WMC TV ad knocks Dallet for sexual assault sentencing

The WMC Issues Mobilization Council TV ad targeting Dallet knocks her for sentencing a man to two years in prison for sexually assaulting his granddaughters.

The group did not provide WisPolitics.com a copy of the spot. But conservative talk show host Vicki McKenna posted the spot on her Twitter feed. A WisPolitics.com reporter also saw an online version of the ad that carried a disclaimer from the conservative Wisconsin Alliance for Reform.

The ad shows a young girl on a swing as the narrator says three-time felon Donald Skenandore was arrested for assaulting his granddaughters, “a nightmare that lasted six years.” The ad shows video of a man walking into a darkened room, where there’s a girl.

“Judge Rebecca Dallet knew Skenandore repeatedly assaulted his grandchildren, but then she said there wasn’t an extreme amount of harm because there was no intercourse,” the narrator says.

The narrator then adds Dallet could have sentenced the man to 20 years, but gave him two.

“Tell Judge Dallet: Courts should protect our children, not their abusers,” the spot concludes.