Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden and state Rep. Shelia Stubbs urged Wisconsin women to help elect the former vice president.

They said the presumptive Dem nominee will push for equitable change and encourage female voices in politics.

The two made their comments during a virtual Women for Biden organizing event yesterday.

Ashley Biden said her dad instilled a sense of community in their family at a young age by both fiercely protecting his family and showing them the importance of giving back to less fortunate people.

“No matter what we have been through my dad never gave up on me, and he never gave up on us as a family,” said Ashley Biden. “It’s just who he is; a man who fights for the people he loves.”

Stubbs, D-Madison, said Wisconsin women have always played an important role in politics and noted the state became first in the union to ratify the 19th Amendment in 1919.

“Let us move forward to honor the great and complicated legacy that we acknowledge so that we can do better,” Stubbs said.

Stubbs said she supports Biden because he is a dedicated public servant who understands the need for a woman’s voice in the Oval Office. She said Trump is clearly intimidated by the accomplishments and voices of women.

Ashley Biden encouraged women to stay focused, kind and healthy as they work to elect her dad because he will never give up on women.

“Make no mistake, women will decide this election; women of color will decide this election,” said Ashley Biden.

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