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Dave Zweifel: It’s not just Trump — Wisconsin’s wealthy benefit from a rigged tax system

Wisconsin's own tax system is also loaded up with a collection of special-interest tax breaks that benefit the wealthy and big corporations in the state.

Ryan J. Owens: Virtual learning exposing leftward lurch in public schools

What many parents—myself included—have discovered is just how much schools are trying to indoctrinate students, at the expense of a critical education.

Charles A. Kupchan: Wisconsin can help reclaim the America we love

The November election represents one of the most important political moments in the nation’s history. Let’s take the country back.

M.D. Kittle: Facebook turns lights out on La Crosse Republicans

On Monday evening, the La Crosse County Republican Party learned that the social network giant had turned the lights out on its Facebook page — just two weeks before the November election.

Reggie Jackson: The danger of denial

Ignoring domestic terrorism and the propaganda that blinds us to its threat.

Jarrett Brown: Trump’s policies are hurting Wisconsin’s working families

Factory workers, farmers, manufacturers, and the communities they support are hurting worse than ever because of Trump’s ineffective leadership.

WisOpinion Poll: How do you plan to vote in the November general election?

Early in-person voting begins this week in Wisconsin. By which method do you plan to cast your ballot?

Bill Kaplan: Trump rally amid COVID-19 tsunami

Trump ignored Wisconsin’s soaring disease toll, saying the nation is “rounding the corner.”

Dan Shafer: Facing an alarming coronavirus outbreak, Wisconsin is stuck

State leaders are either unwilling or unable to act to combat the spread of the deadly virus as it spirals out of control in Wisconsin.

M.D. Kittle: Madison’s learning lockdown to continue

Doubling down on a half-year of educational failure, the Madison Metropolitan School District plans to continue virtual learning through Jan. 22, 2021.

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