The Biden campaign and pro-Biden forces have a nearly $29 million spending advantage over Trump and pro-Trump groups on ad spending in Wisconsin since the April 7 primary.

Data from Advertising Analytics show $116 million spent so far on ads in the Badger state on the general election race, with the pro-Biden effort spending over $72.4 million and Trump’s side spending $43.7 million. 

The Biden campaign directly spent $32.3 million, while the Trump campaign has directly spent $11.7 million, a nearly three-fold disparity. 

With primary and general election spending combined, more than $128 million has been spent on ads in the presidential race in Wisconsin since the beginning of the year. Dem candidates and Dem-aligned forces have spent $84.3 million, while Republican candidates and GOP-aligned forces have spent roughly $43.9 million. 

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