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David Blaska: Is Tim Michels already blaming Republicans?

Poll shows Becky Kleefisch winning and Michels is crying foul.

Steven Walters: Thompson endorses Michels for governor: Is Thompson backing a fellow ‘builder’?

Seeking political relevancy in fractured Republican party?

Reggie Jackson: The myth of America as a land of representative democracy

This Electoral College has allowed Donald Trump (2016), George W. Bush (2000), Benjamin Harrison (1888), Rutherford B. Hayes (1876) and John Quincy Adams (1824) to become president when their opponents received more votes by citizens who voted. This is the exact opposite of what a “representative democracy” is supposed to be.

M.D. Kittle: Evers blames lawmakers for his licensing mess

When frustrated professionals waiting for their long-delayed licenses reach out to Gov. Tony Evers’ office for help, they get an automatic email — a political screed blaming the Republican-controlled Legislature for Wisconsin’s licensing crisis.

John Nichols: Ron Johnson is so cruel that he won’t even help diabetics pay for insulin

Republican senators such as Johnson put political gamesmanship ahead of doing right by their most vulnerable constituents.

Gregory Humphrey: Memories of Aug. 8, 1974, Nixon resignation from one middle-class Wisconsin home

At this time as we reflect on the resignation, we need to ask ourselves if our politics really did survive that event or was it instead a demarcation line where faith was lost in our political institutions that have never again been mended.

Lena Taylor: Mock chicken legs: Don’t take them for granted

As schools resume charging for lunches, I pray that no child will ever miss a meal because of an unpaid balance. Every youth deserves a mock chicken leg memory!

Bill Kaplan: U.S. Sen. Johnson flip-flops on helping veterans

Against helping middle-working class families and veterans: Johnson must be defeated in November.

John Torinus: Will Trump help or hurt Michels?

It’s hard for political candidates to know if cozying up to Trump is a boost or a third rail.

Louis Jacobson: What to watch on election night in Wisconsin

High-profile Senate and governor matchups are among the Badger State contests on the ballot Tuesday.

Tony Evers: As your governor I’m committed to educating our kids

I’ve spent most of my life working in education, and making sure Wisconsin schools are the best in the nation is one of the main reasons why I decided to run for office.

Owen Robinson: Wisconsin’s opportunity for another turn of the conservative revolution

Whichever Republican gubernatorial candidate makes it to the general election stands a good chance of winning in a red wave year.

John Nichols: A pair of GOP cynics: Pence and Kleefisch

Kleefisch and Pence are bound together by their shared failures of conscience and competence.

Cory Booker: Hope is rising in Wisconsin

That’s the power of Mandela Barnes. He brings people together. And he does this because his experiences are the same experiences as the folks standing in the crowd, struggles and all.

Stan Milam: Veterans should not be treated as political pawns

Some senators who engaged in the delay of passage of the PACT Act are now wrapping themselves in the American flag and spouting off about how much they care about veterans. Well, it’s too late for that. They showed their intentions when they played games while veterans were dying.

Bill Lueders: The growing threat to open government

Wisconsin’s tradition of transparency is being met with open contempt.

M.D. Kittle: A death sentence

aurie Seale has spent the last three decades raising white-tailed deer on her Maple Hill Farms in Taylor County. She lost it all in the span of a few days by order of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). But emails obtained by Wisconsin Spotlight suggest it didn’t have to be this way. It’s just the latest example of bureaucratic incompetence — and perhaps political retribution — in the very political Evers administration.

LaKeshia Myers: Get it, while the getting is good: student loan forgiveness

I implore any Wisconsinite that has student loan debt to contact their service provider, inquire about repayment plans and/or loan forgiveness option you may be eligible for.

David Blaska: Any more ‘criminal justice reform’ and we’ll all be on lockdown

The decades-long dithering over modernizing the county jail will never end if our elected leaders can’t rub two cogent thoughts together, never mind bricks and mortar.

Paul Fanlund: Athletic prowess, racism are central themes in new Jim Thorpe book

Jim Thorpe, America’s finest all-around athlete of the 20th century, was posthumously re-awarded two Olympic gold medals in track and field that he had first won in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1912.

M.D. Kittle: Millions wait for tax refunds

Millions of Americans are stuck in an Internal Revenue Service backlog, and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson wants answers.

Mike McCabe: Primary numbskullery

If you are rubbed the wrong way by the Democratic Party’s penchant for declaring winners of primary elections before voters cast their ballots and have their preferences counted, don’t take it lying down.

Scott Walker: What conservatism is and why we remain united

Despite the narrative being spread by the corporate media, conservatives are united.

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