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M.D. Kittle: Evers, Dems turn their back on small business again

Assembly Democrats could have taken a step toward fixing perhaps the biggest challenge facing Wisconsin’s economy. Instead, they stood by “Gov. Veto” and the left’s pursuit of expanded government dependency.

Dave Zweifel: Efforts of open records crusader Bob Wills live on

Advocates for openness in government lost a champion last week with the passing of legendary Milwaukee journalist Bob Wills.

Bruce Murphy: Foxconn wants a new subsidy?

The use of the word “contract” is a dead giveaway that Foxconn and Fisker are seeking some kind of contractually guaranteed subsidy or help from the state.

John Roach: Stars and stripes

This Fourth of July was different. I had been mulling over the notion of adding another banner to accompany the Stars and Stripes to add context to Old Glory.

John Nichols: What Mandela Barnes knows about Wisconsin

The work Barnes and Evers did to build up Democratic support in non-urban areas was essential to their narrow win in 2018.

Doug Moe: Saying ‘so long’ to the Avenue Bar

Whatever the how and why, the end of the Avenue Bar is a big deal. I once wrote that it came as close to being a public utility as any Madison restaurant ever has.

Dan Shafer: ‘It means more’: Giannis and the Bucks deliver defining moment for resilient Milwaukee

The Bucks’ championship has come to be a defining moment for Milwaukee. Teams win championships every year, but rarely does one happen quite like this.

LaKeshia N. Myers: Milwaukee: My hometown, en vogue

What a time to live in Milwaukee and what a time to be alive!

Bill Kaplan: Scott Walker is right, get vaccinated now

It is long past time to stop the partisan and unscientific wrangling over vaccinations and former Wisconsin Govs. Jim Doyle (a Democrat) and Scott Walker (a Republican) have stepped up. ‘The Insiders’ look to the legislative redistricting battle ahead

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, offer their views on how legislative redistricting will play out if Gov. Tony Evers and the GOP-controlled Legislature can't agree on boundaries.

Paul Fanlund: Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks delivered a win-win-win

Milwaukee’s triumph in the NBA finals soothed Wisconsin sports disappointments and shined a positive national spotlight on the city and the state.

Tommy Thompson: UW System bolsters state workforce

Investments in UW System will support Wisconsin's workforce needs.

Carolyn Stanford Taylor: Wisconsin students deserve the best

As I reflect on my 41 years in education, I am reminded of how crucial it is for all young people to have the supports and resources they need to be successful in school and life.

John Torinus: Whither go the 13 UW Colleges across the state?

A recent commentary in the Daily News reported that I implied in a recent column “that, perhaps the two-year colleges were no longer a necessary part of the University System.” I must have been unclear in what I wrote because just the opposite is true about how I look at the future of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee at Washington County.

Ruth Conniff: Who’s got Evers fever?

The governor is campaigning on a tax cut neither he nor most Wisconsinites wanted — that’s nothing to get hot and bothered about

Dan O’Donnell: Wisconsin’s jobless summer

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate has steadily increased, and a record number of job openings have been posted. This is obviously enough data for Evers to have pulled the plug on enhanced benefits, but he feigned ignorance and kept the gravy train rolling—all but ensuring a jobless summer.

Bruce Murphy: Barnes gets national endorsements for U.S. Senate

Endorsements by three progressive groups could help him win the party activists.

Dave Cieslewicz: Barnes’ gets third degree over his degree

If Barnes felt the pressure to say he got a degree when he hadn’t, what does that say about our society? Because, of course, it made zero difference.

Kevin Krentz: Tax change could be detrimental to Wisconsin farms

The repeal of the stepped-up basis by imposing capital gains taxes at death would force many family-owned farms and ranches to liquidate assets to cover the tax burden and would be the final blow to many family farms.

Ron Martin: Support honesty in teaching

Honest education can’t leave out race and racism.

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