Good Morning,
Nearly a year ago, rioters destroyed large swaths of Kenosha. It didn’t have to be this way.
Just hours after a police officer shot Jacob Blake, a black man who had repeatedly resisted arrest in connection with a domestic incident, parts of Kenosha’s business district were under siege from looters and rioters. Soon, large swaths of the city would be on fire.
Gov. Tony Evers, choosing radical politics over public safety, failed to protect Kenosha from lawless mobs. We will never forget what happened on the week of Aug. 23, 2020.
Empower Wisconsin is sponsoring this special broadcast of the Vicki McKenna Show, live from Kenosha from 2-5 p.m. Vicki will talk to Kenosha residents whose lives were turned upside down and the public officials who begged Evers to act. Listen to the show on NewsTalk 1130 WISN in Milwaukee and NewsTalk 1310 WIBA in Madison.
You can also watch the show streaming live at
We can never forget what happened in Kenosha, and why it happened. More so, we want to make sure it never happens again.
In liberty,
M.D. Kittle
Executive Director, Empower Wisconsin
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