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Dianne Hesselbein: Remove barriers and make higher education more affordable

Education must remain available and affordable for all Wisconsinites seeking to improve themselves, and in turn, improve our state.

Bruce Murphy: The vanishing courage of Mike Gallagher

Wisconsin congressman took a stand against Republican lies and then turned chicken.

M.D. Kittle: DWD failing the unemployed, taxpayers

A new report shows Gov. Tony Evers’ incompetent Department of Workforce Development has failed on two critical fronts: Getting unemployment checks to eligible claimants and protecting the state’s Unemployment Insurance system from fraud and waste.

Dan O’Donnell: Did COVID-19 really escape from a lab?

The evidence suggests it did.

Pardeep Kaleka: What the heartbreaking COVID-19 crisis in India can teach us all here in Milwaukee

We must move towards a world where these types of catastrophe’s are less likely because we have learned that interdependence makes us all valued, safer, and secure to the challenges that will inevitably face us in the future.

John Nichols: Liz Cheney and Donald Trump are members of the same cult

The Wyoming Republican is a rigidly right-wing warmonger whose crude attacks on people of color, immigrants, Muslims and progressives carry the same venom as those of the most extreme members of her caucus — and of the 45th president, whose election in 2016 and reelection in 2020 she enthusiastically supported.

LaKeshia Myers: The miseducation of Wisconsin Republicans

In the state of Wisconsin our budget shows the people of the state what our leaders value—and with the latest actions by the Republican-led Joint Finance Committee, I’d venture to say they don’t value the people of this state very much.

James Wigderson: Wisconsin GOP congressmen silent on Cheney vote

The silence of Wisconsin Republicans prior to Wednesday's vote is especially notable given Gallagher's previous statements of support for Cheney.

Dave Zweifel: Don’t let GOP lawmakers off the hook for propagating the ‘Big Lie’

Those responsible for the insurrection shouldn't be allowed to fade into the dustbin of history, as though nothing at all had happened.

Will Flanders: Another false portrayal of the costs of school choice vouchers

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the arguments of the anti-school choice crowd ring increasingly hollow.

Spencer Black: Tom Nelson’s book a tale of corporate greed and blue-collar perseverance

Nelson has written “One Day Stronger,” recounting the successful effort to save one of those threatened mills along the Fox.

M.D. Kittle: Elections complaint filed against Milwaukee

The city of Milwaukee allowed liberal, third-party groups funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to set the rules and help administer November’s presidential election, according to a new complaint filed Monday on behalf of five Milwaukee residents by the Amistad Project, an election integrity watchdog.

Rob Gundermann: Let’s not lose the momentum on vaccinations

Vaccines are working, and we need every Wisconsinite to rally to get their shots and push this over the goal line.

Dave Cieslewicz: More of this to come

Afghan school girls were targeted in a weekend attack that killed 80. Pres. Joe Biden’s withdrawal means there will be a lot more of this in the future.

Howard Marklein: First votes on the state budget

We're taking his bloated budget and right-sizing it to fit our Wisconsin values.

Bill Kaplan: U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s betrayal

Johnson’s betrayal extends to Wisconsin voters on issue after issue. He neither represents the entire state nor acts for the common good.

Karen Timberlake: Wisconsin needs Medicaid expansion

$1.6 billion in federal dollars would fund the health care Wisconsin residents deserve.

Mike Nichols: A pandemic tipping point

A refusal by MPS and the teachers union to resume in-person classes is a boon to other schools.

Bill Berry: Lessons from plagues of the past

Camus wasn’t the first to notice these powerful forces, and today’s pandemic has played out much like previous ones.

Lena Taylor: Critical race theory and white privilege

Critical race theory critiques how the social construction of race and institutionalized racism perpetuate a racial caste system that relegates people of color to the bottom tiers.

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