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Dave Cieslewicz: Ryan shrugged: Good riddance, Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan isn’t just a failure as a political leader; he squandered his chance to be a great one.

Bruce Murphy: The full file on Foxconn

City of Milwaukee report on Foxconn’s history is eye opening. Why didn’t state do its due diligence?

Mitch Henck: Fox News-Trump alliance could turn ugly

In "Two Minutes with Mitch" radio personality Mitch Henck gives his two cents about the connections among President Donald Trump, his lawyer Michael Cohen and Fox News host Sean Hannity.

David Keane: Wisconsin’s long political winter

The Democratic gubernatorial primary winner will face a hard-working successful incumbent who takes nothing for granted and is likely to prove a far tougher opponent than they expect.

J. J. McCullough: The speaker shouldn’t be this important

We don’t need a hyper-partisan pseudo-premier holding authority over the priorities of Congress.

Christian Schneider: Qualified candidates for Ryan’s seat are suddenly hard to find

Just a year ago, a potential primary for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s seat in Congress seemed like an embarrassment of riches for Republicans. As speculation spread about how long Ryan could continue in his thankless job as speaker, at least a half-dozen plausible names bubbled up as possible successors if Ryan were to step down.

Dave Zweifel: Trump’s filling the swamp instead of draining it

We're now at about 450 days in office and if you take just a quick look, that swamp seems to have filled with more muck and even larger scary creatures than were there before the Donald and his entourage came to town.
Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan: Tax Day isn’t usually a day to celebrate. This year is different

Fixing our tax code is a major part of what I came to Washington to do: pass reforms that will create an economic climate where more Americans have the chance to realize the American Idea.

Steven Walters: Ryan’s 20-year tenure typical for state

House members from Wisconsin average 16 years in office, nearly double the national average.

John Hart: Ryan’s underappreciated legacy

As Ryan leaves I suspect he will spend a lot of time connecting with his family but also time dreaming of what could be, especially when it comes to fighting poverty and creating upward mobility. He changed a great deal in office and can continue to produce change out of office. I’ve seen his vision, tenacity, kindness, listening skills and decency first-hand.

John Nichols: Good riddance to Paul Ryan and blank checks for war

Congress must step up now to challenge Trump’s decision to launch unauthorized military strikes against Syria.

Jay Ambrose: Outstanding Paul Ryan departs

He is one of the best things to happen to Washington in years, this Wisconsin Republican who has been pragmatic, principled, prudent, caring, honest, knowledgeable, calm, compromising and innovative.

William Murchison: Paul Ryan and Freedom

What’s the Democrats’ response to his call for responsible government?

Thomas Lifson: Why on earth did Paul Ryan pick Kevin McCarthy to lead the...

Stand by for the next civil war among Republicans.

Peter Annin: Foxconn: A new chapter in the Great Lakes water wars

Wisconsin officials are expected to approve the Foxconn diversion in the coming weeks. Great Lakes advocates, already furious that environmental requirements have been waived, feel that Racine’s application may be straying from the compact’s original intent.
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