Vice President Mike Pence will be at the Wisconsin Capitol Jan. 28 to address the Wisconsin School Choice Student Showcase, according to the White House.

The event is organized by Hispanics for School Choice for National School Choice Week.

The trip follows a rally Pence and President Trump did in Milwaukee last week. 

Philip Shulman, a spokesman for the state Dem Party, slammed the upcoming visit, saying Pence and the Trump administration “have repeatedly attempted to slash funding for public education, threatened student loan forgiveness programs, and proposed massive budget cuts in teacher training programs. They care more about lining the pockets of big corporations than helping the next generation of Americans get the best education they deserve.”

CJ Szafir, executive vice president of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, which is co-sponsoring the Jan. 28 rally, praised Pence for planning to attend the event.

“Unlike Gov. Tony Evers, the Trump Administration is willing to stand with anyone who will fight to ensure every child has access to a high quality school,” Szafir said.

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