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George Mitchell: What would Tommy do?

A Capitol cliche, widely employed and often accurately so, goes about like this: “Tommy would not have let this happen.” It most surely applies to the current budget stalemate.

John Nichols: Ryan hands Trump a blank check for war

House Speaker Paul Ryan had an opportunity not merely to reassert the authority of the chamber he is supposed to lead but also to steer the United States away from the dangerous course of endless war and steady subservience to an ever-more-powerful military-industrial complex.

Christian Schneider: Time to rein in civil asset forfeiture

Seizing an individual's property without a conviction — or even an arrest — makes a shambles of due process and invites abuse by police departments.
Paul Ryan

Emily Mills: Paul Ryan has lost touch with Wisconsin voters

While Ryan claims to be on the side of the working class people of his home town of Janesville, his Randian beliefs and his complete lack of interest in actually meeting with his constituents face-to-face paint a very different picture.

Janet Weyandt: Lowering age minimum to 15 could help ease Wisconsin’s lifeguard shortage

Wisconsin law requires lifeguards to be at least 16 — a requirement that may be compounding a shortage that forced a Wisconsin Dells resort to delay the opening of part of its outdoor waterpark this year.

Bill Kaplan: Next on health care?

Republicans should stop trying to repeal or sabotage the ACA and instead cooperate with Democrats to make the ACA better.

Chris Mertes: Brancel retiring? Bring in the Farm Babe!

Certainly the governor has already begun to think about potential replacements for Brancel. Into that certainly tough and complete search process should be thrown the name of Pam Jahnke, also known as the Fabulous Farm Babe.
Wisconsin State Capitol

Lou Kaye: Sen. Stroebel is right. Taxpayers paying more and getting less is conservative

There is an interesting if not amusing "debate through the media" about the state's transportation funding taking place between long-time conservative George Mitchell and Sen. Duey Stroebel.

Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Walker, Vos and Fitzgerald still playing chicken on state budget

The game of chicken over the state budget continued Friday, but the sides have changed.
Paul Ryan

Gregory Humphrey: Where does Speaker Ryan head after health care debacle?

Over the past weeks the narrative about the agenda that Ryan now is pressing down on, following the most embarrassing flop of health care reform, shows a number of problems.
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