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September 23
· Rep. Jagler: Responds to UW Report on remedial education
· Rep. Murphy: Receives UW Colleges and UW-Extension Friend and Advocate Award
· Rep. Spreitzer: Statement on Gov. Walkerís threat
· Rep. Zamarripa: Applauds Hector Colonís re-appointment and Supervisor Peggy Westís leadership
· Transportation Development Association: Statement from TDA on robust transportation dialogue
· U.S. Rep. Duffy: Amendment prohibits future cash payments to state sponsors of terror
· U.S. Rep. Pocan: After Gov. Walker threatens District Attorney offices, Rep. Pocan calls on DOJ to ensure retaliation occur, may need to intervene
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Discusses Midnight Rules Relief Act
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Meets with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
· U.S. Rep. Sensenbrenner: Introduces bill to stop the sexual exploitation of children
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Emails show Obama Administration intent to expedite citizenship applications before election
· UW-Madison: Student part of convention to select presidential debate questions
· UW-Stout: Renovated Harvey Hall draws rave reviews at reopening event
· Van Stippen Campaign: Sen. Tiffany backs $270 million property tax hike
· White Campaign: Five years later, incumbent Kathy Bernier still doesnít have responsible solution for roads
· Wisconsin Coach Lines: Celebrates 75 years in business with 75 cent fares on 9/28
· Wisconsin Public Radio: Staff in Madison, Wausau and Superior Recognized with Chancellorís Awards
· WisDems: Sen. Fitzgerald desperately tries to deny knowledge of Republican pay-to-play operation
· WisGOP: Tom Nelson silent on Hillary Clinton

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