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February 19
· Rep. Barca: Democratic Weekly Radio Address: "Restoring Economic Opportunity"
· Rep. Barca: Responds to GOP finance co-chairs’ attacks
· Rep. Jorgensen: Set to hold special listening session on Janesville-Milton-Whitewater Innovation Express bus March 2nd
· Rep. Nygren: DOJ coordinates prescription drug take-back program in Wisconsin
· Sen. Risser: JFC co-chairs attack on UW Chancellor Blank disappointing
· Sen. Shilling: Statement on GOP cheap shots
· U.S. Dept. of Agriculture: Wisconsin farms and land in farms report
· U.S. Rep. Pocan: Democrats introduce legislation to ban investor-state provisions in trade agreements
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Responds to President’s statement on Islamic terror groups
· UW-Eau Claire: Continuing Education offers 'Planning for a Confident Retirement' program
· UW-Madison: University Press of Florida official to lead UW Press
· UW-Stout: University holds Executive in Residency Program
· Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce: Former Sen. Leibham joins WMC lobbying team
· Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce: Study: Wisconsin workers hard hit by EPA regulations
February 20
· Americans for Prosperity WI: Now is the time for right to work
· College Democrats of UW-Madison: Chair Young responds to College Republicans petition
· College Republicans of UW-Madison: College Democrats of UW-Madison condemn hate mail directed at College Republicans of UW-Madison
· Daley Campaign: Daley continues to show why he is the right choice for Supreme Court
· Dane Co. Exec. Parisi: Special session to pay workers less latest evidence Wisconsin Republican ‘scorched earth’ agenda devastating state heritage
· Garski Campaign: Statement on creation of Mt. Pleasant village park district
· Gov. Walker: Concludes term as chair of Midwestern Governors Association
· League of Women Voters of Wisconsin: Why we need government watchdogs more than ever
· Milwaukee Ald. Davis: Milwaukee earns a dubious ranking while the Mayor basks in streetcar fanfare
· Milwaukee Ald. Davis: Shameful and idiotic remarks deserve to be denounced
· Milwaukee Ald. Donovan: We’ve been lulled into complacency
· Milwaukee Public Schools: Hosts listening sessions linked to strategies for improving student outcomes
· One Wisconsin Now: Gov. Walker’s profile in cowardice on the ‘wrong for Wisconsin’ right to work law provides preview for nation
· One Wisconsin Now: Republican legislature rushes to limit debate and pass right to work legislation that's wrong for Wisconsin
· Rae Campaign: Statement on so-called 'right-to-work' legislation
· Rep. Barca: Gov. Walker, Republicans rush to pass “Right to Work” to distract from disastrous budget, economic mismanagement
· Rep. Barnes: Reverse Robin Hood – Wisconsin Republicans rob workers to pay corporate special interests
· Rep. Bowen: Statement on the Republican attack on workers' rights
· Rep. Considine: Statement on extraordinary session for 'right to work'
· Rep. Craig Statement on right to work bill
· Rep. Hintz: Statement on Republicans’ extraordinarily obvious attempt to change the subject
· Rep. Jorgensen: 'Right to work' wrong for Wisconsin
· Rep. Knodl: Statement on worker freedom and growing our economy
· Rep. Sargent: Wage theft bill will divide Wisconsin, hurt workers
· Rep. Shankland: Republicans rush 'right to work' to distract from failed policies
· Rep. Spreitzer: Statement on extraordinary session for so-called “right to work” law
· Rep. Subeck: Statement on so-called 'right to work'
· Rep. Taylor: Statement on GOP desperate budget ruse
· Rep. Vos: Statement on extraordinary session on right to work
· Rep. Wachs: Statement on Right to Work announcement
· Rep. Zamarripa: Statement on so-called right to work legislation
· Sen. Cowles, Rep. Kerkman: Audit of UW System informs budget
· Sen. Darling: Statement regarding extraordinary session on right to work
· Sen. Hansen: Statement on extraordinary session
· Sen. Larson: Statement on GOP 'right to work' announcement
· Sen. Lasee Statement on worker freedom legislation
· Sen. Lazich: The Legislature takes up right-to-work
· Sen. Ringhand: Statement regarding Right to Work
· Sen. Shilling: On extraordinary session
· Sen. Tiffany: Letter to the director of the Center on Wisconsin Strategy
· U.S. Dept. of Agriculture: January milk production report
· U.S. Rep. Grothman: Hosts 15 Town Halls during Presidents’ Day recess
· U.S. Rep. Pocan: Slams Republican-led state legislature for attack on Wisconsin unions
· U.S. Sen. Baldwin: Applauds action on special ACA enrollment period
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Bipartisan senators call for tightened sanctions on Russia, increased military aid to Ukraine
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Delivers weekly Republican address

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