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Bill Kaplan: Are Wisconsin Republicans fighting for farmers?

Family farms need real assistance to deal with low prices and oversupply.

John Torinus: President Trump is beyond divisive

He respects no one, maybe not even himself, and never seeks win-win outcomes.

Dan O’Donnell: The ABCs of Walker’s education spending

By giving districts that financial flexibility and also pumping more state money into their coffers, while simultaneously holding the line on state taxes through what Walker calls the “prosperity dividend” of his restoration of fiscal sanity in Wisconsin, the state’s education budget is healthier than ever … and it no longer needs to rely on federal handouts.

James Wigderson: Vukmir takes on Baldwin and the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

An objective observer will tell you that Vukmir still fared well in the debate. However, she not only had to prevail over her election opponent, she also had to deal with the bias of the panel’s questions.

Kristi Koschkee: Facing our children’s mental health needs head-on

While emotions run hot in our current political environment, I still think it is important to sound some public support for AG Schimel’s mental health training initiative for educators.

Christa Westerberg: AG Schimel’s office working nationwide for private interests

Historically, the attorney general has exercised limited authority in Wisconsin. But under Schimel, the Department of Justice has expanded its practice of filing amicus curiae or “friend of the court” briefs in courts across the country, even in cases where Wisconsin residents do not have a direct or remote interest.

Dave Cieslewicz: The Wilderness podcast and what’s wrong with the modern Democratic party

For all its flaws, The Wilderness podcast takes what I found was a serious and pretty honest deep dive into the history, mistakes and promise of the Democratic Party and of the political left.

‘UpFront’: Panelists debate Walker’s re-election chances

Former Republican state lawmaker Michelle Litjens says she thinks GOP Gov. Scott Walker is on his way to a third term after changing his...

MON AM Update: New TV ads; GOP reveals more DPI budget plagiarism; ‘UpFront’ recap

Exclusively for WisPolitics Subscribers Advertisement University of Wisconsin-Madison From WisPolitics.com ... -- Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin released a new TV ad today that warns Dem...

AFP-Wisconsin ad warns Evers ‘too big a risk’ to lead Wisconsin

Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin released a new TV ad today that warns Dem Tony Evers is “too big of a risk” to be in charge...

Obama campaign event in Milwaukee 🗓

Milwaukee. Details TBA. MADISON -- The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is thrilled to welcome President Barack Obama to Wisconsin on Friday, October 26 to campaign with...