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Paul Fanlund: Novak Djokovic joins the crowd wringing the fun from sports

High-profile, entitled professional athletes who think they can flout rules by refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19 wring much of the fun from sports as a distraction from the gravity of the real world.

Scott Walker: Ron Johnson for reelection in Wisconsin

The list of those who want to replace senator reads like a comedy of errors.

Dan O’Donnell: The Supreme Court saves America from the tyranny of the bureaucracy

In blocking enforcement of President Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses of 100 employees or more, the Supreme Court struck an important blow for the separation of powers and against the tyranny of the bureaucracy.

Reggie Jackson: Same old ‘lost cause’ myth

We should stop pretending that the “big lie” is something new in America.

Mark Johnson: Look up! The planet-busting threat called climate change is already here

Scientists have been trying to warn us about this slow-motion apocalypse for 50 years. And yet too often we talk about the crisis as if it is something we will need to address in the next five, 10, or 15 years.

Chris Reader: Evers pushing political gerrymandering

The Supreme Court requested parties to the case to submit maps with minimal changes from current boundaries. Yet, in his attempt to rig the congressional maps, Gov. Evers submitted maps that not only did not follow the court’s order, they didn’t even follow his own public statements opposing political gerrymandering throughout this process.

L. Sandy Maisel: Say their names: Who in the U.S. Senate will have the courage to fight for voting rights?

It is time to say the names of senators who can make a positive difference to save our democracy, to heed the call for bipartisan passage of voting rights legislation voiced by President Biden.

Dave Zweifel: Remembering Jim Maraniss, ‘the smartest person I ever knew’

When David Maraniss emailed me earlier this week with the sad news that his older brother, Jim, had died of a heart attack, it brought back a swirl of memories from newspaper days past.

Ron Malzer: Take away Ron Johnson’s death-promoting megaphone on Election Day

Johnson’s global megaphone and deceitfulness can be shut down, but only with a strong pro-democracy turnout on Nov. 8.

M.D. Kittle: Who’s going to hold John Chisholm accountable?

Now that Gov. Tony Evers has brushed aside a complaint asking him to investigate Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, will the Legislature act to hold the controversial DA accountable for his failure to protect the public from an accused mass murderer?

Mark Lisheron: A run on disinfection robots

CARES Act made possible what no county would have approved with its own money.

David Blaska: Dithering on public safety for 16+ years

My County Board and the one that brother Mike chaired (1992-1996) built the Public Safety Building, a new courthouse, built the Exposition Hall at Alliant Energy Center, merged the city and county public health departments, made electricity from waste at the county landfill, ended a Depression-era welfare program for single men, and adopted program efficiency audits. Where has been the leadership since?

W. Gordon Hamlin Jr.: How to solve city of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County pension problems

Massive costs need bold, innovative solutions and state legislation.

Ruth Conniff: Ron Johnson’s announcement a mixed blessing for the GOP

Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s announcement that he has finally made up his mind to break his promise and run for a third term is a mixed bag for the GOP.

M.D. Kittle: Evers tries to weasel out of holding Chisholm accountable

Gov. Tony Evers has found a way to try to weasel out of dealing with a complaint asking him to fire Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm: He secretly hired a Madison attorney who proclaimed the complaint “insufficient.”

Dan O’Donnell: A new COVID narrative for the new year

It’s an election year and Democrats ran last time on a promise to “shut down the virus.”

Bill Berry: Conservation Hall of Fame honors three, including Kathleen Falk

This year’s inductees include a familiar name, former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, and two other conservation stalwarts, Arlen Christenson, longtime law school faculty member at UW-Madison, and Gordon Bubolz, an Appleton attorney and businessman for whom conservation was a passion.

Bruce Murphy: Liberal talk comes to Waukesha

Mike Crute’s new talk radio station, WAUK 540 AM, will compete with local right-wing talkers.

Leland Pan: Expanded I-94 will damage Pigsville

A thriving, integrated neighborhood will be hurt by expansion plan.

Mike Gallagher: How to defund the Chinese Communist Party

It is time to choose. Are American universities committed to their professed values, or are they willing to profit from the CCP’s ongoing efforts to commit genocide, destroy the environment, and build weapons designed to kill Americans in a future war? The choice should be clear.

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