Send submissions to [email protected]. ‘The Insiders’ consider the potential impact of Tuesday’s primaries

With the statewide partisan primary slated for Tuesday, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, consider how these low-turnout elections may affect legislative and congressional representation for years to come.

WisOpinion Poll: Is Biden making the right decision to not accept the Dem presidential nomination in Milwaukee?

Joe Biden will not accept the Dem presidential nomination in Milwaukee, citing concerns over rising COVID-19 cases in the state.

Dan Shafer: Why the DNC should return to Milwaukee in 2024

The Democratic Party should hold its convention in Milwaukee in 2024.

Dominique Paul Noth: Flipping the Senate now brims with possibilities

The field of Democratic opportunity has expanded in both the House and now the Senate beyond the three or four flips most talked about by TV’s talking heads on cable news.

Scott Walker: Hidin’ Biden stays in basement and skips Milwaukee

The real reasons Mr. Biden’s campaign team is largely hiding him from the public are not his advanced age or some sort of early-stage dementia. The real reasons are Mr. Biden’s years of gaffes, his tendency to say anything to get elected and his embrace of radical positions to win over Sanders supporters.

Lena C. Taylor: Stand up for what you truly believe

In final words, John Lewis issues moral challenge.

Tom Still: COVID-19 crisis throws into focus the problems of rural broadband

COVID-19 has exposed challenges of unconnected communities when it comes to schools, health care and economic development.

Joanna Bisgrove: Face masks save lives. Period.

The science is clear that face masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing can stop the spread of novel coronavirus. However, some leaders in our state are still intent on letting politics get in the way of public health, putting the lives of Wisconsinites at risk.

Shawn Matson: In this house, we share the table

This is an opportunity for us to affirm that when we talk about diversity we have to include diversity of experience and perspective.

Mary Kolar: Help protect Wisconsin’s veterans from COVID-19

This week, two veterans who live at the Wisconsin Veterans Home at Union Grove – individuals who served our country honorably in the name of liberty and freedom - began showing coronavirus symptoms. We now have confirmed they have COVID-19.

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