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Doyle-Lawton Campaign: The Facts on the Thompson Trial

Dear Friend,

Over the past several months, the Republicans have been working very hard to put out their spin about the trial of Georgia Thompson.

With verdicts returned tonight, we can expect more of the same.

That's why it's so important to understand the facts.

1.á After an exhaustive investigation by federal prosecutors and the FBI, the evidence is clear: Georgia Thompson acted alone. In fact, the U.S. Attorney who tried the case said in his opening statement that "This case is not about the politicians you're going to hear about."

It was only about Georgia Thompson.

2.á At trial, Georgia Thompson testified, under oath, that no one at any level of government pressured her to do anything with regards to the contract.á

3.á Governor Doyle has already taken strong steps to ensure that this remains an isolated incident.

His current Secretary of the Department of Administration has conducted a top down review of the process by which contracts are awarded by the state. He found it to be fundamentally sound.

In addition, he asked Mark Bugher, a former Republican Secretary of the Department of Administration to conduct an independent top down review of the contracting process.á He too found it to be fundamentally sound.

4.á As a prosecutor, as the state's Attorney General, and as our Governor, Jim Doyle has spent his entire career fighting for good government. He has zero tolerance for ethical lapses.á He will not allow anyone who has betrayed the public's trust in the performance of their duties to remain employed by state government.á You can be sure that he will take swift, appropriate action in this matter.

The campaign season is long, and every one has its ups and downs.á But we are fortunate to have a Governor with an extraordinary record of accomplishment.

Whether balancing a $3.2 billion budget deficit without raising taxes, saving prescription drug coverage for over 100,000 seniors, or protecting our schools from deep Republican cuts, Governor Doyle has always fought for what we believe in.

And time after time, he's won those battles by standing up for middle class and working families.

That's what we stand for.á And that's how we'll win, too.

Dan Schooff
Doyle for Wisconsin
Campaign Manager


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