Paul Fanlund: Our international crises through a UW-Madison lens

Perhaps students can be forgiven for not dwelling on international topics when the disorder and day-to-day upheaval of politics at home in the Trump era are so, um, captivating.

E.G. Nadeau: A sustainable planet needs a sustainable population

Earth Day and its commitment to a sustainable environment should go hand in hand with a concerted effort to slow the world's population growth.

James Wigderson: Environmentalist arguments against Waukesha water deal run dry

Every one of the The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative's concerns about the diversion have been answered. Every concern expressed by the environmentalists has been answered. All that's left is empty liberal animus towards conservative Waukesha.

Matthew Rothschild: Wisconsin’s high court does hack job on recusal petition

With the decision, judges in Wisconsin will continue to be perceived to have a price tag hanging from their robes.

Gregory A. Humphrey: Merit selection even more needed following high court recusal vote

Citizens deserve a Supreme Court that can be viewed as a fair arbiter on the big judicial questions that face the state. I take no glee in stating this vote undermines the court’s credibility and severely erodes its luster.

David Crowley: Why Blue Lives Matter is wrong for our communities

Legislation such as this does little to actually benefit law enforcement officers and is more of a political stunt used to label any elected official who does not support it as being anti law-enforcement.

Bruce Murphy: The failed promise of Miller Park

It didn’t make the Brewers more competitive, yet its price tag keeps rising.

Dave Zweifel: Remind me how deregulation makes things better

I hate to say I told you so, but the incident at United Airlines a couple of weeks ago was bound to happen because of the obsession too many of our politicians have for deregulation.

Scott Ross: Walker gave over $1 billion to the rich, but has no evidence...

In recent testimony before the Legislature, the Secretary of the Department of Revenue for the Walker administration claimed that a runaway manufacturing and agricultural tax giveaway to the wealthy and corporations enacted in the 2011 state budget is helping create jobs. But in response to an open records request by One Wisconsin Now seeking documentation to back up Rick Chandler’s job creation claim the agency replied: “We do not have any such records.”

Charlie Sykes’ ‘Indivisible’: How the war on drugs affects politics

On this episode of Indivisible, Right Wisconsin Editor Charlie Sykes asked listeners who are affected by the opioid crisis to call in and say how it may or may not have influenced their vote.
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