Two new polls have Joe Biden up 6 points on Donald Trump in Wisconsin.

The latest survey from the Elections Research Center at UW-Madison, released today, found 49 percent of registered voters back Biden, while 43 percent supported the president.

Meanwhile, a new CBS News poll had it 48-42 in Biden’s favor among likely voters.

The UW poll, conducted in collaboration with the Wisconsin State Journal, found among registered voters who said they were certain to vote, Biden’s lead grew to 52-44. There’s a higher margin of error for that question than the survey as a whole.

It’s the second poll released by the Elections Research Center this year. In February’s survey, 45 percent of registered voters backed Biden, while 43 percent supported Trump.

The new poll also found independents favored Biden 54-37; women backed the presumptive Dem nominee 54-35 and men supported Trump 52-44.

The president’s job approval was 43-58, while 44 percent approved of how he’s handled the protests since the death of George Floyd and 56 percent disapproved.

Gov. Tony Evers’ job approval was 52-48.

The survey of 800 registered voters was conducted July 27-Aug. 6 with online interviews conducted by YouGov. The sample was then weighted for gender, age, race and education.

The margin of error was plus or minus 4.86 percentage points.

The effort also included a look at Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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The CBS poll found Wisconsin voters believe Biden would better handle the COVID-19 pandemic, while Trump would do better at managing the economy.

The poll also included questions asked of registered voters, finding they:

*believed Biden would better handle the outbreak 47-32.
*believed Trump would handle the economy better 47-43.
*32 percent like how Trump handles himself personally, while 68 percent dislike it.

The poll also found 89 percent of Biden supporters said he shouldn’t be holding campaign events in Wisconsin. Last week, the DNC announced Biden wouldn’t travel to Wisconsin to accept the nomination.

It also found 68 percent of Trump voters said he should have events here, while 32 percent said it was too risky.

The survey was also conducted by YouGov, though it was between Aug. 4-7. The survey of 1,009 registered voters in Wisconsin had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.

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