U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says House Republicans Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes have asked him to share what he knows of the events between Ukraine and the U.S. that have played a central role in the impeachment proceedings.

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Johnson said he doesn’t expect to testify before the House Intelligence Committee following the request he received from the Republican lawmakers.

“There’s going to be a separation there, but I think I will reply to that and I will supply my telling of events which is difficult to do in eight to 10 minutes on a show like this,” Johnson said.

The Oshkosh Republican also continued to be critical of the impeachment process and suggested the whistleblower who first raised concerns that President Trump was using U.S. aid to pressure Ukrainian officials to investigate Joe Biden should’ve expressed those concerns privately. He said bringing them in the open hasn’t helped the relationship between the two countries and is dividing the U.S.

Host Chuck Todd pressed Johnson on his continued assertion that Dems have been looking to impeach Trump since shortly after he took office, pointing out the Republican lawmaker suggested Hillary Clinton had committed high crimes and misdemeanors even before the 2016 election.

Watch the episode:

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