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WAUWATOSA– Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen said during a stop at Hart Park today that GOP and Democratic voters who feel disillusioned with their parties should vote for her.

She also slammed President Trump’s COVID-19 efforts and Joe Biden’s push for the war in Iraq when he was vice president. 

Jorgensen said Republicans who feel alienated by what she described as the party’s lack of morals and ethics should vote for her.

In making her pitch she referenced how the war on drugs has too often negatively impacted people of color.

She also slammed Gov. Tony Evers for “depriving people of their constitutional rights” when he issued capacity limits on businesses in the state. Jorgensen said she would sue the guv if she were elected president, claiming the order violates the 14th Amendment. 

The northern Illinois native told Democratic voters on the fence they, too, should vote for her if they don’t believe Biden is the right person for the job. She cited charges Biden supported racist policies in the past and his advocacy for foreign wars. 

Jorgensen said the Democratic Party is a party with different interests and ideals than in the past. She said the new interests don’t reflect the opinions of many more progressive voters. 

“If you feel like the Democratic Party kind of shoved him down your throat, how about sending a message to the Democratic Party that we don’t like it when you pick our candidate, we don’t want the establishment picking our candidate,” Jorgensen said. 

She criticized the global war on terror, saying it has led to a huge number of unnecessary American deaths. 

“If I become president, my first action would be to bring the troops home,” Jorgensen said. 

While she said she understands why many Wisconsin farmers voted for Trump in the past, she pointed to the economic woes faced by dairy farmers as a sign of Trump’s failure to properly deal with the coronavirus. Jorgensen said she would have taken much more drastic measures to ensure restaurants and schools could have remained open without endangering the public. 

Jorgensen also said she would work to make sure U.S. manufacturing remains strong by abolishing all corporate income taxes  But she would leave it up to individual states and market competitiveness to figure out which states gain the most in manufacturing. 

Jorgensen said she would abolish a host of federal agencies, including the FDA, HHS, CIA, DEA and IRS as well as the Dept. of Education.

She also said she would abolish the Federal Reserve and end for-profit prisons, qualified immunity for law enforcement, the global war on terror and the war on drugs.


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