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Joe Handrick: Evers’ Peoples Maps Commission strikes out

The Peoples Commission regurgitated three failed and flawed Democratic features from past redistricting cycles: 1) Decimation of municipal boundaries; 2) Disregard for communities of interest; and 3) Failure on Voting Rights Act.

Dave Zweifel: Gableman’s tactics are straight out of Joe McCarthy’s playbook

Michael Gableman likening the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to Russia's communist-run newspaper, Pravda, was a delicious connection to the days of another unhinged Wisconsin Republican.

LaKeshia Myers: Giving us the best that they’ve got: The embarrassment, Michael Gableman

I really want to ask Republican legislative leadership, is Gableman really the best you had to offer for this process?

John Nichols: Bernie Sanders is right, Joe Manchin is wrong

Bernie Sanders is not going to let Democrats downsize their vision for the future without a fight.

Dan O’Donnell: ‘Try to lower expectations’

The sad reality is that the supply-chain crisis is but one facet of Biden’s utterly ruinous fiscal policy.

John Torinus: What happened to the Blue Cross money?

When Blue Cross went public 20 years ago, the Blue Cross board gave away its full value — then over more than $600 million. Those dollars were donated for public health purposes and education.

Lena Taylor: Redistricting: A game we can’t afford to lose

The high stakes redistricting process is underway in Wisconsin. This literally has the potential to be a winner take all game, if not done fairly and correctly.

John Nichols: Let the people veto Vos and his legislative abuses

Unfortunately, Wisconsin has no real protection against abuses by Vos and his cronies.

Dominique Paul Noth: Methinks it’s time Joe Manchin stopped being coy

Had we just world enough and time, Manchin, we could afford to play these games. You of all senators should realize that. The time is ripe to do something.

M.D. Kittle: Evers choses social programming over public safety

After villainizing law enforcement and placating the radical “defund the police” movement, Gov. Tony Evers is dropping millions of dollars in federal funds at his disposal on violence prevention programs.

O. Ricardo Pimentel: We are losing the values good journalism taught

Everyone should be a journalist. The problem is, few people understand what journalism really is, yet everyone with a social media account is a self-styled journalist these days.

Bill Kaplan: Senator Johnson supported government shutdown and default

Johnson is fixated on helping his wealthy donors and supporters. The heck with the rest of us.

Ruth Conniff: Doubling down on division and resentment, GOP takes a political risk

My own experience talking to people around the state, and recent election results, show that people want real fixes for their real problems more than cheap talk.

Scott Walker: Our children’s children will pay for Democrats’ fiscal irresponsibility

The federal government continues to spend money it does not have -- creating an annual deficit. That is then added to the national debt.

M.D. Kittle: Economic plummet, Biden did that

It’s deja vu, and it has much to do with the radical left policies and executive orders the left’s president has forced on America.

Reggie Jackson: Why my head might explode if I hear another white person say they don’t have a racist bone in their body

Why is it that so many in the White community feel compelled to claim they don’t have a racist bone in their bodies after they are found out to have said something that is clearly racist.

Dave Zweifel: Rebecca Kleefisch dodges questions just like Scott Walker

She's learned well the art of dodging tough questions and stretching the truth whenever it's convenient to do so. ‘The Insiders’ discuss the race for lieutenant governor

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, look at the candidates from both parties vying for lieutenant governor and ask how much the office matters. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Ron Johnson: The worst is yet to come from Biden’s vaccine coercion

The vaccines do not preclude infection or transmission. As a result, we are forcing people to choose between their livelihoods and a freedom-robbing vaccination mandate with no rationale.

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