Send submissions to [email protected]. ‘The Insiders’ discuss how Hagedorn bucked party politics in keeping Greens off presidential ballot

Though the Green Party and Kanye West wanted onto Wisconsin's presidential ballot, the WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, consider how conservative Supreme Court newcomer Brian Hagedorn bucked party politics in a high court decision that could help Joe Biden.

Paul Fanlund: Here’s hoping that the ‘darkest before the dawn’ thing is real

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing felt like a death in the family. Only a wave election for Democrats including Donald Trump’s defeat by Joe Biden can bring back the light.

Dave Zweifel: Republicans won’t let public health get in the way of a political score

Why admit that mask wearing can help in this fight when you can make a political issue out of it?

M.D. Kittle: Is Biden sponsoring Madison city voter event?

City of Madison poll workers will be registering voters and accepting absentee ballots this Saturday at more than 200 city parks, according to an ad running on local radio stations. Paid for by Biden for President.

Reggie Jackson: If talking about racism is political, then so be it

Now all of a sudden, to talk about racism is “too political” and people are being intimidated into not even having a conversation about it. Don’t fall for this trick. All of the pushback is coming from the same direction. They are the people who wish to end the discussions and outlaw racial equity training.

Jerry Hanson: We have lost our way

My parents were part of the "greatest generation." They brought about world peace, made America the envy of the world, and made our economic and social systems both fair and prosperous.

Howard Marklein: Hunting: An important social distancing activity

Be safe and take advantage of this important socially-distanced activity. It is good for your health - physically and mentally.

Bruce Thompson: Supreme Court shows its colors

What the Green Party ruling tells about the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Dave Cieslewicz: Thompson and Blank need to go

UW’s response to COVID-19 has failed.

Van Mobley: The people can’t stop the spread of the virus, but they can get rid of Governor Evers

Evers’ failure to speak the truth, and continuing eagerness to promote a lie, has and is resulting in unnecessary worry and dashed expectations among Wisconsinites.

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