Bodden campaign: Former Washington County Republican Party chairwoman endorses Bodden

April 9, 2018
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St. Cloud – Jan Baldock, Former Washington County Republican Party Chairwoman, has come out in support of Ty Bodden for the 59th State Assembly District. Jan is a strong conservative and has played a crucial role in establishing what the Republican Party of Washington County is today. She was one of the Co-Founders of the Washington County Republican Women, which is a group that educates women about politics. Here is Jan’s
statement about Ty:

Ty Bodden is running for election to the 59th Assembly District. No surprise to me that Ty
wants to serve the people of the 59th district by representing them in State government.
I’ve known Ty his whole life. At a young age Ty was already active in conservative politics
and developing strong conservative values. His belief in the sanctity of life, our second
amendment rights, freedom of religion, and State’s rights helped him to grow strong in his
desire to have less government regulation at all levels. Always recognizing that the
government that is closest to people governs best; thereby giving the people a stronger
voice with more control over their own lives. His energy and passion; he is always devoted to doing the right thing at the right time for those around him. He is true to his word and won’t change because of political correctness. Ty loves spending time with people of all ages and all backgrounds. He is a good listener enabling him to understand the needs of the people around him. He listens. He learns. He works to solve the problem. He has the ability to set the goals, stay focused, and get the job done. His conservative values have remained throughout the years and will not change once he is in Madison. You can trust him. Ty Bodden will listen to us, learn from us, and work to get things done for the people of the 59th. Ty will be a wonderful addition to the Wisconsin State Assembly. I am voting for Ty in August and November. I hope you will do the same.

Ty responded, “I am truly humbled and grateful for Jan’s support. She has been a pioneer for the Republican Party and for conservative women in the State of Wisconsin. Her support is not something I take lightly. Jan knows me and knows I will serve the 59th with honesty and integrity. It is time to elect a new and younger face to Madison. I know many people, like me, who are sick of the same type of people running the show in Madison. The people
need someone they can trust. They need someone that will not waiver on the issues and doesn’t play the political games. For those who know Jan, know she is a game changer and if you want a strong conservative who will change the game in Madison, then I am the candidate for you.”