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State Supreme Court candidate Marla Stephens fundraising email

Stephens for Justice

Dear xxx,

Yesterday, Marla made it official by delivering over 2,700 nomination signatures and filing her declaration of candidacy for Justice of the Supreme Court in 2011.

It’s another key moment in this campaign, on our way to a primary victory in February, and we want you to be a part of it, too. We have decided to not accept public financing, because we want to have the resources we need to get our message out to the whole state. This is a campaign to bring justice to all of us, rich people and poor people and everyone in-between. We can stand up to the special interests that have failed to act on the people’s behalf – and this means we need you to act now!  

So, to show Marla that we’re all standing with her as she begins her official candidacy, over the next 7 days we are launching a $10,000 fundraising drive. 

Contribute $100 to our campaign today — and help us reach our $10,000 grassroots fundraising goal to celebrate Marla’s official filing!

Marla made her commitment official by filing her papers to become a candidate, and we hope you’ll make your support official as well — by making a contribution to Marla’s campaign now.

Let’s not allow back-room politics to choose our nominee!  Contribute now! 

Thanks so much for your continued support.

Jon Lipshutz
Campaign Manager
Stephens for Justice

P.S. More than 2,700 voters have already shown their support for Marla by signing her nomination papers - over these next 7 days, we hope you’ll show your support for Marla too by contributing to our campaign - and helping us reach our grassroots fundraising goal before the end of the week!

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Contributions to Stephens for Justice are not tax deductible. Stephens for Justice is accepting contributions up to $1,000. State law requires political committees to disclose the occupation and employer for each individual whose contributions exceed $50. Corporate contributions not accepted. If you are a state employee or utilize a state-sponsored email address we apologize - you have received this message in error. Please unsubscribe by clicking below. 

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