President Trump’s job approval rating was upside down again in the latest Marquette University Law School poll with more Wisconsin voters unhappy with his performance in the White House compared to three months ago.

Meanwhile, Gov. Scott Walker’s job approval rating was back to even, his best showing since October 2014. Forty-eight percent approve of his performance, while 48 percent do not. That’s compared to 45-48 in March, and Walker had been underwater in the Marquette polls during 2015 and 2016.

Forty-one percent of registered voters approved of the job Trump is doing, while 51 percent disapproved.

Those approving of Trumps performance was unchanged from the last poll in March. But those disapproving has climbed 4 points compared to three months ago.

Poll director Charles Franklin said that’s consistent with national polling that has shown a fairly steady job approval number for Trump, but his disapproval numbers climbing.

“We’re seeming to reflect that same dynamic, not winning new friends, but some people withholding judgment with the ‘don’t know’ answer now coming in with disapproval,” Franklin said.

He also noted 85 percent of Republicans approve of the job Trump is doing, while just 3 percent of Dems approved. Franklin said the latter number was “phenomenally low,” adding GOP approval of President Obama’s job performance was typically in the 8 percent to 10 percent range.

Thirty-six percent of independents approved of Trump’s performance, while 52 percent did not.

The poll of 800 registered voters was conducted June 22-25 with calls evenly split between land lines and cell phones. The margin of error for the full sample was plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.

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