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Matt Cordio: Conservatives should take a free market approach to driving rural broadband adoption

Instead of subsidizing the installation of old technology, legislators should propose a program that provides a $500 tax credit to rural households who adopt wireless high-speed broadband technology, such as Starlink.

James Wigderson: MacIver Institute deserves equal access at Capitol

The rest of the state media should ask themselves if they really believe in the freedom of the press.

Tommi Thompson: Help more women detect breast cancer

Eliminating out-of-pocket costs for diagnostic tests and essential screenings beyond mammograms will allow women in Wisconsin, no matter their economic situation, to get the lifesaving care they need and deserve.

WisOpinion.com: ‘The Insiders’ discuss Johnson and Kind’s 2022 election plans

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, consider whether U.S. Rep. Ron Kind might run for U.S. Senate and the chance U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson will seek a third term.

Howard Marklein: A responsible stimulus plan to spend federal funds in Wisconsin

The Responsible Stimulus Plan reflects the legislature’s priorities to invest in people, improve infrastructure and boost our economy as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reggie Jackson: Injustice in health: Mistrust comes from untrustworthy behavior

If someone becomes aware of the history of mistreatment and understands the current levels of differential treatment, it creates a huge challenge to turn things around.

James Causey: I got vaccinated, but my wife may not.

Let me tell you why I changed my mind on this.

Jeff Smith: Expand BadgerCare and bring our dollars back home

Wisconsin is still being held back by leaders playing politics with people’s health care.

Tony Kurtz: Use federal funds to provide broadband for all of Wisconsin

I’m asking Gov. Evers to use the federal money — our tax dollars — to connect our state and bring equal opportunity to rural Wisconsin.

Zach Rodriguez: Johnson should help provide liability shield for essential businesses

As we prepare to get back to normalcy, leaders like U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson need to work to provide strong liability protections to ensure our economy can get back on track.

Dan Shafer: Biden’s infrastructure bill would replace every lead pipe in Milwaukee. That’s a...

Milwaukee has tens of thousands of lead pipes and there’s been no end in sight to the crisis. Until now.

Dave Cieslewicz: Drive the Camry fast

As of today, the Democrats can count on 634 more days in power. In all likelihood they will lose their majority in at least one house of Congress, and probably both, on January 3, 2023. After that, nothing meaningful will pass for the next two years.

Dan O’Donnell: Conservative grassroots begin to take back Wisconsin

All across southeastern Wisconsin, conservatives won back seats in which liberalism had crept, and it was in large part because of motivated organization.

Mike McCabe: Why do self-styled fiscal conservatives sign so many blank checks?

Republicans disparage entitlements, but then authorize dozens of sum sufficient appropriations for them when they craft the state budget.

Caroline Kitchens: Wisconsin election reforms worth pursuing

Bipartisan reforms, not investigations, can restore faith in Wisconsin’s elections
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