A federal appeals court has stayed a judge’s decision delaying the deadline for absentee ballots as it considers a flurry of new filings.

On Thursday, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the parties to address two issues: whether the Legislature has standing to appeal the ruling; and whether the changes Judge William Conley ordered were appropriate this close to the election.

The state and national Dem parties and groups that sought changes filed their responses on Friday. The Legislature and state and national Republican parties on Saturday filed their replies to those arguments.

Conley stayed his ruling to give parties time to appeal. That stay was set to expire today, but the appeals court’s action continues to keep the changes from taking effect.

The appeals court offered no comment in its stay.

Read the order:

See state and national Dem parties filing:

See arguments from groups that sought changes to the election:

See the Legislature’s reply:

See the state and national Republican parties’ reply:

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