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  • PSC chair warns against rapid shift to renewables
    Public Service Commission Chairwoman Ellen Nowak cautions the state can't move to renewables too quickly. That's largely because energy utilities still would need to pay for the existing, often coal-fueled plants those energy sources would replace, potentially raising prices for consumers as util... <more>

  • Schimel raises idea of penalizing agencies that illegally destroy open records
    Attorney General Brad Schimel might seek statutory penalties for agencies that illegally destroy documents, a sign he's staying focused on open records as he starts his second year on the job. The AG brought up the idea during a WisPolitics.com interview Thursday. He also touched on several other ... <more>

  • Closing skills gap atop Walker's 2016 list
    Gov. Scott Walker says the big "to do" on his list for 2016 is matching workers with the skills they need to fill open jobs in Wisconsin by getting "more people off the sidelines and into the game." He also told WisPolitics.com his State of the State address Jan. 19 will touch on addressing student ... <more>

  • Sensenbrenner says Rubio using ‘McCarthyism’ in NSA records collection debate
    U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner accused Marco Rubio of "McCarthyism" as the GOP hopeful has ramped up criticism of the USA Freedom Act co-authored by the longtime Wisconsin congressman. That includes Rubio's suggestion ISIS would have supported the bill, a comment Sensenbrenner said he resents. "I don't... <more>

  • Where are they now? Roth Judd
    Roth Judd knows how to logroll -- the sport, not the felony. The man who headed the Wisconsin Ethics Board for more than 30 years doesn't actually compete -- he judges logrolling events and holds judging clinics. Judd left the State Ethics Board in 2008 when the ethics and elections boards were ... <more>

  • WisPolitics.com 15th anniversary event: Chuck Todd sees long GOP prez fight
    Republican nomination fight could go all the way to Cleveland, 'Meet the Press' moderator says See more pictures from the event... <more>

  • Kloppenburg focused on Supreme Court's integrity in second run for a seat
    JoAnne Kloppenburg is making her 2016 bid for the Supreme Court with an improved resume compared to the one she had in 2011, when she lost a close race with Justice David Prosser. But she says she's running for the same reason -- to maintain the integrity of the high court. "I am building on tha... <more>

  • Supreme Court candidate Covelli: Election process for Supreme Court undermines independence
    Many see a lack of judicial experience as a hurdle for anyone seeking a spot on the state Supreme Court. Claude Covelli insists it's a strength. The longtime Madison attorney says his background, which includes defending insurance companies in personal injury cases as well as lawyers and doctors... <more>

  • Supreme Court candidate Donald: High court has 'credibility problem'
    Supreme Court candidate Joe Donald says the John Doe II ruling justices handed down this summer has contributed to a "credibility problem" for the high court because of citizen concerns the case was improperly handled. The Milwaukee County judge says in a new WisPolitics.com interview some justic... <more>

  • Ryan says 'two-week conversion' led him to speaker's post
    Rep. Paul Ryan may be speaker of the House now, but he's "still Paul Ryan, living in Janesville," he told Wisconsin reporters today. He said his newest job isn't "all that different than other responsibilities" he's assumed since first taking office in 1999 at the age of 28. As chairman of the Budg... <more>

  • Where are they now? David Helbach
    THEN: A Democrat from Stevens Point, Helbach served 16 years in Wisconsin's Legislature, including four years in the Assembly and 12 years in the Senate. He rose to Senate majority leader from 1991 to 1993. NOW: Retired, with focus on travel and his three grandchildren. Helbach, who will be 67 ... <more>

  • Canadian Consul General Roy Norton's remarks at WisPolitics.com's 'Fighting Invasive Species' forum
  • Bradley says Alito, Scalia, Thomas match her philosophical views
    New state high court Justice Rebecca Bradley says the U.S. Supreme Court members who line up with her philosophically include Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. But not Chief Justice John Roberts, who has disappointed some conservatives since his appointment to the bench by Presiden... <more>

  • Despite Ryan's reluctance, Johnson backs him for speaker
    U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson left no doubt he is in Paul Ryan's corner as the U.S. rep weighs mounting pressure to run for speaker of the House. Johnson, R-Oshkosh, speaking at a WisPolitics.com luncheon Friday at the Madison Club, said Ryan is the perfect candidate to "herd a couple hundred cats" in the... <more>

  • Where are the now? Cate Zeuske
    THEN: State Treasurer, Republican state legislator, Revenue Secretary under Gov. Tommy Thompson, president of Forward Wisconsin, the state's former Economic Development Marketing Agency, and deputy of the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority. NOW: Deputy director of the Wisc... <more>

  • WEDC's Braun: Look beyond jobs to gauge agency's effect
    WEDC officials heard calls from Dems last week to end the agency, but a top WEDC leader says they’ve turned the agency around and hope to earn “the respect that we believe we deserve.” “We all feel like we’re right there [and] poised to be the economic development organization that everyone will b... <more>

  • Schimel's open government push goes a step further
    Attorney General Brad Schimel, in the midst of his ninth month on the job, initially sidestepped questions this week about whether lawmakers' communications with constituents should be shielded from the open records law. The former Waukesha County DA finally did say he favors "openness in governme... <more>

  • ‘Something to build upon,’ Badger says of revamped AFSCME
    This Labor Day, Rick Badger sees reasons for optimism despite a political environment that has decimated AFSCME’s power, cut its membership and forced it to merge three councils into one. The new executive director of AFSCME’s Unified Council 32 says he can’t yet pinpoint the exact number of memb... <more>

  • Schutt says 'nothing left in the bucket' as he exits chief of staff post
    As Eric Schutt considered whether to continue as Gov. Scott Walker's chief of staff, he kept going back to his something his son Matthew said. The boy pointed out he was in first grade when Schutt started working for Walker. If Schutt stayed through the end of the guv's second term, his son would ... <more>

  • Ground game a focus for new state GOP exec
    Mike Duffey got his start in politics as an intern in Scott Walker's old state Assembly office. He'll now be part of the effort to build a ground game in Wisconsin for 2016 that could help the guv in his pursuit of the presidency. Duffey, a 2001 graduate of UW-Madison, has returned to his home... <more>


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