Rep. Bowen: Gov. Walker, GOP leaders call extraordinary session to avoid elections

Contact: Rep. David Bowen, 608-266-7671

Republicans prove government can indeed work efficiently when it serves them

MADISON – Last week, a judge appointed by Governor Walker determined the governor was acting above the law by refusing to hold special elections in two vacant legislative seats, instead leaving more than 200,000 Wisconsinites without full representation for over a year. The judge ruled Governor Walker must call special elections in the two vacant districts.

“The judge in this case was absolutely correct to rule Governor Walker was acting unlawfully by forcing more than 200,000 Wisconsin taxpayers to go over a year without representation in the Assembly or Senate,” said Rep. David Bowen (D-Milwaukee).

In response, the governor and his Republican allies in the legislature acted without hesitation to call an extraordinary session of the legislature to change the rules so they don’t have to put their failed agenda in front of voters who have routinely rejected Republicans at the ballot box this year.

“Wisconsinites have seen first-hand the inability of this governor and legislature to respond to the needs of Wisconsinites,” Bowen continued. “From Republicans voting unanimously against universal gun background checks, to taking the better part of a decade to finally listen to Democrats and close Lincoln Hills, responsiveness to glaring issues is not something this governor and legislature are known for.

“Yet, when the greatest fear Republicans have in 2018 – the electorate – presented itself, it was with swift determination that the governor and Republicans faced the problem head on. A problem so big, they decided, that an extraordinary session of the legislature was justified to make sure these Wisconsin taxpayers don’t have a chance at the representation they deserve.

“Meanwhile, kids are spending their spring break marching across the state asking their elected officials to reconsider doing nothing to protect them from gun violence in their schools. But Republicans have more important problems to address.”