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Bill Osmulski: School districts use projected tax cuts to hide huge referendum tax hikes

Homeowners in 148 school districts across Wisconsin will be getting an unexpected tax cut next year, but many of those districts would prefer to keep that a secret – and backfill those savings with new spending.

Bill Berry: Wisconsin’s now the darkest of dark-money states

Halloween is around the corner, but that’s nowhere near as scary as the dark money flowing into Wisconsin once more.

James Wigderson: Democrats want mob rule

Who are you going to believe, your eyes or the mainstream media? The latest discussion is whether Democratic “mobs” are behaving badly.

Bill Kaplan: October surprise for Trump and Walker

The stock market lost nearly 1,400 points over two days due to fear of rising interest rates on top of soaring deficits and a Trump-initiated global trade war.

Chris Reader: Health insurance tax could boost WI premiums by over $370M

Wisconsin employers face health insurance premium increases of more than $370 million beginning in 2020 if Congress does not act once again to delay the Health Insurance Tax this year.

Matthew Rothschild: Georgia and the fight to vote

The blatant effort in Georgia to disenfranchise people of color is now being challenged in court, as it should be.

Dave Zweifel: Racine open records case is a head-scratcher, but not funny

I've witnessed some bizarre attempts by government officials to keep information from the public they're supposed to serve — but the one that's currently dragging on in Racine County clearly takes the cake.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss whether ticket-splitters could help re-elect Walker and Baldwin

The WisOpinion Insiders, Jensen and Chvala, analyze the possibility of ticket-splitters helping both Scott Walker and Tammy Baldwin to victory this fall. The last...

John Nichols: The most important office in the Trump era isn’t at the top...

State attorneys general are the key to holding the White House to account—and Democrats are making a strong showing in several races.

Mitch Henck: Wisconsin governor race pits tax benefits vs. tax burden

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" Madison radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on how taxes are affecting the Wisconsin governor race between Tony Evers and Scott Walker.

Bruce Thompson: The incoherence of Scott Walker

His suddenly changing policies make for a confused campaign.

James Wigderson: Dead heat between Walker and Evers in Marquette poll

According to the latest Marquette University Law School Poll results, we have a dead heat in the race for governor while little has changed in the race for U.S. Senate.

Ruth Conniff: We don’t all live in Brett Kavanaugh’s world

The sense of wounded entitlement Kavanaugh expressed in his temper tantrum before the Senate Judiciary Committee reminded me of the attitudes of the disaffected jocks at Yale.

Bruce Murphy: Schimel suit cost workers $23 million

Suit he joined stopped 165,000 Wisconsin workers from getting overtime pay.
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