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Bill Kaplan: Lies and truth, January 6 and Ron Johnson

The congressional hearings on the January 6, 2021, violent desecration of the U.S. Capitol are a wake-up call for Americans.

Dave Zweifel: Attacks on democracy taint this Independence Day

As someone pointed out in a panel discussion about elections, if Americans don't trust elections, there is no democracy. And that's precisely what bothers me on our nation's 246th birthday.

Mimi Yang and Wayne Thompson: The American Experiment on the eve of July 4th post-Roe v. Wade

It is worth celebrating that we are still one nation, bonded together around the belief in freedom and democracy, even when divisions tear at our patch-quilt, straining those core ideals.

M.D. Kittle: Radical group Urban Triage ‘pivots’ to abortion support

Urban Triage, known for endorsing violence in the pursuit of “social justice”, has been busy roiling the waters in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Patrick McIlheran: Religious liberty in education reduces, not produces, strife

Milwaukee’s school choice program shows that letting parents choose a moral ecology is how differing beliefs can coexist.

LaKeshia Myers: Dear America, banning books is not the answer

By banning the stories of the enslaved, religiously persecuted, interred, or otherwise mistreated, you fail to teach the true history of this country and all her ugly truths.

Bruce Murphy: Did Democrats devise ‘great replacement theory’?

So say conservatives like the policy director for 'free market' Badger Institute.

Rich Jackson: The Enbridge Line 5 argument is not black and white

The reality is we need Line 5 right now and probably a couple decades into the future. It serves a purpose and remains the safest way to transport energy products.

John Nichols: The GOP is the party of gruesome oil profiteering

The Republican Party is trying to blame President Biden for spiking gas prices, even though it's the Republicans who have blocked action.

Gregg Hoffmann: Rolling blackouts risk

We have been receiving more warnings about the possibility of brownouts and rolling blackouts in recent weeks. ‘The Insiders’ discuss impact of Roe v. Wade decision on Wisconsin politics

The WisOpinion Insiders, Chvala and Jensen, consider how the overturn of Roe v. Wade will affect Wisconsin politics. Sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association and Michael Best Strategies.

Scott Walker: This July Fourth, let’s rededicate ourselves to protecting liberty and justice for all

We celebrate the Fourth of July and not April 15, because -- in America -- we commemorate our independence from the government, not our dependence on it.

Bill Berry: Perhaps we should celebrate Interdependence Day

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need each other to be good citizens. Maybe this year we should celebrate Interdependence Day.

Claire Wendland: I’ve seen what happens when abortions are unavailable

Restricting access to abortion does not reduce total abortions. It simply ensures that a much higher proportion of abortions are unsafe.

David Blaska: Abortion is on the Wisconsin ballot

It’s early, but the issue is crazing Democrats.

Bill Wineke: Authority without accountability won’t work long

The courts have the authority to make decisions but if no one accepts their legitimacy, the legitimacy of the entire governing system is called into question.

Dave Cieslewicz: How much will Roe matter?

If I were a Democratic strategist I’d stick to “safe, legal and rare” and I’d emphasize the fight against inflation and crime with abortion an add-on issue.

Jerry Hanson: Pro-life means all of us

There are some in the pro-life movement that once these embryos are no longer embryos often don't treat them as though they're human.

Bill Osmulski: Wisconsin’s liberal public officials went rogue long before Dobbs

Liberal government officials said they intend to openly defy the law.

M.D. Kittle: Impressive field of Black conservatives running for office

Their stories and reasons for running vary, but the candidates who spoke to Empower Wisconsin share a common mission: To defeat the radical left and its campaign to tear down the land that they love.

Bruce Murphy: Did Democrats devise great replacement theory?

So say conservatives like the policy director for 'free market' Badger Institute.

Paul Fanlund: Democrats need leaders capable of mobilizing the anger

We need younger leaders capable of feeling, expressing and acting on the rage of their generations.

Bill Lueders: When transparency is treated with contempt

Most of the time, public officials in Wisconsin obey the state’s openness laws. Sometimes, they need a little prodding from the courts. But the recent conduct of Robin Vos and Michael Gableman is something altogether new, and deeply disturbing.

Dave Cieslewicz: A catalogue of Gableman’s incompetence

If you’re like me, you’re having a hard time keeping up with the inanity, the hypocrisy, the wasted money, and the sheer incompetence of the Gableman “investigation” into the 2020 elections.

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