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Dan O’Donnell: Under Democrats’ standard for incitement to violence, Gov. Evers and Lt. Gov....

In a single Article of Impeachment, Democrats charged the President with inciting a crowd that had gathered on the National Mall to storm the U.S. Capitol. At no point in his speech, however, did President Trump call for any such thing and even urged an orderly walk to the Capitol.

Dave Cieslewicz: Trump as a public health problem

The next big national project needs to be to research the vaccine that stops the Trump virus.

M.D. Kittle: Evers’ vaccine fiasco leaves Waukesha County in limbo

The Evers administration’s botched COVID-19 vaccine rollout has left Wisconsin’s third-largest county waiting for answers and some of its most vulnerable citizens pushed to the back of the vaccine line.

Ron Kind: I stand with the Constitution in wake of Capitol attack

Like many Wisconsinites, I’m shocked, angry and saddened. But I also have faith in the resiliency of our democracy and the American people.

Mike Gallagher: Why I voted against impeachment

In wake of this tragedy, failing the president’s resignation, a swift and strong censure from Congress is the most prudent path forward.

John Torinus: GOP needs to move beyond Trump

The Grand Old Party is not so grand anymore.

Peter Kranstover: The U.S. needs renewal and good governance after the ‘blithe certainty’ of...

In the face of monumental problems and challenges facing us in the next decades, we need good governance more than ever. What is frightening about our stark divisions is the depth of belief in fraud and conspiracy.

Ryan Owens: Eliminating qualified immunity for law enforcement will put us in danger

It will cause an even greater reduction in our already declining law enforcement numbers, lead to harassing lawsuits that could bankrupt counties and municipalities, and make cops hesitant to do their jobs effectively.

Dave Zweifel: Wisconsin Republicans are missing their wake-up call on Medicaid expansion

This pandemic has exposed many problems about America's health care system including just how incredibly unequal it is.

M.D. Kittle: The sorry state of Evers’ Wisconsin

Gov. Tony Evers used his State of the State address Tuesday to remind Wisconsin of the rough time he faced in 2020 and to lay out some of his big-ticket, bigger government proposals. But the virtual governor, delivering the annual speech virtually, spent most of his time attacking his conservative opponents.

John Torinus: We need to bring Trumpers back to mainstream

We need to dedicate 2021 to getting Americans to work together again, even if they don’t always agree.

Ryan J. Owens and Eric C. Tempelis: Public emergency reforms

Wisconsin should consider adopting policies that save taxpayers money yet leave us financially secure to respond to future public emergencies. One such policy would be to reform Wisconsin’s business interruption insurance system

Jessie Opoien: How Jan. 6 shook my faith in American democracy

I used to believe that most of us fundamentally want the same things for this country and just disagreed on how to get them.

Erica Nelson: What Wisconsinites should neither forgive nor forget

We Wisconsinites, whether Republican or Democrat, should not forget the role our duly elected representatives played in the Jan. 6 outrage.

Bruce Murphy: Ron Johnson Tainted by Ukrainian Official?

Senator peddled 'malicious' disinformation by foreign operative sanctioned by Trump Administration.
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