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Dave Zweifel: More states expand Medicaid, but Wisconsin won’t budge

Wisconsin sticks out like a sore thumb among its neighbors — Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan — all of which have voted to expand Medicaid under the the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act.

Dave Cieslewicz: Remembering Joel Skornicka

Former Madison Mayor Joel Skornicka was a no-nonsense, effective leader who was kind and ruled without ego.

Steven Walters: Big decline in state’s ACA recipients

State sees 15% decline, Milwaukee County 26% drop in those covered by Obamacare.

Jay Heck: State Supreme Court race is crucial

At stake is whether justices will recuse themselves to avoid flagrant conflicts of interest.

Jon Erpenbach: Senate Republicans leave homeless Wisconsinites out in the cold

Those who are facing homelessness should not have to wait through the freezing Wisconsin winter months for Republicans to decide to do their job.

Matt Kittle: Milwaukee liberals don’t want homeless messing up DNC party

A tent city of homeless people isn’t the kind of image self-congratulatory liberal Milwaukee leaders like Mayor Tom Barrett want to showcase to the world when Wisconsin’s biggest city welcomes the Democratic National Convention in July.

Melissa Sargent: State must address sexual assault issue

Will Legislature pass bipartisan bill to assure backlog of rape kits doesn’t recur?

Howard Marklein: My first response to my EMS summits

Legislation drafted to support local, rural volunteer emergency medical providers

Bill Kaplan: Advice for Governor Evers

Evers should make the first move – invite Republican legislators often to the governor’s mansion. It also would be wise for Evers to ask a Republican to serve in his cabinet or as a top adviser.

Will Flanders: MPS referendum could cost state additional $200 million

If a proposed $640 million referendum for Milwaukee Public Schools passes, local taxpayers won’t be the only ones on the hook. A referendum of this size would result in as much as $200 million additional dollars in state money to MPS.

Dave Zweifel: Tony Evers should raise hell over UW president search committee

Previous searches have always included faculty and student representatives.
Rep. Adam Jarchow, R-Balsam Lake.

Adam Jarchow: ‘Sound of freedom’ gives Madison liberal a headache

For most Americans the sound of a U.S.A. fighter jet is “the sound of freedom.” But to Rep. Chris Taylor it’s nauseating and headache-inducing.

Tom Still: Will clock run out on U.S., Canada, Mexico trade deal?

The total value of exports from Wisconsin has been flat for years, in part for purely market reasons but no doubt also because of constant uncertainties over the rules of trade. It is time to restore some certainty to the process, and Wisconsin’s congressional delegation can help.

Dominique Paul Noth: The next president is up to debate

Bloomberg is flat wrong that this is a weak field. Objections to Trump are growing to the point that any of these opponents can make a good case. Particularly with an electorate that understands where the candidates are heading more than getting hung up on how they get there.

John Nichols: Congress has duty to impeach

U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan has a clear-eyed perspective on the question of impeachment. It is not an option, or a strategy. It is a duty.
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