Racine Ald. Trevor Jung.

By Gregg Hoffmann

Joe Biden has served as an inspiration for Trevor Jung, a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

So even a scaled-back convention has not dampened Jung’s enthusiasm and sense of purpose for his role.

“In large part, the Vice President was an inspiration for me to serve in the local office as the youngest Alderperson in Racine’s history since 1862, elected at the age of 23,” Jung said recently.

“Racine, like Scranton, is a diverse, mid-sized rust belt community with hard-working people who are always looking ahead for something better. It is because of my hometown and its potential that I feel compelled to do everything I can to support Vice President Joe Biden’s candidacy for President.

“As a Wisconsinite, I recognize that Vice President Biden has always been a fighter for working people in places like Racine, whether it be saving the auto industry or expanding healthcare for families like mine across Wisconsin”

Jung thinks so much of Biden that he drove 14 hours to Philadelphia for Biden’s announcement of his candidacy. “I have supported his campaign from the beginning,” he said. “I was front and center during his announcement rally in Philadelphia where he laid out the message of the campaign; saving the soul of the nation.”

Jung said he is listening closely to what public health officials and party leadership recommend as the convention nears. He added that it is possible to “celebrate our nominee while keeping people healthy and safe.”

The DNC made the right call on making the convention largely virtual. “We are living in a once-in-a-century pandemic. Our party has acknowledged the seriousness of the crisis and have taken bold steps to stop the spread.”

Jung said he believes beating Donald Trump is “critical to restoring the better angels of our nature as Americans. This president has allowed bigotry and division to dominate the political and social landscape.

“This has gone beyond the traditional divides of partisan politics. We need a leader who believes in good government, bringing people together and ending the nonsense that has become ever-present in the current Administration.”

Jung said winning the Senate and keeping the majority in the House are “just as important if we want to make progress on the issues that matter most to Americans.”

A graduate of UW-Milwaukee in Urban Studies, Jung has worked at Carthage College as a career specialist. He first became interested in politics at the age of 12 because the Obama-Biden campaign “spoke to the concerns of my community.”

Jung also says there are similarities in the life of Biden and his own family. “My dad is a single parent and small business owner, who like Vice President Biden, prioritized raising a son and setting an example. It is knowing of both Biden’s legislative achievements and personal journal that leads me to trust and admire such a good man.”

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