The pro-Trump America First Action PAC announced a new TV ad hitting Joe Biden today, knocking his support of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The group said the $2.25 million buy, which includes digital, cable, broadcast and mail, will target the Green Bay, La Crosse, Milwaukee and Wausau markets through July 4th weekend.

The group has been running TV ads critical of Biden on China. The new spot charges “Biden’s trade deals” with the country cost Wisconsin nearly 89,000 jobs, “But it doesn’t stop there.”

The ad then shows video of Biden in 1993 expressing his support for NAFTA, which President Trump replaced with a new deal with Mexico and Canada.

“NAFTA shipped our jobs to Mexico, closed our factories, and after 20 years, would Biden fix his mistake?” the ad says.

The spot then shows video of a reporter asking Biden if he supports renegotiating NAFTA. He says no before the narrator closes the spot, “Over 200,000 Wisconsin jobs lost. Joe Biden: He’s been wrong for too long.”

See the ad:

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