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WisPolitics.com: Lautenschlager, Ross & Feingold Favored in WisPolitics Dem Convo Straw Poll

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LA CROSSE – Democratic activists voting in the annual WisPolitics.com Straw Poll this weekend favored Peg Lautenschlager for attorney general, Scot Ross for secretary of state and Russ Feingold for president.

Of the 548 delegates, alternates and guests who voted, 315 backed Lautenschlager for AG, or 57.5 percent, compared to 228, or 41.6 percent, for Falk. The rest did not express a preference.

In November, one of them will meet the winner of the Republican primary between former U.S. Attorney JB Van Hollen and Waukesha County DA Paul Bucher.

In the secretary of state primary, Ross was supported by 297, or 54.2 percent, compared to 205, or 37.4, percent for incumbent Doug LaFollette. The rest did not express a preference.

For president, Wisconsin’s junior U.S. senator overwhelmingly had the backing of the party faithful with 295 votes, or 53.8 percent. 2000 Dem nominee Al Gore was next with 55 votes, followed by Hillary Clinton (48) and John Edwards (41).

Last year in Oshkosh, Falk had not yet declared for the race, but she edged the incumbent Lautenschlager by eight votes. Of 299 ballots cast in that AG preference poll, Falk tallied 152 total votes, or 50.8 percent, to AG Lautenschlager's 144, or 48.2 percent. At that convention, Feingold emerged as the top vote-getter on the presidential preference ballot with 98 votes, or 38.8 percent of the 299 total submitted for the presidential preference question. Hillary Clinton was next with 59 votes. There was no straw poll on the secretary of state's race at last year's convention.

WisPolitics, since it launched in 2000, has conducted straw polls at state Republican and Democratic party conventions and considers them but one measure of a candidate's popularity and viability.

Paper balloting was conducted Friday and Saturday at this year's convention, and only official attendees of the convention were allowed to vote.

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548 total ballots cast

**Who is your choice in the Democratic primary for secretary of state?

_Doug LaFollette 205
_Scot Ross 297
No response 46

**Who is your choice in the Democratic primary for attorney general?

_Kathleen Falk 228
_Peg Lautenschlager 315
No response 5

**Which politician would be your preferred Democratic presidential candidate in 2008?

_Evan Bayh 3
_Joe Biden 9
_Wes Clark 14
_Hillary Clinton 48
_John Edwards 41
_Russ Feingold 295
_Al Gore 55
_John Kerry 13
_Bill Richardson 8
_Mark Warner 33
_Brian Schweitzer 3
_Barbara Boxer 2
_Howard Dean 1
_Barack Obama 1
_Dennis Kucinich 1
_Janet Napolitano 1
_Gerald McIntee 1
No response 19

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