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Chris Walker: 3 reforms to SCOTUS that could save our democracy

Tenure limits, appointment limits and a national referendum.

Dan O’Donnell: The only emergency is Evers’ unlawful emergency declarations

The governor’s power is not and cannot be unchecked, even when he pretends there is a new public health emergency to deal with.

M.D. Kittle: Evers extends illegal mask mandate

Gov. Tony Evers pushed the bounds of the constitution and state statute again Tuesday, in issuing yet another emergency health order and extending his controversial mask mandate.

Reggie Jackson: Explaining about the persistence of racism in America

The obdurate and impenitent attitudes we see on display when we try to talk about racism and tell the truth of America’s ugly past and present assures me that racism will be a permanent fixture in America regardless of how hard we fight against it.

Dave Zweifel: Now part of the problem, police unions must change

If our policing problems are going to be solved, the police and their unions need to take part.

Bruce Murphy: Should sheriff’s budget be cut?

When it comes to defunding police, the county sheriffs are an obvious place to start.

Paul Higginbotham: Wisconsin Supreme Court opts not to throw election into chaos

The Wisconsin Supreme Court almost botched this November’s presidential election. It came close.

David Blaska: Keep judges out of my ballot box!

Forget the Russians. Our Democrat(ic) acquaintances are doing all they can to destabilize American governance.

Lena Taylor: Like the highway, many passed through

It has been 10 years since the law that created the “Jeannetta Simpson-Robinson Memorial Highway” was signed. This week we watched the signs go up.

Hoyt Brian Yee: Pompeo and Trump’s failed foreign policy and COVID-19 response have damaged America’s credibility

Wisconsinites might be wondering why America’s top diplomat is addressing their state legislators today instead of dealing with foreign crises and enemies working against us around the clock.

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