Owen Robinson: Repeal the minimum markup law

West Bend has been enjoying something of a retail renaissance in the past few years. Unfortunately, Wisconsin’s Unfair Sales Act, A.K.A. “Minimum Markup Law,” is preventing consumers to reap the benefits of such an upsurge in competition.

Christian Schneider: Drop the sales tax for gas plan

The percentage standard would set up a double-whammy; just as gas prices are increasing, so will the tax. The pain at the pump will be multiplied.

Dave Zweifel: Truth about war keeps eluding us

For more than two centuries the United States has been almost continually on a battlefield somewhere in the world.

Buzz Davis: Humans have done too much killing

We must talk about why we must fight harder for peace than we do for War.

Bruce Murphy: Ryan, Priebus on a sinking ship

Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus may go down with the USS Trump.

James Rowen: Great Lakes GOP leaders own Trump’s Great Lakes trashing

What with Trump's budget ending Great Lakes Restoration and crucial, related Sea Grant funding, and cutting more clean water grants to states by 45%, it seems like a good day to acknowledge two literally sickening realities.

Scott Hassett and David Ullrich: Trump budget puts environmental cleanup projects at risk

We encourage our Great Lakes neighbors to contact their elected representatives and ask them to restore adequate funding to EPA to protect our health and natural resources. It is a wise investment in our future.

Steven Walters: Bill pushed by odd couple Gannon, Fields

Polar opposites back “mobility grants” to help unemployed move to get jobs.

Mitch Henck: Terrorist attack hits nerve in world politics

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents on how a terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert will affect world politics.

Dan O’Donnell: A deeper look at Sheriff Clarke’s ‘plagiarism’

Clarke's extensive use of citations indicates that he did not intend to pass off his source material as his own work.
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