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Reggie Jackson: Buffalo shooter not a lone wolf

How mainstream racial discourse nurtures White domestic terrorists.

Dave Zweifel: 40 million guns sold in last two years. Don’t you feel safer?

The lax rules we have now — supposedly aimed at making us all safer — aren't working at all.

Bruce Murphy: Is Ron Johnson a white supremacist?

He pushed the great replacement theory that influenced the racist mass shooter in Buffalo. Johnson spokeswoman says senator condemns the shooting and that he doesn't support replacement theory.

Ruth Conniff: Seizing on tragedy, Republicans seem determined to make things worse

Wisconsin Republicans are preparing for their political convention this weekend by putting out statements seeking to one-up each other in a game of Who’s the Toughest in response to the shootings last Friday night outside the Bucks stadium in Milwaukee.

David Blaska: Will Hunter Biden teach drug policy at UW-Madison?

He knows the subject and the new chancellor!

M.D. Kittle: New liberal UW Chancellor to make $750,000 a year

Jennifer Mnookin is a California liberal with a concerning record of passionate support for leftist ideology like critical race theory. And she’s about to rake in three-quarters of a million dollars a year in a taxpayer-subsidized salary.

Dan O’Donnell: Extreme violence and a conspiracy of silence

Two former employees of Menomonee Falls’ Benjamin Franklin Elementary are coming forward with shocking stories of physical and even sexual assault committed by shockingly young children.

Julie Lassa: On the road to success in rural America

The investments we’re making now will ensure everyone in rural Wisconsin has the opportunity to succeed, and that they can find that opportunity right at home—today and for generations to come.

Owen Robinson: Abort Democrat policies, not babies

If Democrats are hoping that a reinvigorated debate about abortion will save them from an electoral correction for their disastrous policies, they are mistaken.

Bill Wineke: Suddenly, the GOP sees abortion as no big deal

For the past half-century, right-wing politicians have pointed to legalized abortion as the source of most evil and have promised to abolish it once they achieved power. Now, a draft opinion by Justice Alito promises to do just that and more and our GOP friends are assuring us it is no big deal.

Bruce Murphy: Gwen Moore discusses her abortion

One of few women in Congress to talk frankly about the days before Roe, an era that may soon return.

Patrick McIlheran: Next time, listen to parents

Kids are reaping the consequences of school shutdowns.

Matt Rothschild: The terrible toll of white nationalism

White nationalism and the bogus replacement theory make it open season on Blacks and on Jews.

John Nichols: Killing of Palestinian-American journalist demands investigation and accountability

As someone who has reported frequently over the years from Israel and Palestine, I was horrified by the news of the killing of Abu Akleh, an American citizen who had spent most of her career covering the Middle East.

Lindsay Blumer: WIOA reauthorization needed to address worker skills training & talent pipeline pathways

We have the opportunity to make lasting changes in our workforce development systems by investing in modern, flexible, and inclusive programs that get results.

M.D. Kittle: Team Evers’ $24,000 Ryder Cup party

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. knows how to have a good time — on the taxpayer’s dime.

Bill Berry: Let’s add ‘no blow’ to ‘no mow’

The “No Mow May” movement for pollinator health has caught on in many Wisconsin communities. But some people would add “No Blow” to address gas-powered leaf blowers, which rank high on the list of neighborhood annoyances for many.

Bill Kaplan: Some Democrats are still not hearing rural Wisconsin

Failure to listen and engage will once again marginalize the Wisconsin Democratic Party. It doesn’t have to be this way. Senator Baldwin and Governor Evers have shown the way.

Gregory Humphrey: When will legislative bodies deal with gun violence?

How many more mass shootings should the nation need to endure before the ones who took on the responsibility of public leadership does the work that the public requires.

David Blaska: The Republican swamp is getting crowded

Yes, everyone is an outsider who, when you think about it, wants very much to become an insider. If a stolen election is your theme, you’ll be crying about your own stolen election after November.

Paris Procopis: Snakes, weasels and Madison elitist swamp creatures, oh my!

The Kleefisch campaign has already spent many months doing everything to get Nicholson out of the way and now they have to do everything to try to derail Michels.

John Nichols: Tom Nelson says he knows how to fight for workers

The Outagamie county executive rarely misses a change to show solidarity with workers and their unions. And he doesn’t just come for the photo op. Nelson listens.

Ann C. Hodges: Act 10 doesn’t prevent UW from recognizing nurses’ union

Employers like UWHCA, with the legal authority to set their own workplace policies, may determine that it is to their benefit to recognize and bargain with a union representing their employees even though they are not statutorily required to do so.

M.D. Kittle: Biden’s baby formula debacle

To be sure, a February recall of powered infant formula linked to infant hospitalizations and deaths hasn’t helped matters. But the supply shortages have been ongoing since at least November.

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