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Jessie Opoien: It’s hard to be grateful for anything in 2020, but I’m giving it a shot for Thanksgiving

Vaccine researchers, health care workers, grocery store employees, teachers and Dolly Parton, too — among many others — deserve our thanks.

Emilie Amundson: Stay safe this holiday season by staying home

Avoid holiday gatherings and instead, use distance technology to connect with friends and relatives. If you must leave the house, wear a mask and practice social distancing, and of course, wash your hands.

Howard Marklein: Thankful, grateful & blessed

As Americans, we know that we can adapt and overcome the challenges of this unusual year. We can find ways to maintain our traditions in new, innovative ways or go back to basics of simpler times. Let us all focus on the most important things and people in our lives. We can do this.

Dave Zweifel: Give thanks for the opportunity our country now has

We can be thankful that now the nation can get back to working on the challenges that face us.

Bruce Murphy: Ron Johnson more Trumpian than Trump?

Wisconsin’s senior senator has become one of America’s leading crackpots.

Dan O’Donnell: Milwaukee’s deeply concerning recount

Milwaukee is running the exact sort of recount that it wants to: Secretive, dishonest, and ultimately designed to benefit only one candidate. In other words, it’s running the recount exactly like it ran the election.

M.D. Kittle: BLM paints Burlington racist

The Burlington Area School District has experienced incidents of racism, but the small industrial city in southeast Wisconsin isn’t a racist community.

Jeremiah Wayman, Dona Yahola and Jessica Martinez: Why we take care of our elders

They are ‘wisdom keepers,’ who pass down our Native American culture.

Nick Maniaci: President-elect Biden’s EV plans should keep in mind low-income families

Some states, in order to encourage EV charging station development, have allowed utility companies to construct and operate charging stations using fees they collect from their current electric customers.

Matt Rothschild: Dear Wisconsin Supreme Court

Please follow normal procedures and allow all petitioners to be heard on critical issue of gerrymandering.

Mark Lisheron: The Hop: Federal monies create a ‘financial anvil’ for Milwaukee

As streetcar ridership and funding dwindle, alderman warns of long-term fiscal burden.

Dipesh Navsaria: Committing societal malpractice on COVID-19

We all deserve better than this malpractice of governance. Whatever your grievance — economic, health or both — we need leadership that listens to science and takes action, at local, state and federal levels.

Bill Kaplan: Wisconsin on its own until January 20

It is better late than never for Wisconsin GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and the Stop the COVID Spread coalition to support wearing masks. However, there is more for them to do.

Dave Zweifel: 2020 was bad, but 1963 wasn’t so hot either

I was 23 and on active duty with the Army at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, a little less than three hours from the School Book Depository Building where Lee Harvey Oswald ended the life of a man who had come to represent the hopes and dreams of so many Americans.

Steven Walters: COVID-19 responses by elected officials vary widely

The differing year-end responses of elected officials across Wisconsin to the COVID-19 pandemic that is sickening, hospitalizing and killing record numbers of us is stunning.

James Wigderson: Fond du lac GOP chairman accuses state party of disenfranchising voters

Rohn Bishop, the chairman of the Fond du Lac County Republican Party and a supporter of President Donald Trump, accused the state Republican Party on Saturday of disenfranchising voters.

M.D. Kittle: What are Milwaukee County elections officials hiding?

Milwaukee County elections officials are doing everything in their power to obstruct Trump campaign representatives from observing the recount, multiple sources at the scene tell Empower Wisconsin.

James Rowen: State Supreme Court gets ‘F’ for ethics

Its recusal rule was written by groups the court is supposed to oversee.

Jeff Smith and Katrina Shankland: A safe and healthy hunt

Together, we can keep Wisconsin’s hunting tradition going strong for future generations. Follow public health guidance to stop the spread of COVID-19. Test your deer for CWD and properly dispose of your deer carcass. ‘The Insiders’ break down the urban-rural split in the November election

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, break down the urban-rural split in the 2020 election and its impact on Wisconsin's future political landscape.

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