MADISON, WI – After the mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, Representative Stubbs (D-Madison) released the following statement:

Will this happen in Madison?’. This is the thought I have after every mass shooting in our country. The ongoing investigation into the Highland Park shooting shows that Madison could have been the next stop for this particular mass shooter. Without meaningful action, the question will no longer be ‘will’ this happen to our city, but ‘when’ will it happen.”

“On July 4th, I happily attended parades in my district on the West Side of Madison.  At these events, I saw children, families, and neighbors celebrate Independence Day with joy. Reading the news today, it is chilling to think that they could have become the latest victims of our country’s gun violence epidemic.”

“Inaction on firearm reform is a dereliction of duty. It is irresponsible to the communities we serve to allow these mass killings to go unaddressed. While our Republican majority stands by and does nothing, every single one of our communities will live in fear that their grocery store, their movie theatre, their elementary school, or their neighborhood celebration will be next. My Republican colleagues must stop obstructing progress and fight for a safer Wisconsin.”

“My prayers are with the victims and families of Highland Park. I pray for a tomorrow where this violence is unthinkable. I pray for a time when celebrations of national pride will no longer be the stages of national tragedy. But as elected officials, we cannot just talk about a better tomorrow, we must work for a better tomorrow. That is why I will continue to introduce and support legislation that will protect our community from gun violence.”

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