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  • Walker: July finance report will send signals about his intentions for 2018
    Gov. Scott Walker says the fundraising report he files in July will tell people whether he's serious about running for a third term. If his past campaigns are any guide, that would mean a haul in the neighborhood of $1.1 million to $3.5 million. Walker told WisPolitics.com he doesn't have a "magic n... <more>

  • Vos: My members want a long-term solution on transportation
    Assembly Speaker Robin Vos tells WisPolitics.com he's not getting ahead of his caucus in the discussion over possible revenue uppers for transportation in the next budget, saying his members have made clear one of their top priorities is shoring up the fund. Vos, R-Rochester, has aggressively pushed... <more>

  • Barca: Assembly Dems plan listening tour to connect with voters
    Assembly Dems will stage listening tours in 2017 to better connect with residents and revamp the ADCC after this fall's disappointing election results, Minority Leader Peter Barca tells WisPolitics.com The listening tours, part of a Capitol-based effort to reach out to the state's working class, wil... <more>

  • Heifetz says Walker administration plans changes to long-term care programs
    The state's new Medicaid director says the Walker administration is considering significant changes to its long-term care programs, even if they're not the controversial overhaul it had pursued in the 2015-17 budget. Michael Heifetz, who started two months ago and was previously the state budget dir... <more>

  • Schimel calls on state to fully fund pay raises for assistant, deputy DAs
    AG Brad Schimel wants $4 million in the next budget to fund treatment alternatives and diversion courts and another $2.7 million to help pay DCI agents. Still, he told WisPolitics.com in a new interview one of the most important requests isn't from his agency, but from district attorneys; they're se... <more>

  • Campaign operatives disagree on outlook for 2018 elections
    A top state GOP operative says November's elections point in a "great direction" for the GOP winning the governor's race in 2018. That will be the case even if voters end up souring on Donald Trump, said Matt Henkel, the political director of Committee to Elect a Republican Senate. Republicans, he s... <more>

  • Shilling says Dems need to 'get back to basics' to connect with voters
    Jennifer Shilling says Dems assumed -- wrongly it turns out -- that Wisconsinites unhappy about the direction of the state economy, funding for schools and the condition of roads would take out their frustrations on the party in charge in Wisconsin. Instead, the Senate minority leader says, state ra... <more>

  • Stage W's Gronik open to guv bid to promote ideas to improve state
    Andy Gronik created Stage W to promote great ideas to move Wisconsin forward. And if that means running for public office, maybe even for guv, to make that happen, well, he can't rule that out. "If it's necessary to get involved politically to see some of these ideas actually make a difference in th... <more>

  • Cross: Universities have broader role than preparing students for jobs
    UW System President Ray Cross says he agrees with the 1870s-era University of Wisconsin leader John Bascom that universities can't solely be about preparing people for a job. "If you're going to do that, then take the moniker 'university' right out of our title, and let's call us technical college... <more>

  • Fitzgerald optimistic about Senate GOP Pick-ups, though Shilling says 'enthusiasm gap' will hurt Republicans
    Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is confident his party will hold onto its 19-14 majority come Election Day -- and perhaps pick off a couple of incumbents. But Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling says those GOP challengers will fall short, including the one looking to take her out in a rematch... <more>

  • Hogan: WEDC working to 'figure out a way' to help startups
    WEDC Secretary and CEO Mark Hogan says a big focus of the agency in his second year on the job will be trying to "figure out a way" to boost entrepreneurship. There are exciting things happening in the state, Hogan said in an interview, noting the state's dead-last ranking in startup activity the p... <more>

  • Vos predicts GOP will retain similar edge in Assembly, Barca sees Dem opportunities
    Assembly Speaker Robin Vos predicts he'll come back next session with a majority that's "very close, if not the same" as the GOP's current 63-36 advantage. And he thinks whatever happens at the national level won't affect local races much. But Minority Leader Peter Barca warned that's what Dems we... <more>

  • Ryan: Trump in position to win Wisconsin
    House Speaker Paul Ryan believes Donald Trump is in position to end Republicans' 32-year losing streak for Wisconsin's electoral votes. Just don't ask him to analyze the GOP nominee's approach to the state. "It beats me. I just watch the Packers and the Badgers," Ryan said with laugh. Ryan, t... <more>

  • Pollsters: Feingold has edge in U.S. Senate bid, but presidential race unclear
    Wisconsin may not be a top presidential swing state this year, but the race between Ron Johnson and Russ Feingold likely will boost Dems' effort to regain control of the U.S. Senate, two top pollsters told a WisPolitics.com D.C. breakfast. Dem pollster Paul Maslin and Republican pollster Gene Ulm ... <more>

  • Tseytlin responds to critics of state solicitor general's office
    Misha Tseytlin has been fighting the Obama administration over its Clean Power Plan and Waters of the U.S. rule since well before GOP AG Brad Schimel named him Wisconsin's first solicitor general. The battle began when Tseytlin was working in West Virginia's attorney general's office, Tseytlin said ... <more>

  • Johnson pushes for end to 'higher-education cartel'
    Highlighting existing federal programs and reducing costs by taking on the "higher-education cartel" can help relieve the burden of rising student loan debt, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says. Johnson, at a WisPolitics.com luncheon in Milwaukee on Thursday, said part of the debt problem can be solved by ... <more>

  • Holtz targets graduation, achievement rates in bid for state schools superintendent
    Lowell Holtz's bid for state schools superintendent is grounded in local control and collaboration to solve what he says are unacceptable statewide graduation and achievement rates. It's a strategy Holtz says he's used multiple times in several Wisconsin school districts. And each time, the approac... <more>

  • Ryan strikes different tone than Trump on trade, but sees common ground
    House Speaker Paul Ryan struck a markedly different tone on trade than GOP nominee Donald Trump during a July 26 WisPolitics.com luncheon, but said House Republicans could "constructively engage" with Trump on the issue. Trump has trashed recent trade agreements and has called for tariffs on countri... <more>

  • Aug. 9 Primary Page features interviews in key races
    WisPolitics.com has selected more than a dozen legislative primaries to highlight ahead of the Aug. 9 election.Several of the contests feature Dem incumbents who are being challenged for their safe seats. Others include the open 3rd AD in northeastern Wisconsin and the 83rd in the southeastern corne... <more>

  • Feigin recognizes Bucks arena hurdles, remains optimistic
    Milwaukee Bucks President Peter Feigin says he rode out the intense politics surrounding a proposed new arena in downtown Milwaukee by "playing dumb." But he fully understands the hurdles to creating a "best of class" sports facility and training center along with an exciting retail, office and resi... <more>


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