Assembly passes bill to stop local governments using private money to pay for elections

The Assembly passed today a bill that would bar local governments from using private money to cover election costs. The bill passed along party lines...

Assembly passes bill expanding school voucher eligibility

-- The Assembly passed in a 60-36 vote a bill that would qualify more students for school vouchers.   The bill, now in the Senate, would...

Assembly passes bill requiring the national anthem be played at certain sporting events

The Assembly has passed a bill requiring the playing or singing of the national anthem at sporting events where at least some taxpayer money...

Assembly passes joint resolution calling for Constitutional Convention

The Assembly today passed nearly along party lines a joint resolution calling for a convention of the states for amendments to the U.S. Constitution...

Dianne Hesselbein: Remove barriers and make higher education more affordable

Education must remain available and affordable for all Wisconsinites seeking to improve themselves, and in turn, improve our state.

Bruce Murphy: The vanishing courage of Mike Gallagher

Wisconsin congressman took a stand against Republican lies and then turned chicken.

M.D. Kittle: DWD failing the unemployed, taxpayers

A new report shows Gov. Tony Evers’ incompetent Department of Workforce Development has failed on two critical fronts: Getting unemployment checks to eligible claimants and protecting the state’s Unemployment Insurance system from fraud and waste.

Four of state’s congressional delegation request earmarks totaling nearly $150M

Four members of Wisconsin's House delegation are requesting nearly $150 million in earmarks for ag research, broadband and health care projects. 

State apprenticeship navigators help connect people to jobs

The Department of Workforce Development has created five new positions called apprenticeship navigators to help Wisconsinites find open opportunities. 

State to set new record for outdoor recreation in 2021

Wisconsin is on pace to break its 2019 record for outdoor recreation-related economic activity this year. Since the start...

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Bills advance through Assembly and Senate floor sessions

Today's Midday podcast covers a sampling of bills making their way through the Legislature. The Senate advanced a series of police reform bills and...

Half of Wisconsin’s House delegates push for nearly $150M in earmark projects

Today's Midday podcast covers four members of Wisconsin's House delegation requesting nearly $150 million in earmarks since both national party caucuses agreed to bring...

Rewind: Your Week in Review for May 7

On this week's episode of "Rewind," WisPolitics.com's JR Ross and the Capital Times' Briana Reilly discuss the Joint Finance Committee removing more than 380 items from Gov. Tony Evers’ budget, the guv’s appointees gaining the majority on several state boards, Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Milwaukee and more.

State begins local targeting of COVID-19 vaccinations

Today's Midday podcast covers vaccinations starting to slow and local county health departments beginning “hand-to-hand combat” to reach herd immunity. For more of the...

Tourism industry faces labor shortage

Today's Midday podcast covers Wisconsin’s tourism hubs, which are expecting a flood of visitors to enjoy the state’s recreation, food and event offerings. But...

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