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Dan O’Donnell: Want police reform? Start by reforming those who oversee police

O’Donnell investigates the case of Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission Chairman Steven DeVougas and how it pertains to calls for police reform across the country.

Bruce Murphy: Chief Morales looks bad in FPC report

And FPC Chair DeVougas looks even worse. 12 takeaways on what report did and didn't find.

Bruce Thompson: The war against masks

It’s the most cost effective way to slow the pandemic. So why such opposition?

Masood Akhtar: My advice to the peaceful protesters

My advice to the peaceful protesters: Please be very strategic in your approach.

Book excerpt & interview: Larry Tye, “Demagogue: The Life and Long Shadow of Senator Joe McCarthy”

The following is an excerpt from "Demagogue: The Life and Long Shadow of Senator Joe McCarthy" by Larry Tye. For more information and to...

Patrick Hughes: Informed communities are safer communities

Wisconsin needs criminal justice data collection and reporting legislation.

Dave Zweifel: From health care to finances, Republicans continue to fuel inequality

Instead of doing what we can to create a more equitable society, clueless politicians do all they can to make sure the less unfortunate among us stay that way.

Lena Taylor: The Milwaukee Election Commission is too important to fail

The April 7 election is a constant reminder of what happens when the system breaks down or fails. We should never let that happen again.

M.D. Kittle: Pressure stops Evers’ political games — for now

The Evers administration has — for now — dropped its plan to publicly list the names of Wisconsin businesses with reported COVID-19 cases.

Reggie Jackson: The excuse of politics is not why people avoid talking about systemic racism

White people who are afraid of the truths exposed about racism in recent weeks and months as a result of the resurgence of expressions of Black Lives Matter have cleverly hidden from the conversations by claiming they are too “political.”

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