MON PM Update: Judge throws out GOP suit challenging privately funded 2022 GOTV in Milwaukee that city officials promoted

— A judge today dismissed a lawsuit challenging a privately funded GOTV effort in Milwaukee last fall touted by city officials, finding the state GOP failed to show it faced any harm or that the activities had “unduly influenced” a political campaign.

The party had challenged the effort on several grounds, including the use of a private $1 million grant to fund Milwaukee Votes 2022.

In issuing her ruling, Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Hannah Dugan noted multiple court rulings across state and federal jurisdictions that had rejected challenges to the use of private money for various election efforts. That includes shooting down the argument that funneling those donations to cities that tend to vote Dem violates the law.

“Ultimately, Plaintiffs complain that people with different political views will lawfully exercise their fundamental right to vote” Dugan wrote. “That is not a harm. That is democracy.”

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