The latest figures from the Wisconsin Election Commission show about 212,000 voters could have their registrations deactivated under an Ozaukee County judge’s ruling.

The Elections Commission said Thursday of the 232,579 letters it mailed to voters who are suspected of moving, 60,676 were returned as undeliverable, while there was no response from another 169,491. There were 2,412 who requested to have their registration continued.

Meanwhile, the agency was able to identify 20,743 voters from those who didn’t respond or had their letters were returned who have already reregistered.

That leaves 211,836 who could be subject to the Ozaukee County ruling, which is currently under appeal.

An Elections Commission spokesman said the agency believes most of those voters have moved and need to re-register. The agency isn’t sure, however, how many of those may have been falsely flagged as having moved.

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