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Howard Marklein: Dialing-in funding for broadband

We need to fund broadband expansion. But we need to do it in a meaningful way that reaches the communities that are unserved and disconnected.

Lena Taylor: Police reform vs policing reform

There is a difference between individual and organizational behavior.

Bill Christofferson: Enough is never enough for gun zealots

Senate and Assembly bills would make Wisconsin a Second Amendment sanctuary state.

Scott Walker: Biden needs to reward workers and not punish them

Public assistance should be a trampoline, not a hammock.

Debra Cronmiller: Don’t play politics with Wisconsin’s courts

It’s time to make clear that not everything has a price and that Wisconsin courts won’t be bought off.

Julie Grace and Jenna Bottler: Wisconsin voters overwhelmingly support criminal justice reform

In a state where voters split on nearly everything, we can all agree on the need for criminal justice reform.

Dave Cieslewicz: How woke might end

The intolerance of the hard-left will go out of fashion soon enough.

Dominique Paul Noth: How Israel over 7 decades lost its grip on US thinking

Recent polls confirm a drop in allegiance, even among American Jews, where two-thirds of those over 65 still admit an emotional attachment to Israel while it drops to under 50% for younger generations of American Jews.

M.D. Kittle: Evers administration fundraiser: Is it a ‘shakedown’?

Department of Administration Secretary Joel Brennan’s “special guest” status next Tuesday at Sen. Brad Pfaff’s posh fundraiser in Madison is a departure from the days of former Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who forbade his secretaries from shilling for political campaigns.

Neil Kraus: Special interests, not educators, continue push for online learning

COVID-19 is the gift that elites seeking to sell online education could not possibly have imagined. ‘The Insiders’ discuss clash between Evers, GOP lawmakers over federal relief funds

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, gauge the political tussle between Gov. Tony Evers and GOP legislators to mesh billions in federal COVID relief funds with the state budget.

Paul Fanlund: Truth is the pre-eminent issue; the rest is secondary

The critical divide is not between the progressive and establishment wings of the Democratic Party, or even between Democrats and Republicans, but between those who stand for truth and those who do not.

Rohn Bishop: Wisconsin’s correctional worker shortage on verge of becoming a crisis

Prisons aren’t cheap and there won’t be a cheap solution to this staffing shortage. Are we willing to spend what’s necessary to have safe streets?

Andrew Hanson: Methodology used in Wisconsin Court System study can produce biased findings

That is not to say that racial discrimination in sentencing may not exist; it certainly may. But the Office of Research and Justice Statistics study does not produce sufficient evidence to reasonably allow one to come to that conclusion.

Jeff Smith: You are not alone: Recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month

During Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond, it’s important that we have conversations about our mental health needs and fully understand it’s OK to not be OK.

M.D. Kittle: Evers refuses to loop Republicans in on spending plan

The co-chairs of the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee say Gov. Tony Evers is only making budget-writing more difficult by refusing to talk to Republican leadership and governing by press release.

Dipesh Navsaria: Hope requires us to have ‘herd’ the right things

Epidemiologically speaking, herd immunity is a valid and important concept, but perhaps we should focus elsewhere.

Dan Shafer: Landing Foxconn was the culmination of the ‘Cheesehead Revolution.’ Its spectacular failure speaks volumes.

The botched deal has now been cleaned up by the Evers administration, but what happened with Foxconn is more than just a deal gone bad. It was the byproduct of years of Wisconsin Republican policy.

James Wigderson: Star-spangled mandate

Would a Democratic legislature have the right to tell the local Little League playing at a municipal ball field that they have to sing the Cuban national anthem?

Julie Grace: Proposed expungement law would mostly help misdemeanants

Eighty-seven percent of people who would qualify for an expungement under proposed legislation have never committed anything more serious than a misdemeanor, according to new data from the Badger Institute.

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