MADISON, Wis. – Tonight, Republican gubernatorial candidates Rebecca Kleefisch, Kevin Nicholson, and Tim Ramthun face off in the first GOP primary debate, hosted by the conservative talk radio host Joe Giganti. Tim Michels is holding a competing “Freedom Rally” instead of attending and answering questions.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff released the following statement:

“The dumpster fire GOP primary finally makes its way to the debate stage. Rebecca Kleefisch, Kevin Nicholson, and Tim Ramthun will surely be pushing each other to prove who is the most radical to win over the GOP’s ultra-MAGA base. While there will be an empty podium for Tim Michels, there’s no doubt that his views mirror the extreme and divisive positions of his primary opponents. Michels’ competing event, that he is calling the ‘freedom rally,’ will take place days after conservative activists on the Supreme Court ripped away the freedom to make our own decisions about our reproductive health care. Whether it’s opposing access to health care, spreading lies about the 2020 election, or slashing funding for public education, we expect Republicans at both events to continue to show that they are out of step with voters and too radical for Wisconsin.”

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