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Dan O’Donnell: On policy, Donald Trump was by far the most effective, consequential conservative since Reagan

Trump’s presidency proved that tried-and-true conservative principles of tax cuts and deregulation can dramatically improve the nation’s economy, while his more judicious approach to foreign engagement combined with the aggressive pursuit of more America-centric trade exposed the flaws of Bush-era neo-conservatism.

Jessie Opoien: For Joe Biden’s inauguration, words of hope from Barack Obama 12 years ago

In this winter of our hardship, let us remember Barack Obama’s timeless words: “Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.”

Dave Zweifel: Johnson, Fitzgerald and Tiffany must be held to account for fueling an insurrection

Even after the stunning and deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol, they continued to carry water for Trump's lies that the election was somehow stolen from him, inciting a crazed political base that is still attempting to overthrow an American election — if not the entire government.

Ron Johnson: Journal Sentinel editoral ‘unhinged and uninformed.’

It’s well past time for the media to look in the mirror and acknowledge the role their bias has played in widening our national divide and exacerbating the problem.

M.D. Kittle: Evers ‘twiddled his thumbs’ while DWD imploded

Republicans point out the governor had the money and the authority months ago to fix the manpower and organizational problems that plagued an agency that failed to resolve the unemployment claims of tens of thousands of displaced Wisconsinites for months.

Steven Walters: LeMahieu struggles in Vos’ political shadow

Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu, elected by the 20 Senate Republicans to lead their party after former Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald went to Washington, is wrestling with how to emerge from the political shadow of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

John Nichols: A $2,000 check is a good start, but struggling Americans need $2,000 every month

Dr. King taught us that direct cash payments are a smart response to poverty and mass unemployment. In this crisis, we need to heed that call.

LaKeshia Myers: Exploring Dr. King’s ‘Two Americas’ more than half a century later

Nearly 54 years later, we are still seeing two Americas.

David McGrath: Growing up racist in the shadow of MLK

Racism was as integral a part of our lives in the 1960s as baseball, Mickey Mouse, TV westerns, or vacations at the lake.

Lena Taylor: A day of reckoning

Dr. King spoke of a reckoning in America, in which we had to face some difficult truths about who we are as a nation.

M.D. Kittle: So long Palm: Evers’ power-grabbing health czar leaving

After nearly a year of treating the Bill of Rights as a suggestion, Andrea Palm is leaving her post as state Department of Health Services Secretary-designee to take a position as deputy secretary of Health and Human Services in Joe Biden’s administration.

Bill Kaplan: Expand healthcare coverage in 2021

If ever a time to expand healthcare coverage was imperative, the pandemic has made that clear.

Dave Zweifel: Sedition from the Wisconsin statehouse to Capitol Hill

Fifteen Wisconsin state legislators joined in the seditious attempt to overturn the election, signing a letter urging Vice President Mike Pence not to accept the Electoral College vote from the 50 states, including Wisconsin's.

James Wigderson: Weeding the Republican garden

It is going to be a long way back for the Republican Party to sanity. To start that journey, it’s going to need more voices speaking up and saying that the post-election behavior of the Republican Party was wrong, terribly wrong.

John Nichols: Mike Gallagher put partisanship above principles

Ten House Republicans voted Wednesday to impeach Donald Trump for incitement to insurrection. But Gallagher refused to join them.

Paul Higginbotham: Trump must be held accountable for inciting an insurrection

As the leader of the insurrection, Trump should be indicted for treason, arrested, and face trial for his actions. ‘The Insiders’ discuss U.S. Capitol riot, Biden’s inauguration

The WisOpinions Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, look at the performance of the Wisconsin congressional delegation following the Capitol riot and look ahead to Joe Biden's inauguration.

Paul Fanlund: To Noble Wray, race was central to Kenosha and Capitol Hill

In a wide-ranging conversation this week, he reflected on his Kenosha report, on his reaction to the riot in Washington, D.C., and how he sees race as central to both.

Howard Marklein: Senate Passes COVID Compromise

This legislation provides liability protections for schools, churches and employers, creates an Essential Visitor option for residents of nursing homes, directs improvements in the Unemployment Compensation program, creates flexibilities for hospitals to provide care and extends a number of waivers and other provisions we passed in an earlier COVID-19 relief bill.

CJ Szafir: The good, the bad, the bizarre of Evers’ State of the State

Gov. Evers never actually laid out his opinion of the condition of Wisconsin.

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