Former Gov. Scott Walker during a Milwaukee luncheon Tuesday defended President Trump’s policies and praised the economic progress made under him while predicting the effort to impeach him will backfire.

Walker during the Press Club event drew parallels between the failed effort to recall him in 2012 with the current impeachment fight, noting that as with Trump, some were pushing to remove him from office shortly after the election.

He said some on the left at the time had concerns the recall could gin up the GOP base and backfire.

“What we saw the end is that some of those people who had those concerns, I think in retrospect, probably were on the mark,” Walker said.

He noted a recent Marquette Law School Poll showed slipping support for impeachment in Wisconsin and said people are starting to question whether Democrats have a plan or are just focused on impeachment.

“I think that’ll backfire,” Walker said. “And I think in the end that makes it more probable that the president gets reelected.”

Walker said under Trump that wages are up and unemployment is at its lowest point in nearly fifty years, with historically low unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanics, veterans and people with disabilities. He said if Bill Clinton or Barack Obama were in office, Democrats would argue those factors make a good case for reelection.

“That obviously isn’t what Democrats are saying about this president, but I think independent voters eventually believe that they’ve gone too far with impeachment,” Walker said. “And if you just look at the facts, I think there’s a pretty compelling case for this president being reelected.”

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