By Gregg Hoffmann for Battleground Wisconsin 2020.

The Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee will be the fifth for Frances Huntley-Cooper.

Naturally, she would love to have a full-fledged convention in the largest city in her state, but she agrees with the decisions made because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Other Democratic conventions that Huntley Cooper served as a delegate for included 1988, 1992, 2008 and 2012

“As a Wisconsin delegate, we have all been told that the convention is virtual, and we are encouraged to stay safer at home. I plan to abide by the guidelines,” said Huntley-Cooper.

“I am disappointed that the DNC will take on a new look because of COVID-19, but I would not be comfortable attending a national convention that would put thousands of folks in harm’s way of spreading and-or catching the disease.”

Huntley-Cooper has served on city, county, state, national and international boards and committees. She also served as an alder and as the first African-American mayor in the state’s history, serving in Fitchburg 1991-93. She currently serves on First Lady Kathy Evers’ Wisconsin Executive Residence Foundation

She initially supported Sen. Kamala Harris for the Democratic presidential nominee, because “she is a sharp sister.” But, she calls backing Joe Biden as a “no brainer.”

“We need to vote former VP Joe Biden as our next POTUS,” she said before Biden named Harris his running mate. “Biden has not had an easy life, but he gets it! He can and will reunite the country and bring common sense to discussions on health care and social justice and the many issues that face our nation. No. 1 reason is to get Trump out of office now.”

Huntley-Cooper was in Panama on vacation when Donald Trump won in 2016. “I couldn’t believe the TV screen with Trump winning the presidential election,” she said. “For the sake of our country, we have to bring some sanity back to America and get the haters off the national scene. It was really Hillary Clinton’s seat and her time.”

Huntley-Cooper hopes the Democrats also sweep through Congress. “I am hopeful that we get those U.S. elected officials that are holding red seats in both houses…that they will flip blue in this election,” she said.

Republicans’ uncertainty about their convention concerns Huntley-Cooper. “Dr. Fauci’s advice is not seriously taken by #45. And that’s a problem for the American people who look up to #45.”

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