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Adam Brabender: Scott Walker tells half-truths about people with disabilities

Gov. Scott Walker may be right about some of the things in his State of the State speech, but he is only telling half-truths. In reality, Wisconsin has a long way to go in terms of disability rights.

Analiese Eicher: Red flags should sink Brennan’s judicial nomination

Brennan is the wrong nominee for a lifetime court appointment, and Trump and his Senate Republican enablers are using the wrong process in ramming through Brennan's nomination.

Andy Gronik: Walker prevents local governments from removing lead in drinking water

The lessons of Flint, Michigan cannot go unlearned here in Wisconsin, where working families earning a modest living and families living in poverty are at risk of being poisoned by lead pipe laterals and can’t fight back. If Scott Walker can figure out a way to give Taiwan’s Foxconn what is now estimated to be at least $4.5 billion, he ought to be able to figure out how to stop Wisconsinites from being poisoned right here at home.

Ann S. Jacobs: The Senate’s Saturday Night Massacre

Its attempt to fire the bipartisan head of state Elections Commission is clearly illegal.

Betsy Thatcher: Licensing reform could fulfill aspiring chiropractor’s lifelong dream

Wisconsin’s ‘arbitrary’ exam scores fencing out many young professionals.

Bill Kaplan: Paul Ryan has failed as speaker

Ryan has failed as Speaker, with dire consequences.

Bill Kaplan: State of the Union

Kaplan comments on a whirlwind week in D.C.

Bill Kaplan: Trump and Walker rule by deception

Deception rules in D.C. and Wisconsin.

Bill Wineke: The last thing we need is a military parade

We don’t do military parades. Mussolini did military parades. We have the best and most expensive military ever assembled. We don’t have to prove it. Our foes know all about it.

Bruce Murphy: Flynn blasts Milwaukee police chief search

“Cockamamie” two-fold search process will destabilize department, he warns.

Bruce Murphy: Mayor Barrett’s power in decline?

Council taking more power, mayor taking a beating.

Bruce Murphy: Ron Johnson’s growing credibility gap

His latest report dismissed even by conservative media.

Bruce Murphy: Should Wisconsin divest its gun stocks?

State pension fund invests in companies making guns that kill students.

Bruce Murphy: The governor of giveaways

Instead of building a real economy, Walker is trying to buy one.

Bruce Murphy: The mystery of Flynn vs Regan

Is the Milwaukee Police chief or his Fire-Police boss guilty of official misconduct?

Bruce Murphy: The world according to Paul Ryan

He’s taking a lot flak for one tweet. Maybe it’s a teachable moment.

Bruce Thompson: GOP abandoning the free market

Wisconsin instead picks winners and losers. How is that working?

Bruce Thompson: GOP not the law-and-order party?

Republicans are undermining prosecutors, FBI, both here and nationally.

Charles Sykes: Our cowardly, complicit Congress

Republicans in the House and Senate are lemmings following Trump off the cliff.

Chris Larson: Gov. Scott Walker and punishing the poor

Walker has seen the writing on the wall ahead of the 2018 election and has decided to double down on his divide and conquer strategy of pitting neighbor against neighbor by targeting the most vulnerable amongst us.

Chris Liebenthal: Randy ‘Ironstache’ Bryce: First unionized campaign

Not only his campaign staff now unionized, Randy urged them on because he knows and believes in the value of organized labor.

Christian Schneider: As coverage fades, GOP tax cut gets a whole lot more...

With people starting to see more money in their monthly paychecks, middle-class workers are beginning to realize the tax cut’s benefits.

Christian Schneider: Attention Wisconsin utilities: We want our money back

In January, the state Public Service Commission asked investor-owned utilities to submit plans explaining how they were going to implement the federal tax bill's changes "for the benefit of ratepayers." Unfortunately, those plans don't give customers enough.

Christian Schneider: In the case of professor John McAdams, Marquette lost its way

For more than 29 years, professor John McAdams was a vocal conservative on campus, often through his Marquette Warrior blog. But in 2015, he found himself suspended after writing a post critical of what he saw as a retreat from the school’s Jesuit teachings.

Christian Schneider: Johnson’s fake news on FBI texts risks his reputation and GOP cause

Johnson, who chairs the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, backtracked almost immediately under heavy pressure.

Christian Schneider: No, kids under 18 shouldn’t be allowed to vote

At the same time we are supposed to believe 16-year-olds are mature enough to vote on matters of national importance, we are also being told that the minimum age to own a firearm should be raised to 21.

Christian Schneider: Raging anti-Scott Walker fever has Wisconsin Democrats twisted in knots

No one denies that many of Walker's proposals are meant to reassure voters in 2018. But Democrats are inventing new contortions to pretend they oppose the plans.

Christian Schneider: Send us your cash

Foreign investors could help protect Wisconsin's way of life.

Christian Schneider: We’re asking our universities to do way too much

The modern university is now asked to be everything to every student.

Cindi Duchow: Tax cuts are evidence of roaring economy

Tax cuts work, and if you don’t believe me, believe the roaring economy.

Collin Roth and CJ Szafir: 8 bills for 2018: A conservative spring legislative agenda

There are a number of bills before the Legislature that will expand freedom, opportunity and liberty in the state.

Dan Benson and Julie Grace: Teachers want to help kids, not do paperwork

Federal requirements in special ed are especially burdensome, educators tell Badger Institute in survey.

Dan Ellsworth: City of Wausau’s soiling of Wisconsin River shows media and environmentalists have...

Environmental groups treat manure storage system leaks as environmental disaster, but were silent when Wausau piped 3.7 million gallons of raw, untreated human feces and waste directly into the Wisconsin River.

Dan Stier: Are Wisconsin’s Supreme Court races really just about the money?

As the Supreme Court primary and general elections approach, voters should demand that each candidate state whether he or she would step aside in any case where a contribution of $10,000 or more was made to the candidate’s political campaign and whether the candidate supports such a rule for all Supreme Court justices.

Daniel Bice: State Dems rake in cash from businessman caught up in sexual harassment...

The state Democratic Party and top Democratic candidates have accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent years from Madison businessman Mark Bakken, who's caught up in a sexual harassment dispute.

Dave Cieslewicz: Reversing the politics of anger

We need a governor who will reestablish the norms of our democracy.

Dave Zweifel: Big money wins again at the state Capitol

While a majority of legislators have professed support for a bill that would close the so-called "dark store loophole," when the time came to make sure the bill would pass this legislative session, all but one Republican voted against bringing it to the floor.

Dave Zweifel: Bonuses a drop in the tax cut bucket

Now that the corporate tax rate has been reduced to 21 percent, Apple and others are bringing back some of the money they've stockpiled in countries that haven't spent a dime to bolster their financial well-being, and we're supposed to be grateful and applaud them for helping out their fellow Americans.

Dave Zweifel: Gun control comes down to the voters

Wisconsin politicians like Robin Vos and his legislative Republican colleagues, and congressional leaders like our own Paul Ryan, "caution" us against "knee-jerk" reactions to the Parkland, Florida, high school tragedy. A conservative U.S. Supreme Court gave them cover and now it's up to the voters to decide if politicians can continue refusing to do what's right for all Americans.

Dave Zweifel: Payday lenders have their man right where they want him

One of the most dangerous of many Donald Trump deplorables who have been appointed to high-ranking offices in his administration is former South Carolina Congressman Mick Mulvaney, long a loyal friend of special interests.

Dave Zweifel: Rick Scott-type politicians prevent sensible gun laws

The bottom line is that there are too many Rick Scotts in control, including here in Wisconsin. Let's be honest: It won't get any better until the voters get rid of them.

Dave Zweifel: Right-wingers keep dragging down our state

We've come through another week where the ideologues who run Wisconsin government today, including our high court, have further diminished the state of our state.

Dave Zweifel: Roads rot, schools struggle so let’s give tax rebates

Scott Walker ought to be ashamed to use the kids as a ploy to get himself re-elected.

Dave Zweifel: Train incidents could be avoided with available GPS system

Record numbers of passengers are using rail these days and it's time for the government, through the Department of Transportation and the Federal Railway Agency, and the major railroad corporations to get their act together.

Dave Zweifel: Trump’s viruses have infected Gen. Kelly

It's beginning to look like the general, who retired from the military in mid-2016, is having too much of Donald Trump rub off on him in his role as Trump's chief of staff.

David Blaska: Man in hard hat and mustache plays Comedy Central in Wisconsin’s First...

You want gimmicks? Randy Bryce's campaign staff is unionized!

David Blaska: Prosecutorial over-reach at the FBI? Nah! Quash the memo!

Our liberal-progressive-socialists acquaintances who blame police for crime now demand respect for law enforcement, that being the secretive FBI. The Bill of Rights champions who once condemned an unaccountable J. Edgar Hoover now want no accountability to the elected representatives of the citizenry.

Devin Gatton: Democrats see crumbs, I see savings

Despite strong media bias opposing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, this legislation has been a resounding success for job creators and families all across the county.

Dominique Paul Noth: Abele uses money to sell disputes as personal – and media...

It remains an open question which factors really led Abele to abandon the idea of putting parking meters in public parks. He has often stuck to his guns regardless of public opinion. And here comes another bill he’s pushing in Madison mainly designed to increase his powers and stick it to the county board.

Dominique Paul Noth: Contemplating steps toward civility disobedience

Under the decorum imposed on members of Congress, there is now no way to call a liar a liar without violating comity. And more and more our politics have been a field day for flat-out lying.

Don Vruwink: The digital classroom

Rather than look outside our state for workers, let’s equip our schools with the technology they need for all subject areas. Let’s graduate more students and keep them here in Wisconsin with the knowledge and skills our businesses need.

Emily Mills: After Florida school shooting, ditch the NRA and spineless politicians and follow...

The students have done more to advance the gun control debate, and the cultural discussion around violence and patriarchy, than anyone in recent memory.

Eric Bott: The proof is in the pudding: Tax cuts work

Tax cuts bring about healthy economic growth with better pay and greater opportunity for workers. Hyperbole doesn’t have quite the same payoff.

Eric O’Keefe: A lesson from Wisconsin’s witch-hunt: Shut down Mueller’s investigation

The discoveries in Wisconsin's John Doe case and the Mueller investigation teach the same lesson: Unaccountable agencies have become powerful tools that partisan cabals can use to undermine representative government.

Eric Ostermeier: History gives Walker slim odds to win

State voters rarely elect a gubernatorial candidate whose party holds the presidency.

Erik Iverson: Innovation, jobs and the Wisconsin Idea

We know that by working together we can find the best, most efficient ways to solve the state’s challenges, create private sector jobs and private sector profits, and keep that revenue in Wisconsin to invest in our people and our economy.

George Mitchell: Dallet now must pivot back to being a ‘moderate’

The squealing tires you heard yesterday came from the campaign bus of Judge Rebecca Dallet as she swerved out of the far left lane to a more central position in her race against Judge Michael Screnock.

George Mitchell: Gun control zealots are the real ‘gun nuts’

Gun control clearly is the high profile issue about which otherwise sensible people are completely ignorant.

George Mitchell: Is Milwaukee’s east-west freeway back on track?

Three Milwaukee area legislators and the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce are trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

George Mitchell: Score round one for the rule of law

For the next six weeks, Milwaukee Judge Rebecca Dallet needs to take 100 percent ownership of her gaffe about the single issue that explains Judge Michael Screnock’s victory in Tuesday’s primary.

George Mitchell: The rule of law is on trial next week

Liberals who want to legislate from the Wisconsin Supreme Court hope to advance that agenda at the April 4 general election. They’ll get their wish even sooner if conservatives don’t get off their butts on February 20.

Gregory Humphrey: ‘Blue Wave’ in Wisconsin’s spring primary must be grounded in (d)emocratic values

Citizens deserve a Supreme Court that can be viewed as a fair arbiter on the big judicial questions that face the state. We need to work to further that ideal. Voting for Burns would be a move in the exact opposite direction of what so many liberals claim to wish for the court.

Gregory Humphrey: Merit selection for Supreme Court justices

Over the years it is clear the popular vote method for selecting a judge has become a process far removed from civics books. The races are now endless accusations and special-interest money piled higher than the chairs a justice sits in at the bench.

Ingrid Rothe: Bills should help, not hinder, those who need path out of poverty

Instead of increasing barriers to accessing assistance, the League encourages the legislature to develop proposals that will: help families with their transportation problems; provide good, neighborhood child care that is available at the times, which is needed by the erratic schedules employees are now required to work; ensure that people are receiving needed medical care; expand training opportunities for the modern job market; and provide that available jobs pay a family-sustaining wage.

James Rowen: GOP-led WI closer to mass wetlands filling

Wisconsin is looking at yet another round of business-driven wetland filling -- more than seven years after Walker began his reign with a wetland filling permission expressly for one of his donors outside of what law at the time spelled out.

James Rowen: In Walker’s dirtied-up WI, an end to coincidence

The banal privatizing of Wisconsin public resources and nationally-noted environmental degradation during Walker's rule isn't complicated. There aren't coincidences anymore.

James Rowen: Trump, like Walker, aims kicks at the poor

There's something scarily defective about Republicans who win perk-and-privilege elections so quickly wielding their power against those with the least - - even limiting the food the poor can eat.

James Rowen: Walker’s jobs’ pledge bites him again

Walker, having already boxed himself in with a jobs-creating promise he couldn't keep, finds himself in yet another box - - this one marked "Corporate Welfare" - - because every company thinking of locating to Wisconsin or wanting to be paid off to stay is going to ask for Foxconn-type subsidies.

James Wigderson: Nicholson’s parents max out donations to Baldwin

The donation amount won’t make much of a difference in the campaign, but what does it say when the candidate’s own parents want him to fail?

James Wigderson: Repeal of minimum markup for prescription medications to have hearing Wednesday

The bill would allow the sale of prescription drugs for less than cost, just like in many other states. It should be fascinating to see the usual suspects who are opposed to any tampering with the misnamed Unfair Sales Act testify in favor of charging higher drug prices to Wisconsin consumers for their own good.

James Wigderson: RightWisconsin Conversation with Treasurer Adamczyk on amending the state Constitution, finding government...

RightWisconsin's James Wigderson talks with Treasurer Matt Adamczyk about his effort to get the legislature to adopt a constitutional amendment to abolish Adamczyk’s job. They also discuss the Secretary of State and his travel woes, how Adamczyk became state treasurer and the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands.

James Wigderson: RightWisconsin Conversations: Will Flanders on school choice

Will Flanders, the research director for the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, joins Editor James Wigderson on this week’s episode of RightWisconsin Conversations.

Janet Bewley: Legislating the way it ought to be

For at least one bill, on one day, the legislative process worked the way it is supposed to, the way that fourth-graders across the state are told it works when they study Wisconsin government.

Janis Ringhand: Legislative leaders support property tax increase for homeowners

Refusing legislative action to address “Dark Store” tax scheme

Jay Heck: Stronger judicial recusal rules vital for an impartial state judiciary

The fairness and impartiality of our judges depends mightily on their separation from the effect and influence of campaign contributors and outside, special interest campaign spending groups.

Jay Miller: Milwaukee police need to get tough – but also build community bonds...

Whoever is chosen next to lead Milwaukee’s police force should look to New York City or Los Angeles — two cities that have very little in common except a low homicide rate — for answers on how to reduce violent crime here.

Jeremy Thiesfeldt: Wisconsin stands strong

As I sat through Governor Walker’s State of the State Address on Jan. 24, I found myself reflecting back on the stark, obvious contrast of where our state stands today compared to 2010 when I first ran for the State Assembly seat I am honored to hold.

Jimmy Anderson: Scott Walker’s playbook is still divide and conquer

After my first year in office, I have learned there is one constant you can always count on: Scott Walker will always choose to divide us rather than unite us.

Joe Sanfelippo: Direct Primary Care: The doctor will see you now

Under a direct primary care model, which is not health insurance, patients pay a low monthly fee, typically between $50 and $100, depending on age, with no further co-pays or deductibles. For that fee, they receive unlimited 24/7 access to their primary care doctor.

Joe Sanfelippo: I-94 East-West project represents ATM for Wisconsin’s economy

The East-West reconstruction is not just another local road project: it’s an economic development program for the entire state of Wisconsin.

John Foust: Citizens have a right to electronic records

If you want records in electronic form, ask for them that way. And that’s how responsible officials will provide them – with or without the intervention of the courts.

John Imes: GreenBiz18 conference showed leadership can transcend politics

The GreenBiz18 conference showed us that leadership can transcend politics. Wisconsin needs an economy that works for everyone, invests in innovative policies, technologies and infrastructure and takes the high road to protect workers and attract and retain talent. #GreenBiz18 shows us that “Doing well by doing good” is possible and becoming a high road state can help build a more vibrant and sustainable economy.

John Imes: High road good for business and the state

Wisconsin needs to establish a solid new direction. In many ways, we’re becoming a low-road state with policymaking that tends to favor monied interests over the environment, workers and our communities.

John Imes: More collaboration, partnerships and effective advocacy

WisOpinion.com is sharing posts this week from John Imes, executive director for Wisconsin Environmental Initiative, as he attends the GreenBiz18 conference in Phoenix. Imes writes about how day two of the conference focused on "collaboration, partnerships and effective advocacy to accelerate high road, clean energy, climate and sustainability innovations and policies."

John Imes: Taking the high road to GreenBiz18

WisOpinion.com will be sharing posts this week from John Imes, executive director for Wisconsin Environmental Initiative, as he attends the GreenBiz18 conference in Phoenix.

John Nichols: Paul Ryan betrays Constitution in service of Donald Trump

The speaker’s embrace of Nunes and his memo has dishonored the chamber that Ryan, above all others, is duty bound to defend.

John Nichols: Randy Bryce’s campaign is not just pro-union—it’s unionized

The Campaign Workers Guild has negotiated its first collectively bargained contract, with the Democratic candidate challenging Paul Ryan.

John Nichols: Walker’s Supreme Court justices assault transparency and rule of law

Walker’s allies on the Wisconsin Supreme Court continue to implement the governor’s anti-labor agenda.

John Nichols: With Vukmir and Nicholson embarrassing themselves, Hovde has opening

Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s announced Republican challengers have, so far, run ridiculous campaigns that suggest they are more interested in currying favor with national political operatives than representing Wisconsinites.

Jon Peacock: Kimberly-Clark proves tax giveaways don’t stop layoffs

One of the Fox Valley’s largest employers has announced it is closing two Wisconsin plants and eliminating 600 jobs—but that won’t change its eligibility to claim a state tax credit that nearly eliminates the requirement for manufacturers to pay state income taxes. That’s because businesses can claim the credit even if they lay off workers, shutter factories, or ship jobs overseas.

Jonathan Krause: No sense pretending anymore

It's just a matter of time before the pretense of non-partisan judgeships is eventually dropped--and these positions move to the fall partisan election cycles--where turnout will be more than 20% every year.

Kathleen Vinehout: Farmers speak up for immigrants, safety, schools

Concerns about immigration and police actions worry farmers whose livelihoods depend on the skills of their devoted workers.

Kurt Kober: Provide incentives to growing companies in Wisconsin

Rather than focusing on one-off deals like Kimberly-Clark and Foxconn, here’s the question we should be asking: How do we rewire and build the new economy in Wisconsin?

Leah Vukmir: Don’t believe the lies, Wisconsin women win with Walker

With Republican leadership, women are empowered and succeeding. To say otherwise is false, and I won’t let my Democrat colleagues perpetuate these lies.

Leon Young: Scott Walker’s newfound religion

Walker’s new change of heart can be attributed to one thing — and one thing only: His growing fear of difficult reelection campaign ahead.

Lisa Subeck: Republicans take aim at local communities — again

Last week, the Assembly Committee on Local Government held a public hearing on Assembly Bill 748, which takes away the ability of local communities to enact ordinances regarding employment discrimination, workforce protections, and other measures that ensure fairness in the workplace.

Louis Jacobson: How might a 2018 Democratic wave affect governor’s races?

Waves usually just influence congressional seats. But a look at past wave elections tells a different story.

Louis Jacobson: Republicans on the hot seat in AG races

Key GOP-held attorneys general seats are becoming more competitive, paving the way for Democrats to possibly flip their balance in the states.

Mark Gottlieb: Make toll roads the road not taken

Legislative leaders pushing for tolling on Wisconsin’s interstate highways would be well advised to carefully review the detailed study that was done for the state on this issue in 2016. It raises warning flags that should give pause to those who think tolls are the magic bullet of transportation finance.

Mark Pocan and Nell Abernathy: Mega-mergers in the heartland leave workers with fewer options

A recent study from leading economists Marshall Steinbaum, Ioana Marinescu, and Jose Azar has found that the average labor market is highly concentrated and as the concentration in a labor market goes up, average wages go down — by as much as 17 percent.

Martha Laning: Foxonn is a costly Walker campaign stunt

The unfortunate answer to why Walker is paying billions to create jobs we can’t fill is that Foxconn is a very costly campaign stunt.

Matthew Rothchild: How big money can pollute Wisconsin Supreme Court races more than ever

Big money can now pollute Wisconsin Supreme Court races more than ever before thanks to the GOP-dominated legislature, which recklessly rewrote our campaign finance law in 2015.

Matthew Rothschild: GOP witch hunt against GAB moves to Legislature

Republican State Senator David Craig is circulating a proposal to empower a joint committee of the legislature to investigate the old Government Accountability Board.

Michael Screnock: We need fair and impartial judiciary, not activist judges

Judges are not legislators, nor are we executives. Our job as judges is to interpret and apply the law, based not on our personal or political beliefs, but by relying on statutes and the Constitution. Simply put, our job is to be arbiters of the law, not policy analysts or political activists.

Mike Gallagher: GOP tax bill provision aims to create opportunity in distressed communities

Any governor who wants to take advantage of the provision can designate 25% of a state’s distressed areas as Opportunity Zones. At the same time, investors can put their money in newly created Opportunity Funds. Managers of Opportunity Funds would then be able to invest in designated areas, and investors would receive tax-advantaged rates on their earnings.

Mitch Henck: Let’s cut to the chase on guns

Radio personality Mitch Henck discusses the gun debate.

Mitch Henck: Most progressive court candidate loses again

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents after Tim Burns lost to Rebecca Dallet and Michael Screnock in the Wisconsin Supreme Court primary.

Mitch Henck: Why are sports venues more secure than schools?

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on the idea of arming teachers with guns at schools.

Natalie Goodnow: Why Foster Forward is needed

New study confirms link between opioid usage and increase in kids in foster care.

Paul Fanlund: Deciphering the GOP code

Conservatives like to believe they have a lock on “hard-working” “common-sense” voters, in contrast to their “politically correct” opponents.

Paul Fanlund: Hey Republicans, the women are coming for you

Wouldn’t it be something if the nightmarish 2016 Trump election reverberated two years later in Wisconsin by sweeping Walker and other male Republicans with their “Mad Men”-era sensibilities out of office?

Paul Fanlund: Will the crowded Democratic field impede efforts to beat Scott Walker?

The sprawling Democratic field for governor and the Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team have something in common this winter — both are causing angst.

Randy Rickman: In the wake of another school shooting

Limiting access and securing entrances in our local schools will keep our kids safer. It’s worked before in other situations and will work now.

Rebecca Blank: What Is UW-Madison doing to identify and address sexual misconduct by faculty...

We must use the current moment of high awareness and concern about sexual misconduct as an opportunity to change our campus culture and deal as effectively as possible with the problems of sexual assault and harassment on our campus.

Rebecca Dallet: We need to fix our broken Wisconsin Supreme Court

What we need to do is fix our broken Wisconsin Supreme Court. Big-money special interests have taken over. Justices refuse to recuse themselves even when their donors — who’ve given massive amounts of money — want the court to rule a certain way. They’ve even closed administrative meetings so they can do more of their business out of the public’s view.

Rick Esenberg, Adam Brandon, Brett Healy & Mike Nichols: Kimberly-Clark bailout is a bad...

Although it is well-intentioned, the Republican bill to give paper company Kimberly-Clark the same tax credit package as offered to electronics manufacturer Foxconn is simply bad economics and sets a troubling, if not unsustainable, precedent for economic development.

Robert Poole and Mike Nichols: Why toll roads are Wisconsin’s only realistic solution to...

Revenue from gas taxes will slowly disappear in the years to come. More debt is not the answer either. Over 20% of all transportation fund revenues are already used for debt service rather than improving our roads. All told, we spend over half a billion per year just servicing transportation-related debt.

Spencer Black: Dems beware overconfidence

GOP are vulnerable in 2018, but nothing is assured.

Spencer Black: GOP retirements a good sign — but Dems can’t let up

There’s an old saying in politics: “Don’t count your chickens until the bones are in your mouth.” Democrats who are eagerly anticipating the November elections should keep those earthy words of wisdom in mind. Overconfidence can be disastrous.

Steven Walters: Bill to expand Abele’s power dies

Too much opposition from many state groups.

Steven Walters: Counting down to Capitol ‘chaos’

Legislature faces a rush of many proposed bills. Which will pass?

Steven Walters: Supreme Court primary very divisive

Battle of Dallet, Burns and Screnock mirrors national, state political divides.

Tim Burns: We need a high court that stands up for regular people

The courts are the final authority in this country, and ours has been looking out for special interests, instead of standing up for regular people.

Tom Loftus: Mike Haas at the barricades

Mike Haas is the administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission. He looks out for the rights of voters. He does this with great aplomb and professionalism. Despite this, the majority party in the state Senate is clamoring for him to exit the post, acting as if he were some existential threat to them like, well, I don't know, like Gandhi was to British rule in India.

Tom Still: Foxconn showing all signs they’re in Wisconsin to stay

Foxconn is buying a seven-story building in downtown Milwaukee from Northwestern Mutual, Wisconsin’s 161-year-old insurance giant. It will be the company’s North American headquarters and a center for activities outside its planned manufacturing plant in Racine County.

Tom Still: In President Trump’s Washington, people in both parties looking for clarity

Progress can sometimes begin with small bipartisan victories. Perhaps building a more skilled workforce is one such milestone.

Tommy G. Thompson and Michael Sussman: Let’s re-energize the Wisconsin Idea

Today’s new Wisconsin Idea is all about how we can position our state to once again be a leader — in economic development, in innovation, in protecting our environment, and in graduating students who can make it happen.

Wisconsin Supreme Court race: Partisanship has been troubling

Partisan politics is alive and well in the race for the next justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. And that is deeply troubling, though not surprising in these hyper-partisan times.

WisOpinion Poll: Do you support Gov. Scott Walker’s child tax credit proposal?

Scott Walker in his State of the State speech called for a new tax credit of $100 per child as the guv asked lawmakers to make sure checks show up before students start school this fall.

WisOpinion Poll: Should school personnel be permitted to carry firearms?

In the wake of the mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school, some Wisconsin Republicans have signaled support for legislation that would allow teachers and other school personnel to carry firearms.

WisOpinion Poll: Should the state provide incentives to retain Kimberly-Clark jobs?

Gov. Scott Walker and GOP legislators are working on an incentive package that would give Kimberly-Clark "Foxconn terms" to keep 600 jobs the paper manufacturer now plans to eliminate in Neenah.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ debate the politics of Walker’s recent proposals

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, debate Gov. Scott Walker's recent health, education, and rural funding proposals in light of his re-election candidacy. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss election strategy in an off-budget year

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, look at the strategy legislative leaders take to return their caucus to the majority in an off-budget year election season. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss potential outcomes of the WI gerrymandering case

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, talk about the potential outcomes of the Wisconsin gerrymandering case before the U.S. Supreme Court. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ handicap Tuesday’s Supreme Court primary

The WisOpinion Insiders, Jensen & Chvala, handicap Tuesday's Supreme Court primary. Sponsored by Michael Best Strategies and the Wisconsin Counties Association.
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