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The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, review the Wisconsin partisan primary for governor, Congress and the Legislature. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Gregg Hoffmann: Congress finally acts

Congress finally acted on what started as Build Back Better and ended up passing as the Inflation Reduction Act 2022. The latter doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue, or solve every environmental problem, but the pared down bill appealed to some lawmakers who didn’t support the original proposal.

Dave Zweifel: We’re now building our lives around the threat of guns

If it isn't the danger posed by thugs and gang members shooting at each other or attempting to relieve citizens of their wallets and cell phones, there's the increasing worry about America's latest scourge: the mass shooter who thinks it's fun spraying bullets from a semi-automatic assault rifle at innocent people going about their daily routines or sitting at their desks in a schoolhouse.

Norm Aulabaugh: Democracy is being stripped away

The history of the radical right’s relentless campaign to seize power in the United States is well documented in Nancy MacLean’s 2017 book, “Democracy in Chains.”

Scott Walker: Targeting conservatives

What took place at the Mar-a-Lago home of former President Donald Trump this week is outrageous. Oddly enough, it feels like -- as Yogi Berra would say -- deja vu all over again.

Richard Moore: America’s Ordnungspolizei

The FBI—the Democratic Party’s paramilitary wing—must be abolished.

Charlie Sykes: ‘The Bulwark Podcast’ with James Wigderson: From Paul Ryan to paranoia

Ron Johnson keeps doubling down on all his crackpot ideas, but he couldn’t have been handed a more ideal challenger — progressive Mandela Barnes. And the Wisconsin GOP goes MAGA in the governors’ race.

Gregory Schmidt: Save the fetus, destroy lives

A life is a life. Forced continuation of unwanted pregnancy will damage or destroy at least two.

Dave Cieslewicz: Good vibes for Evers

Now that the smoke is clearing from the divisive Republican gubernatorial primary, the path to reelection for Democratic Gov. Tony Evers is becoming somewhat clearer

Tom Still: With primaries over, here’s early look at Evers, Michels on business and economy

Both candidates frame other sections of their platforms as touching on economic growth or, at least, making the state more open to progress. The next three months will tell whether their respective campaign portraits get more depth, perspective and color in a way that will move Wisconsin forward.

Jerry Hanson: Save Wisconsin’s elections and democracy when you vote

A vote for Loudenbeck for secretary of state will allow a single political party, rather than the people, to control who votes, who counts the votes and who wins.

Matthew Rothschild: The messages of August 9

Primary night in Wisconsin revealed some crucial messages – and some mixed signals.

M.D. Kittle: It’s inflation, stupid

The solution from Biden and congressional Democrats is spending more money, printing more money, and raising more money through sweeping taxes under the ill-named Inflation Reduction Act.

Scott Frostman: Evers has failed on tax cuts and public safety

Regardless of his opponent, there’s plenty of fodder to criticize the past three-plus years, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Paul Fanlund: Brace for the smear campaign aimed at Mandela Barnes

Our state’s race for the U.S. Senate this fall will be as closely watched — and probably as negative — as any in the nation.

Dan Shafer: Meet Mandela Barnes, the 35-year-old candidate working to oust Ron Johnson

Wisconsin’s lieutenant governor embodies both the flaws and the promise of his generation.

M.D. Kittle: Racine’s ‘partisan’ voting van

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty alleges in a complaint the city’s use of mobile voting sites throughout the community violates state law governing alternate absentee ballot sites.

Dan O’Donnell: The intelligence community’s war on Trump

Even now, nearly two years after Trump left the White House, the intelligence community is still openly operating against him, trying desperately to ensure that he can never regain the presidency.

Dave Cieslewicz: Robin Vos hangs on

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos just barely escaped with his political life, defeating his Donald Trump-backed challenger by about 260 votes.

Mike McCabe: Rock. Voter. Hard place.

The number of people who are feeling let down by or fed up with the two major parties has never been higher.

David Mahoney: On Jan. 6 I was bewildered. Now, I’m outraged.

Ensuring accountability and that no president ever abuses the office in this manner again is essential.

Bill Barth: Difficult topic, but necessary debate

Fixing Social Security and Medicare won’t get any easier with time.

Lindsay Lemmer and Sarah Smith: When abortions are illegal, people die

Everyone in a position of power must do everything they can to support abortion access and one’s ability to make their own health care choices.

Ruth Conniff: How Trumpy are we, Wisconsin?

Trump-backed candidates shake up the GOP establishment. Now what?

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