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Dominique Paul Noth: Where Trump harms us the most isn’t yet at core of...

President Trump has done his most damage to the US image in foreign reputation and action, yet American voters are choosing Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 based on their domestic policies.

Paul Fanlund: Gender politics and Amy Klobuchar

Anonymous critics of Amy Klobuchar's management style are taking shots as the U.S. senator from Minnesota announces a run for president.

Steven Walters: 8 ways to increase highway funding

Lots of possible taxes and fees, but can legislators agree on any?

Dave Prosser: Trump, Ocasio-Cortez silent during brouhaha over corn syrup suds

There is widespread disappointment, even despair among some citizens, that neither President Donald Trump nor Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has addressed the most critical issue facing the country: corn syrup.

James Rowen: What’s in Evers’ 1st budget also explains why Walker’s out

Clean drinking water initiatives, more school funding and expanded dental coverage in BadgerCare. We're seeing more of Democratic Governor Tony Evers' priorities in his first budget, and, by implication, the range of just some of what Walker and his legislative allies had dismissed from public agendas or damaged statewide since 2011.

Paul Fanlund: Clues from Wisconsin on how to beat Donald Trump

While most of us are tempted to wail on and on about the despicable personal character of Trump, leaders like Evers and Baldwin forgo the politics of bellicosity and focus on ideas to help ordinary people.

Bill Kaplan: Trump’s theatrics and Evers’ substance

Trump’s State of the Union address was the opposite of Wisconsin Democratic Governor Tony Evers’s State of the State address in humanity, tone and substance.

John Nichols: Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes just trumped Trump

What made the remarks by Barnes responding to Trump's State of the Union address so powerful was his reminder that Trump’s politics are being upended by citizen action.

Michael Jahr: Road tolls are best way to fund highways

Analysis from the Badger Institute over the years confirms that tolling on interstate highways is a workable approach for rebuilding and widening the state’s aging Interstate system.

James Wigderson: Former journalist and WEDC spokesman Mark Maley passed away from cancer

As you can see from the numerous posts about Mark on Facebook in recent days, he was well-liked by nearly everyone and had good reasons to be liked.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss Walker’s political future

This week on "The Insiders," Chvala and Jensen discuss whether former Gov. Scott Walker is the future of the state GOP. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Lucas Vebber and Brian McGrath: Wisconsin’s new campaign contributions bill would benefit the legislators...

What the new law proposed by Sargent and Larson would actually do is limit freedom of speech in a way that benefits them.

Bruce Murphy: Foxconn project in ‘chaos’

Foxconn workers, insiders say Racine project is failing in Bloomberg story.

James Rowen: Even if Foxconn disappears, Vos the Sprawlville King is a winner

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos managed in a state without two spare potholes-filling nickels to rub together to steer to and through his district a quarter of a billion federal and state road-and-interchange widening dollars that will trigger sprawl beyond bulldozed Mount Pleasant farms even if Foxconn never diverts a gallon of Lake Michigan water to produce a single big screen LCD TV.