Joe Biden’s campaign is out with a new TV ad in Wisconsin again knocking President Trump’s reported comments that soldiers who die in combat are “suckers” and “losers.”

The new spot features a soldier who lost both legs in combat saying Biden “understands the sacrifices the troops make.”

The campaign said the ad will run on TV and digital platforms targeting areas with a high number of military households and veterans. But it didn’t provide other details, including the markets in Wisconsin where it will run.

The 60-second spot features Cedric King, a retired U.S. Army master sergeant, who recounts the blast that took both of his legs. He says some of his friends never came home.

“The guys who had their caskets draped with our nation’s colors — those are the real heroes,” King says. “And you mean to tell me you call them ‘suckers,’ ‘losers?’ With all due respect, I think you missed it on this one.”

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