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Bruce Murphy: Did David Clarke inspire Michigan militia?

He was a prominent speaker urging rebellion against Michigan governor.

Jessica Katzenmeyer: A coma, a price tag, and why I’m running for office

No one should be forced to decide between their medical care and their finances. The healthcare system is broken, and I'm going to take the Capitol and fix it with a progressive platform that includes expanding Badgercare.

WisOpinion Poll: Should the GOP-run Legislature overturn Gov. Tony Evers’ mask mandate?

A St. Croix County judge has rejected a request for a temporary restraining order preventing enforcement of Gov. Tony Evers’ statewide mask mandate. Judge Michael...

Mike Brown: Pandemic-based solutions can help lower student loan debt in Wisconsin

Reversing the current student loan debt crisis in Wisconsin will be a long process, not one of instant gratification. But, the state can get moving on that reversal right now if it takes action on student loan debt in response to the pandemic.

CJ Szafir: Evers’ agencies want more taxes, spending, and government

Hold on to your wallet – it’s that time of the year again. Every September of an even year, agencies in Wisconsin state government submit their budget requests for the upcoming gubernatorial proposed budget.

John Nichols: Shouldn’t the people running elections be free from party politics?

Wisconsin’s 72 counties elect hundreds of officials. County executives are elected on a nonpartisan basis. So are county boards. But clerks, treasurers, district attorneys, sheriffs and other countywide officials are elected on partisan ballot lines.

Tyler August: Donald Trump is the jobs president who puts America first

Before China released the coronavirus onto the world, the American economy was soaring to historic heights, seemingly breaking a new record every month.

Ben Piatt: Kamala Harris is a running mate who matters

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s selection of a vice presidential candidate was considered his “first presidential act” and an important gauge of his judgment.

M.D. Kittle: Message to Tony: It’s not the Supreme Court

Like a Scooby-Doo villain, the governor claims his health chief would have cut those rising COVID numbers if it hadn’t been for those meddling conservatives and their 4-3 ruling.

Bill Kaplan: Supreme Court may end ACA during pandemic

If Barrett is speedily confirmed she will be able to hear a lawsuit challenging the ACA’s constitutionality.

James Wigderson: Trump’s one hope to win Wisconsin

The key that opened the door for the 2016 upset was the solid bloc of votes in the WOW counties: Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington. These counties surrounding Milwaukee County in southeastern Wisconsin are the engine that drives the Republican machine in our state. That engine may be sputtering a bit.

Van Mobley: Trump’s path to victory in 2020

Almost all those who voted for Trump last time will do so again, plus they will persuade many of their friends and neighbors who were irritated by the tweets last time to jump on the Trump train in 2020.

Dominique Paul Noth: Election comes down to who Biden carries with him

With seven million already having voted, it is high time to start introducing to the public the Senate hopefuls Biden is counting on, and thus encourage voters back in their home states to fill in more than his name on the ballot.

Reggie Jackson: I can’t find any common ground with racists

I have no love for racists. I don’t care about finding common ground with them. I think it is a fool’s errand to do so. If that racist person finds the moral compass which allows them to do what Frank Meeink did and disavow their racist views and redeem themselves in a real way, then I can find common ground with them. I will not do so prematurely.

Dave Zweifel: What pardons tell us about two governors

Scott Walker was the first governor in the state's history to stubbornly refuse to grant anyone — no matter the circumstances — a chance to get a fresh start on life.