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Emily Mills: Even after Donald Trump’s capitulation, big troubles at the southern border

The situation is the result of decades of both Democrat and Republican attitudes toward immigration. The current crisis at the border is the natural progression of a long-fraught approach that’s largely been fueled by misinformation, distrust and racism.

Dave Zweifel: GOP is undermining Obamacare with a thousand cuts

The latest is Attorney General Jeff Sessions' announcement that the Trump administration will no longer defend provisions of the Affordable Care Act that protect consumers with pre-existing medical conditions.

John Nichols: Scott Walker’s attack on democracy blew up in his face

Gov. Scott Walker did everything he could to prevent an election to fill the vacant state Senate seat representing northeast Wisconsin’s historically Republican District 1. Now we know why.

Spencer Black: Putin smiles as Trump disses allies, bromances Kim

We recently saw the sad juxtaposition of Trump isolating himself from the leaders of the world’s major democracies while he heaped praise on an oppressor who has perhaps the world’s worst human rights record.

Charlie Sykes: Searching for nuance at the border

Host Charlie Sykes talks with The Weekly Standard writer Michael Warren about President Trump's family separation policy and the escalating trade war with China.

Neil Heinen: Make America humane again

Separating children from their parents who are trying to enter the United States at the border is reprehensible and inhumane.

Christian Schneider: Supreme Court gets it right on partisan gerrymandering, at least for now

While the court didn’t kill the Democrats’ challenge altogether, it did allow the Republican maps to stand. It was the right decision, as overturning the GOP maps would have been a precedent-setting intrusion into the longstanding reapportionment process.

John Nichols: Now it’s up to voters to stop gerrymandering

The Supreme Court declined to act to stop partisan gerrymandering, so we must act instead.

Gregory Humphrey: Redistricting reform is crucial to our democracy

We cannot have a functioning republic if the politicians choose their voters. We cannot have a credible democracy if courts do not make sure that partisan lines do not create unfair voting outcomes.

James Rowen: Court districting ruling gives WI Dems 2nd chance, blue wave impetus

The U.S. Supreme Court didn't completely close a key door to democracy. It just made knocking on more doors more important.

Bruce Murphy: The Democratic candidates for governor debate

And frankly, Roys looked like the best candidate.

Lisa Subeck: Report highlights growing poverty under GOP leadership

A recently released report reveals that the number of Wisconsin residents living in poverty is growing, in large part because wages have not kept pace with the cost of child care, health care, and other expenses.

Mike McCabe: Why I won’t accept big donations

My campaign for governor is about serving the state’s middle class, not the fat cats.

Casey Hoff: Compassion for addicts hard, but vital in Wisconsin opioid crisis

Addiction experts frequently say relapse is a part of recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. That is very often an unfortunate truth. But in the criminal justice system, we often expect and demand perfection when it comes to abstinence from alcohol and drugs.

Steven Walters: Fall election could be fascinating

More contested seats, tough campaign tactics could make for tighter, intense races.
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