Gov. Tony Evers this afternoon announced he is calling the Legislature into special session tomorrow to take up legislation that would allow an all-mail spring election.

In a video posted to social media, Evers said he wants lawmakers to OK sending a ballot by May 19 to every registered voter who hasn’t already requested one. He also wants a deadline of May 26 for those ballots to be received.

While Evers has the power to call a special session, he can’t force lawmakers to meet. GOP leaders a week ago rejected a call from Evers to mail absentee ballots to all registered voters in time to cast them for the Tuesday election.

Evers’ latest call comes after a federal judge pushed back to April 13 the deadline for absentee ballots in Tuesday’s election to be received.

Republicans have indicated plans to appeal that ruling.

Evers’ fellow Dems have also been critical of the guv for not pushing harder to move back the election date.

See Evers’ Twitter thread and the video here.

See the release and executive order here.

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