The 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee is to include events in all parts of the city and in outstate areas as well, according to 2020 DNC CEO Joe Solmonese.

Solmonese, speaking at a Press Club luncheon, said that while many of the events will be at Downtown venues, “every square inch of the city will have something going on.”

“One of the things we want to do … is be as creative and thoughtful as possible about bringing the convention out to diverse parts of the city, to far parts of the state, to as many places as we can so that … the world has an opportunity to really experience all of the richness and diversity of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin,” he said. “And that any community and anybody here, whether it’s a volunteer, an attendee or small business owner, has the opportunity to engage as well.”

Solmonese said planning and fundraising for the convention is ahead of schedule, and that the party is striving to provide information to and engage with those who will be impacted by the influx of attendees and media to help create goodwill.

He also said the party will work to build a sustainable volunteer effort to help carry Dem candidates through the November elections.

“We really want to create something here that is sustainable,” he said. “And we want to create something here that leaves a measure of goodwill when we leave here.”

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