The Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence: 217 Wisconsin Lean Government Conference 🗓

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Conference Keynote: Des Moines Public School

Lean methods and practices have been essential ingredients in the recipe for market competitiveness for tens of thousands of manufacturers and business service firm across the world. These great ideas help make our flights safer, our food more affordable, and our clothes last longer. They can also make us better public servants and educators! Lean leads us to the ultimate win/win: we become better stewards of our resources, and we achieve greater enjoyment and satisfaction in our work.

Think you can do more better? (The alternative is doing less, worse – choose wisely.) Then be sure to join the Community of Excellence in Wisconsin as we present the seventh annual Lean Government Conference hosted by the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence. This year’s conference features our best line-up ever, including:
Keynote Speaker: Emma Knapp, Continuous Improvement Coordinator at Des Moines Public School

Not sure what Lean is or how you can use it to your own benefit?

Emma Knapp will share the story of their journey. DMPS has emerged as a regional role model through:
-Dedicated resources, including the Continuous Improvement Coordinator position
-A scale-up strategy based on “engage the willing”
-Early embrace by the business/finance team whose significant results spurred wider interest
-CULTURAL ENTRENCHMENT – Lean is now how the district operates
-And recent deployment Lean Leadership – beyond tools, this became a key advantage in fully embracing lean and institutionalizing it with the DMPS culture

Additional details will be forthcoming.

Watch for conference updates