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Dave Zweifel: Billions for corporate welfare, but lifting kids out of poverty is a bridge too far

With all the celebrating over the Inflation Reduction Act, the plight of poor families was left to fester, continuing the country's historic record of inequality and, sadly, threatening the well-being of millions of American children.

M.D. Kittle: Biden’s Manufacturing Reduction Act

The so-called Inflation Reduction Act signed into law Tuesday by Spender-in-Chief Joe Biden won’t reduce inflation, but it will reduce manufacturing jobs, according to the state’s largest chamber of commerce and manufacturers’ association.

Nada Elmikashfi: Inadequate salary increases amount to classroom cuts

The Madison school district needs to increase teacher pay.

Bill Barth: The right decision, wrong motivation

So-called Gableman investigation deserved to die for cause, not for politics.

Mike Nichols: For the sake of Milwaukee’s children, get cops back in MPS schools

Students in Milwaukee’s public high schools who want a better life and know that school is their only way up are being battered, assaulted and exposed to gunfire or other reckless conduct on a daily basis.

Steve Benen: What Ron Johnson really ought to know about Mar-a-Lago security

Ron Johnson, who chaired the Senate Homeland Security Committee for six years, said Mar-a-Lago is “a pretty safe place” and “a secure location.” It’s not.

Chris Walker: Trump says he declassified docs

With the Espionage Act, that doesn't matter.

Dave Cieslewicz: The way to talk about climate: don’t

To cool the planet, I think we’d be better off cooling the rhetoric.

Doug Bradley: Lies exposed by the Jan. 6 hearings recall an earlier lie: The Pentagon Papers and the Vietnam War

To my frustration, the Pentagon Papers sparked a debate about freedom of the press rather than focus on the mountains of lies we’d told our soldiers, the men and women who risked, and lost, the most.

Matthew Rothschild: Vos’ tardy heave ho of Gableman

Only after Gableman nearly helped defeat Vos did the speaker declare that Gableman was an “embarrassment” to our state and fired him.

David Blaska: You are SO fired!

Instead of an honest investigator, Gableman was always a partisan Stolen Election mythologizer. Like the Queen of Hearts, he was verdict first, evidence later.

Dave Cieslewicz: Will Vos become a national figure?

This summer’s primaries have, as a rule, strengthened Trump’s stranglehold over his party. But there are glimmers of hope here and there. Robin Vos may be one of them.

Dan Shafer: 10 takeaways from Wisconsin’s partisan primary

From the Kleefisch collapse to state legislative races and everything in between.

John Nichols: 110,000 Wisconsin Republican primary voters rejected Ron Johnson

National and in-state media paid no attention to the Republican primary, in which the senator faced a little-known challenger named David Schroeder.

Ruth Conniff: Democrats running on Social Security make Republicans look bad

Who would have guessed that the 2022 midterm elections would turn out to be a referendum on the New Deal?

M.D. Kittle: Evers’ licensing crisis hits respiratory health

The ongoing licensing crisis at Gov. Tony Evers’ dysfunctional Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) has made life even harder for these critical health care workers.

Owen Robinson: On abortion

I sincerely hope that Wisconsin leaves its current abortion law alone. It is correct. But if we are to debate changing the law, let us all engage with sincerity, respect, and reasoned positions.

Heather Smith: The consequences of scold-and-release crime policy

Tony Evers has been a leader in the movement toward leniency on crime, and decarceration.

Dave Zweifel: Is stealing top secret documents a crime? The GOP doesn’t think so

Once again this week Wisconsin Republicans, both those already in office and others aspiring to be, emerged from their hyperpartisan rhetoric with egg on their faces.

John Torinus: Russia now on defensive in Ukraine

Unique in an era of volatile international politics, the unswerving leadership and commitment of the Biden Administration, the U.S. Congress and our Western allies have put Russia on the defensive in Ukraine.

Bill Kaplan: Congressional Democrats pass climate change-health bill

Congressional Democrats, including all Wisconsin Democratic members of Congress, stepped up to the plate and hit a home run, the Inflation Reduction Act.

Gregory Humphrey: Robin Vos does not get profile in courage award for firing Michael Gableman

It was only after the votes were counted that Vos found his voice, even his backbone, along with a microphone into which he could utter his feelings about the former Supreme Court justice.

M.D. Kittle: Legislature intervenes in ballot ‘curing’ lawsuit

The latest act of defiance by the unelected commissioners forced the Legislature to seek to intervene in the lawsuit.

John Nichols: Wisconsin primary results are full of good news for Mandela Barnes

Ron Johnson's Democratic challenger shows strength where the incumbent US senator shows vulnerability.

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