Evers said moving the state’s April 7 spring election and presidential primary currently isn’t on the table.

The state Elections Commission said last week it doesn’t have the authority to change those dates, which are set in statutes. Several political operatives have been calling on social media for a delay, noting voters are likely to stay away from the polls due to concerns over contracting the disease. What’s more, they’ve pointed out a large share of poll workers are elderly, one of the most vulnerable populations.

“We are encouraging people all across the state to avail themselves to absentee balloting or early voting,” Evers said.

During his news conference today in DC, Trump said he would leave it up to the states whether they wanted to delay elections, as has happened in Louisiana and Georgia. Ohio’s governor just recommended postponing tomorrow’s primary in that state until June.

Wisconsin Elections Commission officials are currently moving forward as if the April 7 election will happen, according to agency spokesman Reid Magney.

Magney said WEC is emphasizing absentee voting in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic through social media messaging, sample press releases sent to clerks and communication with media members. The deadline to register by mail or online is March 18.

The commission has also set up a page with the latest updates:

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