Sen. Scott Fitzgerald: Reacts to reports of human trafficking in Dodge County

Contact: Scott Fitzgerald, (608) 266-5660

[Madison, WI] Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) released the following statement after reports of human trafficking in Dodge County surfaced in a federal complaint:

“I am horrified at the accounts of serial abuse and trafficking at strip clubs in Clyman, Juneau and Lebanon. With the recent federal investigations resulting in evidence that criminal activity is rampant, I am asking for the sheriff and district attorney to immediately investigate anyone on premises.

“An appropriate first step would be to review and possibly revoke the licenses of the clubs named in the complaint. I contacted the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to discuss options available to them to do so, and would consider introducing legislation if it were necessary. I have also spoken to the Wisconsin Attorney General’s office to see what tools are available to the state to shutter these places for good.

“The legislature has passed legislation and Governor Walker has signed into law several statutes that deal with human trafficking statewide. We also increased state funding for human trafficking victim services by several million dollars in the last biennial budget. The trafficking crisis continues to worsen and Dodge County is just the latest area where this abhorrent illegal activity has been unearthed.

“Dodge County residents have tolerated these types of establishments for far too long, and we must act forcefully and quickly to give the victims and the community the protection they deserve.”