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October 14
· Feingold campaign: Russ for Wisconsin launches new digital ad: “Locker room talk”
· Feingold campaign: Statement After Tonight's U.S. Senate Debate
· Gov. Walker: Invites Wisconsin students to help decorate State Capitol Christmas tree
· Gov. Walker: Orders flags to half-staff in honor of Sen. Rick Gudex
· Gov. Walker: Recognizes Wisconsin women-owned businesses
· Johnson campaign: Launches new TV ad: "Working for Us"
· Johnson campaign: Wins debate
· League of Conservation Voters: Statement on the first Wisconsin Senate TV debate
· League of Women Voters: A Friday victory for Wisconsin voters
· One WI Institute: Student loan debt video highlights borrowers' stories
· One Wisconsin Now: U.S. Senate debate prep: Student loan debt crisis edition
· Planned Parenthood: Commemorates centennial, 80 years in Wisconsin
· Public Policy Forum: Proposed vehicle registration fee shows depth of Milwaukee County's financial challenges
· Rep. Goyke and Sen. Roth: Wisconsin veteran-owned business logotypes unveiled
· Ryan campaign: Paul Ryan raises over $48 million in 2016; $15.4 million in 3rd quarter alone
· SSDC: Harsdorf refusing to denounce Trump comments
· Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin: Transportation funding crisis in Wisconsin
· U.S. Attorney Haanstad: Three indicted for drug trafficking on Mole Lake Indian Reservation
· U.S. Attorney Vaudreuil: Two more Minnesota men charged in Central Wisconsin 19-person methamphetamine conspiracy
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: House takes legal action against Obamacare bailout for insurance companies
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Rep. Kevin Cramer to deliver weekly Republican address
· Voces de la Frontera Action: In the debate, Johnson stands for Trump while Feingold stands for Wisconsin
· Voces de la Frontera Action: In the debate, Johnson stands for Trump while Feingold stands for Wisconsin
· Wisconsin AFL-CIO: Feingold clear choice for working families
· Wisconsin Family Action: Releases 2015-2016 legislative scorecard
· Wisconsin Family action: Rolls out voter guide for Nov. 8 election
· Wisconsin Towns Association: Clarification of erroneous reporting
· WisDems: Ron Johnson's Beltway Blunder: The 'Stand By Your Man' edition
· WisDems: Tonight’s Debate: Russ Fights for Wisconsinites; Sen. Johnson Clings to Trump
· WisDems: UW-Madison students to Speaker Paul Ryan: Un-endorse Donald Trump's dangerous candidacy
· WisDems: What to look for from U.S. Sen. Johnson in tonight's debate
· WisGOP: Releases Feingold bingo card ahead of tonight’s debate
· WisGOP: Ron Johnson Won Tonight’s Debate, Exposed Senator Feingold
· WisGOP: Tom Nelson’s deafening silence on ObamaCare
· WisGOP: What Sen. Feingold won't say tonight: His entire career is about him
October 17
· American Federation for Children: NAACP anti-charter school proposal tarnishes organization’s history
· Americans United for Change: New report exposes imminent post-election Republican sneak attack on social security
· Dept. of Administration: Wisconsin ends fiscal year with $313 million positive balance
· Feingold campaign: Launches Spanish-language radio ad — “One Choice”
· Feingold campaign: Statement on latest attack ad from pro-Johnson Super PAC
· Lassa campaign: Farm Bureau endorses Lassa
· Nelson Campaign: Receives the Wisconsin Professional Police Association endorsement
· One WI Institute: Donald Trump is Scott Walker’s apprentice on phony voter fraud claims
· One WI Institute: If Sen. Ron Johnson won’t defend the indefensible, how does he justify his own record on sexual assault issues?
· Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin: Kicks off centennial with weekend of action
· Pocan campaign: Pocan calls on Walker, Johnson and Ryan to withdraw endorsements ahead of Trump rally in Wisconsin
· Public Policy Forum: City's 2017 budget marked by familiar challenges
· Reform America Fund: Senator Russ Feingold voted to spend billions on foreign companies
· Rep. Shankland: Court oversight needed on photo ID given Walker administration's track record of flat-out incompetence
· Rep. Steffen: Receives Municipal Champion Award
· Solen Campaign: Reintroducing Ryan Solen
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Statement on new Clinton FBI investigation documents
· Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation: U.S. Senate candidates debate issues in WBA Foundation sponsored debate
· Wisconsin Legislature: Wisconsin veteran-owned business logotypes unveiled
· Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce: Announces 82 "Working for Wisconsin Award" winners
· WisDems: On press call elected officials and advocates denounce Senator Johnson for for his continued support of Trump
· WisDems: Senator Johnson put partisanship ahead of Wisconsinites as committee chairman
· WisDOT: DMV website updated to better clarify IDPP process
· WisGOP: Senator Feingold owes Wisconsinites an apology
· WisGOP: Will Tom Nelson own his record and address important issues tonight?

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