Joe Biden’s presidential campaign today announced its first TV buy of the general election, a $15 million, five-week effort targeting Wisconsin and five other states.

The effort also includes a digital, radio and print component with the TV ads running in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The announcement didn’t include a breakdown of spending per state. The campaign said the ads are running in the Milwaukee, Green Bay and La Crosse-Eau Claire markets.

The campaign also announced it is making what it described as a six-figure investment in African-American print, radio and digital programming in the six states starting tomorrow, which is Juneteenth.

The campaign released three ads, one a Spanish-language ad slated for Arizona and Florida.

The other two are 60-second spots and include one that’s similar to a digital ad Biden released earlier this month. The ad features comments Biden made at a speech in Philadelphia including the pledge, “I won’t traffic in fear and division. I won’t fan the flames of hate. I’ll seek to heal the racial wounds that have long plagued our country, not use them for political gain.”

In another spot, Biden says the presidency is about “the duty to care,” not just about those “who vote for us, but all of us.”



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