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Dan Shafer: A reflection on two trips home

Getting around the Republican National Convention and its security perimeter can be challenging. Entrances are not always exits. Vehicle checkpoints can be different from pedestrian checkpoints. Some points are far busier than others. Navigating all of this on foot can make for some longer-than-expected detours.

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Dave Cieslewicz: Same old, same old for Dems

The Republicans are having a good convention. There is less red meat (though still plenty of it) to excite the base and more attempts (some pretty disingenuous) to win over the small, but crucial, number of independent voters.

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Dave Cieslewicz: Moment of truth

So, now with Biden’s age issues on the back burner, all eyes are on Trump and the Republicans and how they react to the events in Pennsylvania. Is this the thing that brings us back to our senses or will it be just another event used to excite the base?

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Owen Robinson: Biden’s response to assassination attempt

While comments and condemnations were pouring in from foreign leaders, political leaders, former presidents Obama and Bush, etc., there was nothing coming from the White House. Silence. It was almost two full hours from the time of the attempted assassination until Biden said anything. And then he said it in a post on X.

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Rewind: Your Week in Review for July 12

On this week’s episode of WisconsinEye’s “Rewind,” WisPolitics’s JR Ross and CBS 58’s Emilee Fannon discuss Wisconsin Elections Commission guidance on absentee ballot drop boxes, the state Supreme Court’s decision limiting legislative oversight of land stewardship purchases, calls to improve prison conditions, the presidential race, the 2024 Republican National Convention and more.

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