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Bruce Murphy: College grads deserting Republican Party

While less educated voters ditch the Democratic Party. How is that changing the state?

Julie Kerksick & Kali Grant: Here’s how to boost employment for people facing tough times

One proven and adaptable strategy that policymakers at all levels of government can mobilize now is subsidized employment.

Michael Jahr: Badger Institute ‘Free Exchange’ podcast Hope for Prisoners founder Jon Ponder

Hope for Prisoners founder Jon Ponder explains how proper support, guidance and direction can help those returning from prison stay out of prison and become contributing members of their communities. Additional benefits include safer communities, stronger families, taxpayer savings and more people in the workforce.

Dave Cieslewicz: What if it’s not all about race?

The idea that all of the achievement gap is due to race has never made intuitive sense to me.

Bob Chernow: Expanded IRS audits could yield big returns

The return on investment will be significant; it could help reduce our debt.

Bruce Murphy: State trails most in renewable energy

Just 10 mostly southern states are doing less. Wisconsin also has more expensive electricity.

Tamarine Cornelius: State’s $1 billion tax cut leaves out 49% of taxpayers

Not a dollar for half of all taxpayers, thousands in tax cuts for the most wealthy.

Dan O’Donnell: COVID-19 is nowhere near as deadly as the Spanish Flu

While it is true that both COVID-19 and Spanish Flu killed approximately 675,000 Americans, the population of the United States in 1918 was a third of what it is today.

Spencer Black: GOP politicians are the Typhoid Marys of the 21 century

Republican politicians are allowing, even encouraging, the spread of COVID in an ugly attempt to gain power.

Dave Zweifel: ‘Radical Rebecca’ Kleefisch running as Wisconsin’s Donald Trumpv

Kleefisch has now conceded that Joe Biden won the election, but she's all in on conducting a "forensic audit" of the results.

Ruth Conniff: Gableman video puts a polished gloss on election nonsense

Professional look a ‘stark contrast’ to disastrous fraud investigation.

M.D. Kittle: Riot-wrecked statues restored and back at Capitol

While the scars of the riot remain, the statues that have long served as a symbol of Wisconsin’s strength are back in their rightful places.

Dave Zweifel: GOP presses on with ‘false’ claims about Evers’ Kenosha response

Voters need to pay close attention to not get hoodwinked by political ads featuring made-up stories.

John Nichols: California’s got a message for the Wisconsin GOP

By all accounts, the recall was a disaster for the Republicans in California.

Owen Robinson: Mandela Barnes might be a perfect socialist

We learned last week that the Democrat front-runner for U.S. Senate and current lieutenant governor, Mandela Barnes, did not pay any income taxes and received health care coverage from the taxpayers via BadgerCare in the same year he purchased two condos and ran for public office.

Dave Cieslewicz: Biden is right on the border

President Joe Biden is making the hard, but correct, call on Haitian refugees and others camped near Del Rio, Texas.

Scott Walker: College student destroying American flags on 9/11?

A student activist destroys a 9/11 memorial in the middle of the night -- throwing away 2,977 American flags. Sounds impossible? Sadly, it is not.

Reggie Jackson: Made in the USA: Homegrown terrorism has existed throughout American history

As we look back on and honor the memory of the victims of 9/11 and the heroic stories that came out of that day, let us not forget that day. Likewise, let us not forget the untold number of victims of the terroristic, and in many cases, state sponsored violence that has been a part of America since it began.

Paul Fanlund: Now five festivals in, how can we improve Cap Times Idea Fest?

Yes, we do listen. And we will address critiques.

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