Staffers for national nonprofit and advocacy organizations attending the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee will stay in Madison hotels, the host committee announced.

As news broke this summer that delegates to the convention will stay in Illinois as well as the Milwaukee area, questions were raised about why they wouldn’t be housed in Wisconsin cities such as Madison. The state’s capital is about 80 miles from Milwaukee. That’s roughly the same distance to Rosemont, Ill., where some state delegations will stay, but there’s typically less traffic between Madison and Milwaukee than between the Chicago suburbs and the host city.

The DNCC said Tuesday senior leadership for many of the nonprofit and advocacy organizations will stay near downtown Milwaukee. Meanwhile, staff from those groups were briefed this morning in Milwaukee on their hotel accommodations as part of a site visit.

A committee spokeswoman said it wasn’t known yet how many rooms would be needed in Madison or where the staffers would be housed. The committee will next gather information from the groups on how many staffers are traveling to attend the convention.

Those who stay in Madison will be bused to Milwaukee each day.

The announcement also noted the convention committee is reserving hotels in Wisconsin cities such as Racine, Sheboygan and Lake Geneva. Those will be used to house media, elected leaders, staff, volunteers and others, the committee spokeswoman said.

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