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May 17
· Rep. Ripp: Wisconsin's comeback is real, ongoing, and not guaranteed
· Support Our Schools Wauwatosa: Statement on k-12 education debate
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: At Catholic Prayer Breakfast, Speaker Ryan Continues Push for Little Sisters of the Poor
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Takes next steps to get opioid legislation to president's desk
· U.S. Sen. Baldwin: Statement on bipartisan vote to advance emergency funding to combat Zika virus
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Comments on Zika legislation votes
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Opening Statement: "America's insatiable demand for drugs: assessing the federal response"
· Urban Leage of Greater Madison: Endorses "Main Street Marshall Plan" to address social and economic inequities
· Wisconsin AFL-CIO: Wisconsin CEO's paid 276 times average rank-and-file worker
· Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: Sup. Evers schedules listening sessions, appoints Equity Council
· Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group Foundation: Faith leaders, advocates release new fact sheet detailing the impact of payday lending in Wisconsin
· Wisconsin Technology Council: Report urges state policymakers to recognize economic value of higher education
· WisDems: Dear Republicans: 'endorse' and 'support' mean the same thing
· WisDems: Statement on voter photo ID trial testimony
· WisDems: Two months since Obama nominated Merrick Garland, Johnson is now refusing to do his job on district and circuit court judges
May 18
· Compact Implementation Coalition: Groups react to recommendation on precedent-setting Great Lakes water diversion request
· AG Schimel: Brings "A Dose of Reality" to the workplace
· Chequamegon Bay Area Community Fund: Mural, outdoors education projects receive funds
· Citizen Action of Wisconsin: New federal overtime rule a boon to Wisconsin local economies
· Dept. of Children and Families: Wisconsin counties receive award for child care performance
· Feyen Campaign: Submits maximum number of nomination signatures
· Hartmann Campaign: Hartmann announces bid for District 47 Assembly seat
· Higginbotham Campaign: Will not seek re-election to Court of Appeals
· Jonathan Barry, Executive Secretary Board of Commissioners of Public Lands: Statement on approval of $4.3 million for community projects
· Liebert campaign: Support for opposite-sex domestic partnerships
· Madison Mayor Soglin: Signs new sister city agreement with city of Kanifing, the Gambia
· Medical College of Wisconsin: Receives $6.8 million U.S. Army grant to research neck, spine and brain safety in the military
· Milwaukee Co. Exec. Abele: Announces online contest to name new baby giraffe at Milwaukee County Zoo
· Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association: Chris Abele and Demond Means miss key facts about the community schools model
· Morgridge Institute for Research: Mary Burke joins Morgridge Board of Trustees
· National Federation of Independent Business: Overtime rule will increase costs and push salaried employees into hourly jobs
· National Federation of Independent Business: Overtime rule will increase costs and push salaried employees into hourly jobs
· National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation: Worker advocate files brief defending Wisconsinís right-to-work law
· Nehlen Campaign: Paul Ryan running phony victory lap on Obamacare ruling, says Wisconsin Challenger Paul Nehlen
· One Wisconsin Institute: Experts testify on Gov. Walker and legislative Republican schemes to suppress legal voters: Itís working
· One Wisconsin Institute: Johnson skips hearing on nomination to fill nationís longest federal judicial vacancy
· Public Policy Forum: Proposed 2017 MPS budget invests in strategic initiatives despite stagnant revenue streams
· Rep. Loudenbeck: Receives Dave Duax Award
· Rep. Nygren: Statement on Excellence in Government Award
· Rep. Sargent: Statement on Supreme Court ruling
· Rep. Spreitzer: Letter to DCF Secretary Eloise Anderson
· Rep. Taylor: Statement on public education victory
· Rep. Young: 2015-2016 Session voting record receives 100 percent approval by Wisconsin AFL-CIO
· Rep.Bowen: Statement on expected arena district end-use jobs announcement
· Social Development Commission: Wisconsin Senior Corps Association salutes thousands of elderly volunteers
· State Superintendent Evers: Statement on Supreme Court decision
· Supreme Court: May 18 mandates and opinions
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Just passed: A plan to stop the spread of Zika
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Names Cuban-American freedom fighter to Commission on International Religious Freedom
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Statement on bipartisan manufacturing jobs bill
· U.S. Rep. Ryan: Statement on Department of Laborís overtime rule
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Opening statement at "Assessing the Security of Critical Infrastructure: Threats, Vulnerabilities, and SolutionsĒ hearing
· U.S. Sen. Johnson: Seeks answers from FDA on burdensome e-cigarette regulations
· UW-Madison: Regeneration pioneer to join Morgridge Institute, UW-Madison faculty
· UW-Madison: Trail cams to document stateís wildlife
· Waukesha Mayor Reilly: Statement on the Declaration of Finding regarding the cityís application for Great Lakes water
· WCCF:Report urges state to reduce health disparities for Native Americans
· WEDC: Announcing upcoming trade ventures schedule
· WI Sustainable Business Council : Announcing the 2016 Sustainable Business Award Winners
· WILL: Statement and comment on Coyne v. Walker

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