Biden’s campaign continued its outreach to Black voters today with a pair of new ads running in Wisconsin featuring men speaking in a barber shop about their support for the former vice president and running mate Kamala Harris.

The Biden campaign said the ads are running on TV and digital platforms in five states, including Wisconsin. But the campaign didn’t provide specifics.

Both spots feature the same Black men sitting in a barber shop, all wearing face coverings, talking about the fall election.

In one, the men talk about a “lack of trust in the country,” which one man says is “starving for good leadership right now.”

In the other spot, one man says there’s no good reason not to vote if you’re able. Another encourages the thousands who didn’t vote “to show up for our future and for our country.”

Another man adds, “We cannot sit on the sidelines. You gotta get in the game.”

Four years ago, Hillary Clinton received 238,449 fewer votes in Wisconsin than Barack Obama did in 2012, helping Donald Trump win the state and the presidency. While she underperformed in areas across the state, the dropoff in urban centers, particularly Milwaukee, drew national attention.

The ads were released a day after Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, state Reps. Shelia Stubbs and LaKeshia Myers, and others participated in a Divine Nine “Weekend of Excellence” event to mobilize Black voters and ensure they know their options for casting ballots early. The Divine Nine refers to historically Black sororities and fraternities.

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