The fired president of the committee hosting the Dem National Convention in Milwaukee wasn’t given any reason for her termination and is exploring her options after her reputation was “tarnished” amid allegations of a hostile work environment, her attorney says.

Peg Schaffer said Liz Gilbert was cooperating with the investigation into allegations by senior staff at Milwaukee 2020 of bullying at the organization and interviewed last night. Shortly after that interview, the board sent Schaffer an email terminating Gilbert without listing a reason.

Schaffer noted Gilbert was an at-will employee of the committee. But the public allegations of a hostile work environment have hurt her client’s reputation.

“She vehemently denies the allegation that the workplace was toxic,” Schaffer said in a phone interview. “She said it was hectic and it was pressure filled, but that’s the nature of the beast when you have to raise $70 million in a six-month period.”

The Milwaukee 2020 Board of Directors last night fired Gilbert and Chief of Staff Adam Alonso, saying in a statement members “believe the work environment did not meet the ideals and expectations.” In last night’s statement, the board said it is continuing a third-party investigation.

Schaffer said it is difficult for Gilbert, who isn’t doing interviews, to respond to anonymous allegations made by senior staffers.

“She doesn’t know, frankly,” why she was fired, Schaffer said. “She was doing her job.”

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