U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders says President Trump’s USMCA is “not good enough.”

Adrienne Pedersen asked the Vermont senator on “UpFront” how he would help Wisconsin farmers. Sanders responded, “A trade policy that is written by farmers and workers and ordinary people, not the CEOs of larger corporations.”

Sanders, along with several other presidential candidates, attended The League of United Latin American Citizens Convention in Milwaukee.

Pedersen also asked how he plans to win Milwaukee County, the most racially diverse in the state, when he didn’t win there in 2016.

“Because the issues we’re talking about are massive levels of inequality in this country where the rich are getting richer while almost everyone else is getting poorer … we’re going to focus on the issues that impact blacks, whites, and Latinos and Asian parties,” Sanders told UpFront, produced in partnership with WisPolitics.com. “And that’s the way I think we’re going to win in Wisconsin and win the Democratic nomination.”

The Democratic primary is in April, and the Democratic National Convention is about a year from now.

Joe Solmonese, CEO of the Dem national convention in Milwaukee next summer, also appeared on the show.

He told UpFront between $10 million and $20 million of the $70 million needed for the convention has been raised.

Solmonese also said he wants to make sure the spotlight isn’t just on Milwaukee in 2020 but on Wisconsin as well. Pedersen asked, “When the convention is so focused on downtown how do you make sure that people see other parts of the state?”

“It’s a five-day event where there are going to be thousands of events happening,” Solmonese told UpFront, produced in conjunction with WisPolticis.com. “The convention is not just those three or four hours people tune into each night. There are all sorts of opportunities to bring people to different parts of the state.”

He said he also plans to involve volunteers, stakeholders, business owners, and activists from Wisconsin at the convention.

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