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Badgers United board members: Democrats and Republicans coming together for UW-Madison

With the opportunity to address the challenges facing our flagship university, we are baffled to see state lawmakers delay the enumeration of the vital College of Engineering building.

‘Big 5’ school district leaders: JFC disregards pre- and post-pandemic needs of Wisconsin school children

We should not be willing to accept the Joint Finance Committee’s decision to harm our K-12 school system at a time when the state has the resources to support the increases in funding Go. Tomy Evers proposed.

Lena Taylor: Doubling down on the big lie

Working to roll back voting protections, roll back voter engagement and roll the country back to circa 1950, all while wrapping themselves in the flag and faith, Wisconsin Republicans have decided to try and maintain power at all costs.

James Wigderson: Waukesha GOP to promote Lindell stolen election conspiracy sequel

In a world where the Republican Party has gone mad, the most important county party in the state is leading the way.

Dave Cieslewicz: Equality under the law

I don’t like much of what the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty does, but they’re dead right to challenge discrimination.

Dan O’Donnell: Downtown Milwaukee at a crossroads

Rather than crack down on large gatherings and rowdy behavior by flooding the city with police officers during the late-night hours, Milwaukee seems content to let the party keep moving. Now, though, it’s reached downtown—the crown jewel of Barrett’s failed empire—and one wonders whether he will finally be motivated to crack down on the lawlessness that has engulfed the rest of his city.

Bruce Murphy: Lasry revises his minimum wage story

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate's campaign issues correction. But it's far from complete.

Paula Rogge: Point Beach nuclear reactors are unsafe and unneeded

The Point Beach nuclear reactors have one of the worst safety records in the country.

Demetrica Shipp: American Jobs Plan: Making a difference for caregivers

President Biden’s proposal includes $400 billion dedicated to creating jobs in caregiving and raising the wages of workers in the field.

John Torinus: Biden must confront Putin on ransomware

The ransomware industry is growing voraciously because these are “perfect crimes.” The hacker criminals almost never end up behind bars. They have the de facto protection of Russian president Vladimir Putin who looks the other way.

Rebecca Cameron Valcq: Taking a closer look at energy efficiency

With the Focus on Energy Program celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, we must continue to build on the tremendous economic benefits we've achieved.

Gwen Moore and Megan Severson: Federal water infrastructure spending needed

We have a once in a generation opportunity to secure clean water for America. Let’s do it.

M.D. Kittle: Tone Deaf Tony worsens worker shortage

Gov. Tony Evers said over the weekend that he is leaning toward vetoing a Republican bill that would end the $300 weekly unemployment bonus payment subsidized by federal taxpayers. With the generous benefit, many unemployed in the Badger State are earning nearly $17 an hour not to work — as Wisconsin employers face a crippling worker shortage.

Joe Handrick: Legislature passes bill to restore unemployment insurance to its intended purpose

The governor has upset the very delicate balance between security and incentive that has made UI one of the most successful programs in the history of Wisconsin.

Reggie Jackson: The freedom struggle will not be deterred by lies

Lies from those who want to maintain systemic racism can’t make us suddenly forget the past.

Spencer Black: Keep sounding alarm over GOP’s vote-rigging playbook

In a coordinated effort across the country, Republicans are passing laws and purging honest election officials in order to rig the next election.

Larry Gallup: Bar lawmakers from destroying records

It makes no sense that retention requirements apply to your local parks and recreation department but not to the positions in our state government that are most susceptible to corruption.

Scott Walker: Reaffirming a devotion to freedom this Flag Day

With the flag, the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem under siege, steadfast pride in country is paramount.

John Nichols: Ron Johnson should be labeled a public health hazard

This isn’t just a case of a senator spouting nonsense. This is a matter of health and safety.

Emily Thome: Growing up in the Wisconsin town where Flag Day began

Waubeka, Wis., is home to around 680 people, but that number skyrockets to 10,000 on June 14th when visitors flock to the tiny town to celebrate Flag Day at the holiday’s place of birth.

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