Two new polls this week have Joe Biden maintaining his lead over President Trump.

A CNN poll released Thursday had Biden leading Trump by 10 points among likely Wisconsin voters, a larger edge for the Dem nominee than in other public polls conducted following the violent protests in Kenosha.

Fifty-two percent of likely voters backed Biden, while 42 percent favored Trump. Libertarian Jo Jorgensen was at 3 percent.

A Siena College/New York Times poll released over the weekend found 48 percent of likely voters backed Biden, while 43 percent supported Trump. That’s about half of Biden’s lead over Trump when Siena College and the Times last polled Wisconsin in late June.

The poll joins at least four other surveys that have been publicly released since the turmoil in Kenosha that has the president’s support among likely voters in the low- to mid-40s.

The others include:

*45 percent, AARP Aug. 28-Sept. 8;
*44 percent, CBS Sept. 2-4;
*43 percent, Marquette Law School Aug. 30-Sept. 3;
*42 percent, Fox News, Aug. 29-Sept. 1.

See the CNN poll here

See the Siena College/NYT Wisconsin results here.


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