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  • Platteville trial lawyer says despite two high-profile bills, Republicans are listening
    Chris Stombaugh is blunt in his assessment of the medical malpractice "apology" bill signed into law by Gov. Scott Walker last week: he says bill backers took something compassionate and "turned it into a perversion." Despite disagreement with that bill and the asbestos measure, the Wisconsin Asso... <more>

  • Kleefisch happy with her relationship with guv
    Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch wasn't the preferred choice for that office among top associates of then-candidate Scott Walker in the 2010 campaign. If conventional political wisdom had hinted at it before, documents released in February from a John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County seemed to conf... <more>

  • Clarke says he's ready to challenge Barrett for mayor in 2016
    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, confident of victory as the "people's sheriff'' in this fall's election, is talking openly about a challenge to Mayor Tom Barrett in 2016. But the lifelong Milwaukee resident says he won't repeat one big mistake of his failed 2004 mayoral bid -- if he decides ... <more>

  • Kennedy approaches 35th anniversary managing state elections
    Kevin Kennedy's predecessor was removed as Wisconsin's top elections official after a few "management issues." Kennedy recalled that included mistakes in tallying results from the September 1982 primary and a mix-up with the wording for a ballot referendum that was supposed to gauge support on a n... <more>

  • Burke: Long-term approach needed for thriving economy
    Mary Burke says Wisconsin has the infrastructure in place to become "a top 10, thriving economy," but that achieving that goal will require a long-term approach to economic development. "This isn't going to happen overnight, but it doesn't mean it can't be done," the Dem guv candidate said at a Wi... <more>

  • Sykes reflects on conservative talk radio in hyper-partisan digital age
    For longtime radio talker Charlie Sykes, life behind the microphone started out with his conservative viewpoint serving as "water to a parched earth" and culminated in a storm of fiery emotion two years ago during Gov. Scott Walker's recall election. Today, Sykes says political discourse -- and th... <more>

  • Top WEAC official brings lifelong union experience to new post
    Working for organized labor hasn't just been a job for Bob Baxter. It's been a way of life. From his parents' involvement in the movement, including his father's lifelong membership in Operating Engineers Local 139, to now taking over as executive director of WEAC, labor unions have been a constan... <more>

  • Baldwin says Senate sets template for compromise
    U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin concedes that after more than a year in her new role as the junior senator from Wisconsin, it's better in the majority. The freshman Democrat from Madison went from minority status as the 2nd CD rep in the House to one of 100 in the Senate, where she has occasionally wielde... <more>

  • Borgerding: Elevation to WHA president about the team
    Eric Borgerding says his pending ascension to president of the Wisconsin Hospital Association was really a team effort. Borgerding, who is slated to take over for Steve Brenton on Jan. 1, 2015, noted the two were at WHA earlier in their careers, left and then came back together in 2002 and proclai... <more>

  • Vinehout not ruling out future guv run
    State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout tries to avoid speculation on whether she would have run for governor had it not been for the crash. But when the Alma Dem was headed to Kenosha on Dec. 8, 2013, she said her campaign had picked up momentum and she was "on track" to embark upon a grassroots campaign fo... <more>

  • While Congress limps along, Pocan suggests hope for more compromise down the road
    U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan says although the Wisconsin delegation has found ways to work together, Congress as a whole is striking out when it comes to the big issues. "The safe bet is, you name a bill, I'm going to tell you it's probably not going to pass," Pocan told a WisPolitics.com luncheon in Madi... <more>

  • Falk emphasizes Obamacare's positives
    Deadline delays, website breakdowns, Bad polling. Opposition from a Republican-dominated statehouse in her home state. Throughout it all, Kathleen Falk maintains an optimistic outlook for Obamacare. Falk is only five months into the job as the Chicago-based regional HHS director for six states, ... <more>

  • Richards says AG’s office more than 'top cop'
    State Rep. Jon Richards is the only candidate currently in the race for attorney general who's not a district attorney. But despite prosecutorial experience becoming something of a prerequisite for attorneys general in recent decades, the Milwaukee Dem says he's confident Wisconsin voters view the... <more>

  • Latest Medicaid deficit relatively minor, DHS official says
    Nearly two years after Department of Health Services officials plugged a hole of more than $500 million, the state's Medicaid budget is running a deficit of about $92 million. But the gap is relatively minor, says DHS Deputy Director Kevin Moore. In an interview with WisPolitics.com, the DHS secon... <more>

  • Schimel sees need for boost in local prosecutors
    Republican attorney general candidate Brad Schimel generally has high praise for the state's current top cop, saying local prosecutors have never before had such a positive working relationship with the Department of Justice. But the Waukesha County district attorney also says he'd be inheriting a... <more>

  • New Greater Wisconsin head praises quality of Dem candidates, says group will stick with winning approach
    The new head of the Greater Wisconsin Committee says it's too early to project what the state's political environment will look like in November. But GWC Executive Director Rich Judge says the quality of candidates Dems have been able to line up so far bodes well. "If this was a bad climate ... ... <more>

  • Walker: Any transpo fix would have to mean 'net reduction in the tax burden'
    Gov. Scott Walker has made clear he wants a new way to cover the state's transportation fund. But he has some concerns about two possible alternatives to the gas tax. He told WisPolitics.com that a miles-traveled tax may prove too cumbersome and instituting tolls is just not a good short-term opti... <more>

  • Vos: Lots of unfinished business despite 'Mission Accomplished' stance of Senate
    Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says tension between his chamber and the state Senate on some issues this session isn't necessarily cause for concern. "I don't want anybody who watches to just assume that we sit in a room and work everything out and then just push it through," the Rochester Republican ... <more>

  • Fitzgerald: No 'horsetrading' with GOP Assembly
    From time to time, a healthy tension exists between the Senate GOP and Assembly GOP caucuses. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald will admit that much. But despite some signs they've been at loggerheads on some key issues, Fitzgerald says he's had no problems working with Assembly Speaker Ro... <more>

  • Larson: Senate Dem success in 2014 tied to Burke's success vs. Walker
    Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson expresses confidence Dems will be able to retake the Senate in 2014, but he knows some of their prospects are tied to Mary Burke's success. Larson says he's not gotten any indication if Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, D-Alma, will end up running for governor, but he has... <more>


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