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Jon Erpenbach: Wisconsin should invest in education, not foreign corporations

A pandemic that has seen the wealthy grow wealthier while the challenges for working parents have grown – much – more difficult has made our choices and priorities even more starkly clear.

John Torinus: Foxconn: more politics than business

How did we get so far off the tracks in the Foxconn train wreck in Racine County? At the bottom of the debacle were two major pieces of flawed strategic thinking running all the way from the Oval Office to the then-governor’s mansion, to leaders of the GOP-led legislature.

M.D. Kittle: Free food at Milwaukee voting sites breaks election law

Republicans are raising concerns about groups serving food to voters near absentee voting sites in Milwaukee, an act that is illegal under state election law.

Reggie Jackson: Stupid is as stupid does: The uncommon nature of common sense

I am absolutely amazed that people still try to convince me that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed at least 1.1 million people worldwide and more than 220,000 in the United States, is a hoax or a conspiracy.

John Nichols: Robin Vos is threatened by something he’s unfamiliar with: democracy

Joel Jacobsen is what legislative careerists like Vos fear the most: an appealing opponent who offers voters a credible alternative to the crass political gamesmanship of a dangerously out-of-touch incumbent.

Dave Zweifel: Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric is more than just words

Previous leaders have recognized the power in words that can soothe anxieties or rally a nation during times of grief and disaster. Not this president.

Howard Marklein: My summer jobs

This summer, I was honored to be hired by eight different employers in the 17th Senate District as part of my Hire Howard experiences.

William L. Holahan: Will belief in free markets misdirect Barrett in health and climate cases?

Does Judge Barrett have an understanding of the free market model as an analytic tool for determining the consequences of her decisions or will she simply embrace de-regulated “free” markets as a presumptive prescription?

Chris Walker: Trump’s Waukesha rally will probably become a “superspreader” event

The president is, at a minimum, mainly to blame for encouraging dangerous beliefs about coronavirus, including in Wisconsin. Beyond that, he may also be to blame for the recent uptick in the spread of the virus here due to hosting campaign events in the state.

Barry Burden and Reid Ribble: Be patient as the votes are carefully counted

The pandemic and the slower counting of ballots in 2020 may try everyone’s patience, but patience is exactly what a mature democracy like ours depends on.

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