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Paul Fanlund: Tony Evers takes on his Wisconsin coronavirus policy critics

Gov. Tony Evers says Wisconsin was effectively balancing public safety and the economy in its COVID-19 response when a reckless state Supreme Court intruded and the Republican Legislature ended negotiations.

James Wigderson: Take the win on absentee ballot application mailing

It's time for Republicans to take the win on absentee voting, a win for all Wisconsin voters.

Bill Kaplan: U.S. Senator Johnson undermines checks and balances

The COVID-19 crisis offers an opportunity for Trump and his acolyte WI GOP Senator Ron Johnson to undermine checks and balances. Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, apparently does not grasp that the Senate and White House are separate institutions.

Sarah Godlewski: Trump administration picks Wall Street over Main Street

Wisconsin can’t do it alone. We need the president to stand up for our small businesses and ensure that the programs created to help them do just that.

Corydon Fish: Protect health care, business, from preying trial lawyers

The Wisconsin Legislature should follow the lead of the Trump administration and United States Senate and act quickly to protect job creators from a flood of frivolous coronavirus lawsuits that is sure to come as Wisconsin reopens for business.

Louis Jacobson and Amy Sherman: How battleground states are preparing for the pandemic election’s massive increase in voting by mail

With the 2020 presidential election less than six months away, state and local officials are scrambling to prepare for a potentially massive increase in voting by mail.

John Nichols: A revolutionary celebration of Memorial Day

Not every town can claim to be the final resting place of a Revolutionary War veteran. But Union Grove, where I came of age, had one. His name was Phineas Cadwell.

Dave Cieslewicz: Can’t mask your politics

It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that reaction to the pandemic has now firmly split along ideological and geographic lines.

Bruce Murphy: Journal Sentinel ads will drive stories?

As ad sales plummet, Gannett wants stories to support advertising initiative. ‘The Insiders’ discuss Trump and Evers’ poll numbers amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala & Jensen, debate how President Trump's poll numbers keep constant despite the coronavirus and Gov. Tony Evers' superior numbers when it comes to pandemic leadership.

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