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John Torinus: Amidst double-barreled crisis, give Tommy an extension

We are right in the middle of two “wars” – one the biggest public health battle in the history of the state, the other a deep fiscal crisis for the state and therefore for the university, too. Tommy is fully engaged in both monumental crises. It’s just not a good time to bring in a newcomer.

Bill Kaplan: Democratic-led House passes COVID-19 relief

On Saturday morning the Democratic-led House passed the American Rescue Plan (ARP) 219-212 along party lines.

Rick Esenberg and Daniel Lennington: Evers’ COVID-19 executive orders have highlighted flaws in Wisconsin law

The time is now to reform Wisconsin’s antiquated emergency-powers laws and provide meaningful protections for our basic freedoms.

John Nichols: Pocan calls out the GOP’s Q-Anon vibe

Pocan called out the cruelty and extremism that was on display during the debate over the Equality Act.

Howard Marklein: Looking into our elections

Every American should have confidence that their vote matters and is counted. Right now, there are many Americans, and many Wisconsinites, who do not believe this.

Dave Zweifel: Lindsey Graham’s long history of flexible principles

Like our own Ron Johnson, Graham has become unhinged and nothing short of farcical in his allegiance to Trump and his cult.

Dave Murphy: AG Kaul wrong on student debt forgiveness

Excessive loan forgiveness will undoubtedly drive up the cost of college even more and force more people to borrow against their future with federal loans.

David and Noah Relles: The importance — to citizens and democracy — of granting worthy pardons

One Biden he can start to restore the foundations of democracy is to grant pardons to deserving people.

Bruce Murphy: The Foxconn real estate show

There are now four buildings on Mount Pleasant campus. But what exactly are they for? ‘The Insiders’ handicap the state superintendent’s race

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, handicap the race for state superintendent of public instruction and discuss the role political parties are likely to play in the nonpartisan spring election.

Paul Fanlund: Here’s Alex Gee’s problem with white Madison’s leadership

The prominent Black leader and reverend says many in the city’s white-controlled power structure see themselves as enlightened, but some still fail to fully grasp what Blacks here face or to trust Black-led solutions.

Pat Testin: National anthem inspires, unifies

American symbols like the flag and our national anthem have the power to unite. They remind us that despite our differences, we share a common bond. That is why I joined with Representatives Tony Kurtz and Scott Krug to author the Star Spangled Banner Act.

John Nichols: Shirley Chisholm’s revolutionary vision for a new politics is winning

Against a crowd of white male contenders — some of whom shared her progressive politics, most of whom did not — Chisholm ran for president as the “Unbought and Unbossed” candidate.

Dan O’Donnell: The hidden danger of marijuana legalization

If Governor Evers is really as serious about combatting Wisconsin’s drunk driving problem as he claims to be, he will back off his plan to compound the problem by adding another intoxicant to an already dangerous mix.

Laura Paine & Randy Jackson: Positioning agriculture for resilience in a post-pandemic Wisconsin

We applaud the Evers Administration for including critical programs and resources that recognize we don’t have to choose between profitable farms and clean water, thriving rural communities and healthy soils, or productive agriculture and biodiversity.

Gregory Humphrey: Future of GOP also important to national policy-making

The factions and fissures in the Republican Party have erupted into deeply personal attacks. While they are amusing to watch from this side of the aisle, we also need to be cognizant that a strong two-party system does make our nation stronger.

Mike McCabe: Wackos vs. wimps

One thing has become crystal clear: America has one political party that’s downright scary. And growing scarier by the day, posing a major threat to the country’s health and welfare. Problem is, the U.S. has another party that’s scared. That makes a big mess far harder to clean up.

Dave Cieslewicz: Anybody but the rich kid

First Alex Lasry discovered that Milwaukee had restaurants. With that out of the way, now he wants to be your United States Senator.

Paul Carlsen: LTC’s Workforce Solutions bridges gap between college resources, industry needs

Within the college, a division called Workforce Solutions (WFS) exists to provide a bridge between the resources of the college and the needs of business and industry.

Nicole Safar: Gov. Evers’ proposal is a budget of ‘yes’

The Badger Bounce Back budget invests in us, and it can become a reality if we show our support.

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