2020 Election Day Page

2020 Election Day Page

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Rebecca Cameron Valcq: Taking a closer look at energy efficiency

With the Focus on Energy Program celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, we must continue to build on the tremendous economic benefits we've achieved.

Gwen Moore and Megan Severson: Federal water infrastructure spending needed

We have a once in a generation opportunity to secure clean water for America. Let’s do it.

M.D. Kittle: Tone Deaf Tony worsens worker shortage

Gov. Tony Evers said over the weekend that he is leaning toward vetoing a Republican bill that would end the $300 weekly unemployment bonus payment subsidized by federal taxpayers. With the generous benefit, many unemployed in the Badger State are earning nearly $17 an hour not to work — as Wisconsin employers face a crippling worker shortage.

Morgridge Institute virologist shares COVID-era lessons for overcoming the next pandemic

Morgridge Institute for Research Virology Director Paul Ahlquist identifies both research advancements and social science as the key to tackling the next...

UK-US trade could benefit state ag industry

Post-Brexit, the U.K. is writing its own trade agreements that could benefit Wisconsin agriculture. The pandemic’s disruption of the...

Panel: Badger Fund shows private-public funds can lift minority-owned startups

Since its launch in 2015, the Badger Fund of Funds has invested over $3 million in 25 Wisconsin companies with the goal...

Latest Video & Audio

Rewind: Your Week in Review for June 11

On this week's episode of "Rewind," WisPolitics.com's JR Ross and the Capital Times' Briana Reilly discuss the state's $4.4 billion budget windfall, the Joint Finance Committee's progress on the state budget, Gov. Tony Evers' reelection announcement and a state Supreme Court ruling that local health officials don't have the power to close schools.

Update on Wisconsin National Guard role throughout the pandemic

Today's Midday podcast covers a variety of roles Wisconsin National Guard soldiers filled throughout the pandemic. From administering more COVID-19 tests than any other...

Marquette University will require student vaccinations while UW schools will not

Today's Midday podcast covers student vaccination requirements for Marquette University and the UW System. Marquette students will be required to get vaccinated by August,...

Gov. Evers announces reelection bid as Republicans mount opposition

Today's Midday podcast covers Gov. Tony Evers' announcement he will run for a second term using many of the same campaign pillars that won...

Rewind: Your Week in Review for June 4

On this week's episode of "Rewind," WisPolitics.com's JR Ross and the Capital Times' Briana Reilly discuss the state budget, the La Crosse County district attorney’s decision not to press charges over potential voter fraud cases, and the latest action in legislative committees.

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