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Tom Loftus: Walter Mondale: A stalwart of good

The column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by Walter Mondale passed away peacefully and...

Spencer Black: A new hope on the 51st Earth Day

That first Earth Day showed that citizens, united and energized in appreciation of our environment, can truly make a difference.

Eric Marsch: Local governments make progress on marijuana law reform

While we continue to push for full legalization at the state level, and call on the Republicans who control the legislature to finally represent the will of their constituents on this issue, WI-CAN will be doing everything we can to reduce or remove penalties for marijuana possession at the local level across the state.

André Jacque and Rep. Paul Tittl: Don’t let insurers undermine copay help for Wisconsin patients

Wisconsin can take a step forward in our efforts to protect individuals from rising health care costs by ensuring that health plans count copay assistance toward a patient’s maximum out-of-pocket cost or annual deductible.

Amy Herbst and Ann Leinfelder Grove: Children’s mental health care is crucial

6% of children have serious problems. Numbers may have risen during pandemic.

James Wigderson: Johnson reveals Sykes fixation

One former Milwaukee radio personality apparently has a special place in Johnson's world.

Bruce Murphy: Hot Democratic contest for U.S. Senate

Several impressive candidates looking to defeat Ron Johnson. Who's the front runner?

John Nichols: Sarah Godlewski says Ron Johnson represents ‘McCarthyism 2.0’

When I asked Sarah Godlewski how she sees her bid for the U.S. Senate in the context of Wisconsin political history, her response was immediate. And blunt.

Dave Cieslewicz: Stay in Afghanistan

The Taliban are a bunch or psychopaths. And now we’re going to give them a country back.

Christian Schneider: I was John McAdams’ student. Here’s how I remember him.

While he will be remembered as a national model for standing up against woke campus bureaucrats, he will be more personally remembered by an army of conservative students that finally got to hear a voice in a classroom that wasn’t hostile to their ideas.

John Torinus: Chief Justice Annette Ziegler worked her way up.

Annette Ziegler has paid her dues with 24 years of service on the bench at the local level and on the Supreme Court.

Bill Kaplan: UW-Madison’s Van Hise Hall crumbles

The UW System has been trying to get the attention of the GOP-led legislature and State Building Commission for years.

Lena Taylor: Same facts, different outcomes

If we further tamper with the makeup of the court, we could set in motion a form of political volleyball, in which no team is the permanent winner. In fact, it is our justice system that will lose.

M.D. Kittle: Meckler: Momentum growing for Convention of States

The Convention of States movement to rein in the ever-expanding federal government has been energized in the first three months of a Biden administration governing by executive fiat, according to a leader of the national campaign.

James Wigderson: Allen West coming to GOP state convention

The effects of Donald Trump’s presidency on the Republican Party of Wisconsin are continuing, and no speaker at a state GOP event appears to be beyond the pale.

Pardeep Kaleka: The need to build a systematic strategy that prevents mass shootings

In the wake of what seems to be a never-ending cycle of mass murder violence; six mass shootings in a matter of five weeks, our pandemic of violence is taking a toll on our collective sense of safety in this country.

Alyssa Valentyne: Do more this Earth Day for climate

This Earth Day, we must do more than plant trees or pick up litter. We must call on leaders to take climate action.

Juli Bliefnick: Invest in trauma-informed justice in Wisconsin

Multiple studies have proven that there is a link between criminal behavior and adverse childhood experiences.

John Nichols: Holocaust education is essential

We can’t assume that people know enough about the Holocaust, or about the duty we all have to stand up to those who would deny or dismiss this historical reality. ‘The Insiders’ discuss Underly’s election as state schools superintendent

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, discuss how Jill Underly will lead Wisconsin's schools and look back at partisan involvement in the non-partisan state superintendent's election.

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