The West Allis Recreation Center saw substantial lines early in the afternoon. Kristen Joncas, 45, of West Allis, said she waited about 45 minutes to vote. Photo by David Wise, Nov. 3, 2020.

Wisconsin is one of four states where a conservative group is trying to invalidate votes in heavily Dems counties as part of an effort to take electoral votes away from Joe Biden and swing them to President Trump.

In a federal lawsuit filed yesterday, three Wisconsin residents backed by the conservative group True the Vote Inc. asked a judge to invalidate votes from heavily Dem Dane, Menominee and Milwaukee counties. It also wants an order barring the state from certifying Wisconsin’s presidential electors unless results from the three counties are excluded. Granting the request would swing the state’s results in Trump’s favor.

Indiana attorney Jim Bopp, who’s associated with True the Vote Inc., said similar suits were filed in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia. All four states went narrowly to Biden in last week’s election.

The lawsuit offers no concrete evidence of fraud. Instead, it makes a string of allegations about the reliability of absentee ballots and levies a series of allegations from people identified only by initials. The suit also promises a coming analysis of final election information will support the allegations and notes it may need discovery to obtain all the needed documents for the review.

The alleged fraud listed in the complaint includes one person — identified as CL from Prescott — who claimed that a resident told her he received 10 ballots from the state Elections Commission even though he hadn’t requested them. The Elections Commission doesn’t mail absentee ballots to voters in Wisconsin. They’re sent by local clerks.

Two people — T.S. and G.S. of Eau Claire — alleged they received absentee ballots from the Elections Commission even though they didn’t request them. They claimed to have destroyed the ballots and voted in person.

And a person identified as LL and an election supervisor in the Village of Menomonee Falls claimed at least 10 people came to the polls Tuesday saying they had received a ballot they hadn’t requested. The ballots were given to poll workers, destroyed and included with election materials. The same person also claimed to have done a random check of online obituaries in Dane and Milwaukee counties and then cross-checked them against the Elections Commission’s and found three people listed as having voted absentee before dying.

According to a footnote, the allegations were collected by an attorney on or about Wednesday. But no affidavits were submitted with the filing to back up the claims.

Read the suit here.

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