Parties seek to shore up support in Wisconsin swing counties

As the November presidential election approaches, Battleground Wisconsin 2020 is taking an in-depth look into key swing counties around the state.

Through interviews with party leaders, activists and voters, the series aims to illuminate the issues parties are hoping will move the small slice of voters still on the fence, along with the strategies they are using to build enthusiasm and get out the vote for their ticket.

In addition to conversations with those inside counties that flipped from 2012 to 2020, the series examines the voting patterns and the economic and demographic trends impacting the counties. reporter Caroline Kubzansky discusses her reporting on the state of the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin swing counties.

Dems hope to put Crawford County back in the blue column after Trump’s 2016...

Crawford County in Wisconsin's Driftless Area has typically been a blue stalwart of southwestern Wisconsin. According to Olson Feed Service proprietor Tammy Olson, of Seneca, even conservative-leaning local candidates have run as Democrats because there was no hope of the area electing a Republican. But as farm crises and big agriculture have made themselves felt in the area, that trend has begun to shift.

COVID-19, farm crisis among issues in Adams County as November election nears

Adams County, a historic Democratic stronghold with a 15 percent poverty rate (against the state’s overall 10 percent poverty rate), backed President Trump by a margin of 21 percent. Out of the county’s 10,130 votes in 2016, 5,966 went to Trump and only 3,745 went to Hillary Clinton. Until then, Democrats have carried the county with wide margins in every presidential election from 1984 on — coming after Adams had backed Ronald Reagan twice in a row.

After 2016 swing, parties work to shore up support in Winnebago County

In 2008 and 2012, the Fox Valley’s Winnebago County voted for Barack Obama. In 2016, the area known for the EAA, water sports, manufacturing and dairy farms was one of a handful of swing counties that delivered Wisconsin and the presidency to Donald Trump. 

Sawyer County a presidential bellwether since 1964

If history serves as a guide, the candidate who wins Sawyer County in November is likely to win the presidency. The county has voted for...

Parties work to woo elusive undecided, swing voters in Kenosha County

In 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Kenosha County by 228 votes. With the county again up for grabs this November, Democratic Chair Lori Hawkins and Republican Chair Erin Decker agree on one thing: there are undecided voters to convince.