A line forms outside of the Riverside High School polling location on Milwaukee's east side April 7, 2020. Photo by Adam Kelnhofer.

Roughly 2,700 more voters in Madison turned out to cast ballots in person than in the city of Milwaukee, with current totals from both cities eclipsing turnout figures from the April 2019 election.

The Madison municipal clerk’s office tweeted turnout stood at 87,552, just over 50 percent of registered voters.

That includes 65,997 voters who returned absentee ballots, good for a return rate of 75 percent, according to the tweet.

Those figures indicate in-person turnout stood at 21,555.

In April 2019, the clerk’s office said 79,453 ballots were cast in Madison.

Meanwhile, the City of Milwaukee Elections Commission reported an in-person turnout of 18,803 and said 56,489 voters had returned absentee ballots as of 8:20 p.m. last night.

Milwaukee had just five polling places open, whereas it normally has 180 voting locations. Madison had 66 of its typical 92 poll stations open.

Overall, Milwaukee saw roughly 12,000 fewer ballots cast than Madison, though those figures are subject to change as absentee ballots can be counted through April 13 so long as they were postmarked by yesterday.

The return rate for absentee ballots in Milwaukee stands at 58.4 percent, but commission Executive Director Neil Albrecht said he expects that figure will grow to around 70 percent-75 percent.

In April 2019, a total 68,770 voters in the city cast ballots. In April 2016, during the last presidential election, the tally was 167,765.

See the tweets from the Madison municipal clerk:

See the City of Milwaukee data:

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