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Ellen M. Gilligan: Now is the time for racial justice

Racism is our nation’s oldest sin and most vile disease, and I am grief-stricken that we are again mourning more black lives lost and more communities capsized, all the while lamenting that nothing has changed since the last atrocity. Well, we must change, and we must start now.

M.D. Kittle: DHS double standard

Video of the bedlam in some of America’s cities, — including Madison and Milwaukee — make it clear that peaceful protesters, rioters, and looters alike in recent days have failed to practice social distancing orders to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Will the Wisconsin Department of Health Services track potential increased cases of COVID-19 with the same zeal they had following the spring elections?

Bruce Murphy: More than 150 Catholic churches reopen

Many in Milwaukee Archdiocese offered Mass Sunday, in violation of city shutdown order.

Matt Rothschild: IRS opens door to foreign, dark money

Ends rule requiring nonprofits spending on campaigns to disclose names of anyone giving $5,000 or more.

Spencer Black: Dane County is setting an example in conservation

Joe Parisi and the County Board are showing, by example, that environmental protection and a booming economy not only do not conflict, but they can go hand in hand.

Lena Taylor: Kneeling: This is America

We all need to remember is that we are one nation, one people. Our futures are inextricably tied to one another. When we devalue the life of one group, we devalue everything that America represents.

Gregory Humphrey: When America has no national voice

Our nation needs a lot of things, but it needs more than anything else a single unifying, credible, grounded, calming, reasoned, and adult voice to lift us up and beyond the times in which we now find ourselves.

Dan Shafer: The lost summer: Milwaukee’s breakthrough moment isn’t happening

This was supposed to be Milwaukee’s signature summer, the culmination of a years-long pursuit of a real, meaningful breakthrough moment for the city. It’s not going to happen now.

David Balska: Tear gas in Madison WI

Madison is under a coronavirus lockdown and a curfew.

Dominique Paul Noth: Death and virus – Maddow forces us to keep several balls...

Until the Floyd explosion in dozens of cities, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was trying to split the nation’s attention in her nightly news show between the global pandemic and the steady but diverse deterioration state by state, nursing home by nursing home, prison by prison, meat packing plant by plant, doctor by doctor. In many ways, this is the real human story of the president’s failure and where our nation must be paying attention to recover.

Bill Kaplan: Over 100,000 dead, 40 million jobless

The COVID-19 pandemic has reached shocking milestones.

M.D. Kittle: Worse than once thought

Pandemic and Gov. Tony Evers’ lockdown policies have battered and bruised Wisconsin’s economy. As the Badger State slowly shakes off the dust of a statewide shutdown, economic indicators show it will be some time before the economy really rebounds.

Dave Zweifel: Trump, not the USPS, is the joke

Trump calls the USPS a "joke," falsely claims it is giving his enemy, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who personally owns the Washington Post, money-losing rates and seemingly doesn't care if millions of Americans will be without mail.

Dale Kooyenga: RightBooks: Evicted

A New York Times bestseller, "Evicted" follows eight individuals and their families right here in Milwaukee as they seek housing and struggle to find stability.

Howard Marklein: Do Dairy Month Differently

However you decide to Do Dairy Month Differently, take some time this month to think about the importance of dairy – and all of agriculture – in our communities.
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