A plurality of voters in a new poll say they believe Gov. Tony Evers is properly balancing reopening the economy and protecting Wisconsinites from the coronavirus.

The poll from the Dem firm Public Policy Polling found 49 percent of registered voters agreed that Evers was properly balancing the two, while 39 percent didn’t.

Overall, 53 percent approve of the job Evers is doing managing the COVID-19 pandemic, while 37 percent didn’t.

The survey of 1,415 Wisconsin voters was conducted Monday, which was after Evers announced the extension of a stay-at-home order through May 26 and while his administration was rolling out a plan to reopen the state.

The poll also found voters trust Evers more than President Trump to protect Wisconsin from the coronavirus by a 15-point margin. Trump was also underwater for his handling of the pandemic and balancing reopening the economy vs. protecting Wisconsinites from the virus.

With protesters scheduled to descend on the Capitol square today, the poll found a wide majority oppose such efforts. Sixty-four percent of voters oppose protesters who are calling to immediately reopen the country and end lockdown measures to slow the spread of the virus, while 24 percent support the protesters.

The survey, which was paid for by the liberal group Protect Our Care, was conducted half by calls to landline and half by texts to cell phones. The margin of error was plus or minus 2.6 percentage points.

See the polling results:

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