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Greater Wisconsin Committee Structure

Oct. 2008 edit: An updated fact sheet on the Greater Wisconsin Committee is now available.



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The Greater Wisconsin Committee (GWC) was established in 2004 to communicate with people across Wisconsin, to help define and advance important issues facing our state.  The mission of GWC is to assemble some of the best research, strategic and creative talent to educate and mobilize Wisconsin residents on important economic, health, social and environmental issues. 



GWC is organized as a Wisconsin nonstock corporation and has tax-exempt status and recognition as a section 501(c)(4) organization by the Internal Revenue Service.  A 501(c)(4) organization works to achieve its goals by influencing legislation, and/or by marshalling public opinion.  


As an independent organization engaged in issue advocacy, GWC does not work in cooperation with any candidate for Wisconsin or federal office or with any individual or political party committee that could be considered an agent of a candidate.  It can, however, cooperate and coordinate its efforts with other 501(c)(4) issue advocacy organizations and certain groups organized under IRS section 527 that are engaged in similar advocacy activities. GWC takes all  necessary legal steps to ensure that its activities are in full compliance with state and federal law.


It is governed by a board of directors, which currently has six members: President Jane Gellman, David Cross, Greg Wesley, Don Layden, Joan Clark, and John Raihala. Michelle McGrorty is the full-time executive director, and Bill Christofferson is the general and media consultant.


 Initial policy agenda items for GWC include:


§          Improving the state’s economy for all Wisconsin citizens

§          Creating and retaining good paying jobs

§          Helping to make health care more affordable and accessible

§          Protecting funding for public education, police and fire, and other vital services

§          Protecting Wisconsin’s clean land, air and water.

§          Preserving and improving Wisconsin’s quality of life.


NOTE:  Although its primary activity has been through the 501(c)(4), Greater Wisconsin Committee also has an affiliated state political action committee, the Greater Wisconsin Committee PAC, and a federal 527 organization, the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund.


For more information:

Contact: Michelle McGrorty, 608/279-5199

Greater Wisconsin Committee

PO Box 861, Madison, WI 53701.



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