirit as we move into 2010 and beyond.

Our incumbent governor has taken a giant and abrupt u-turn from the Thompson administrationís pro-job and economic growth direction. Jim Doyle has effected a gigantic ďponziĒ scheme on state finances by borrowing from future receipts, increasing borrowing, and wholesale transfers from segregated reserve funds. The statesí financial house is a disaster, even before the national economic malaise. The Obama administration has bailed out Wisconsinís many billion dollar shortfall. If they hadnít Jim Doyle has said he would raise sales and income taxes to maintain his spending levels; thatís after he has proposed raising taxes over 2 billion dollars this year already, in an economic downturn. What happens in the next budget when the Obama dollars arenít there? Doyle has told us: more tax increases. All of this is anti-job, anti-economic growth, anti-development.

On top of his fiscal mess, Doyle is undercutting the Thompson education reforms---charter and choice schools; he is undercutting the welfare reforms; he has underfunded our transportation infrastructure.

It is time to elect an individual who values job and economic growth, educational choice, and who understands you canít live beyond your means; someone who has real life experience.

Mark Neumann, a former Congressman who nearly defeated Russ Feingold, is a potential candidate. Mark is a successful business man from Waukesha County (a growing county). He and his family are involved in choice and charter school reforms. He is involved in his community and church. While a Congressman, Mark worked with Speaker Newt Gingrich to develop a no tax increase alternative to Bill Clintonís spend, spend, and spend.

Mark understands Wisconsinís future is in growing jobs (in the private sector); encouraging business and investment. He understands we need the educational and transportation infrastructure to make that happen. He is sensitive to the environmental issues that concern us. He knows that high oppressive taxes can stifle initiative and growth.

I have been heavily involved in four successful Republican gubernatorial campaigns. Based on that experience I have concluded that of the prospective candidates, Mark Neumann is best able to win and govern well. I encourage you to consider Mark Neumann for Governor.

Letís get Wisconsin back on track.


Jim Klauser

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