Trump campaign Senior Adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle called on UW-Madison students to speak out about conservative values and mobilize themselves and their peers on Election Day 2020.

Speaking to a lecture hall packed by UW-Madison College Republicans Thursday night, Guilfoyle touted the importance of grassroots support. She said that was the best way to help re-elect President Trump.

She painted a picture of America with a strong border and military and a president who would always focus on problems at home first.

“His job isn’t to put China first, or any other country. His job is to put America first,” Guilfoyle said to big applause.

She also voiced displeasure with current Dem presidential candidates, calling them “crazy” on multiple occasions knocking what she called “socialist” programs like Medicare-for-All and the expansion of food stamps. Dems debated last night in Houston.

“If Trump is elected in 2020, America will never be a socialist country,” she said.

Guilfoyle said Wisconsin is a key state to an Electoral College victory for Trump, adding the campaign had multiple stops planned for Wisconsin over the next year.

State Dem Party spokesman Phil Shulman, said Wisconsin voters are “fed up” with Trump’s “broken promises.”

“Nothing the Trump campaign does will change the fact he has broken promise after promise to hard-working Wisconsinites,” he said. “His health care agenda has spiked prescription drug costs, his trade war is crushing farmers, and his tax scam is nothing but a handout to the ultra-rich — and Republicans said they might cut Medicare and Social Security to pay for it. Wisconsinites know Trump’s policies aren’t working for them and they are fed up with his broken promises.”

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